Monday, 24 October 2011

Go Gadaffi go!

Ya Muammar bin Mohammad
bin Abdussalam
bin Humayd
bin Abu Manyar
bin Humayd
bin Nayil
al Fuhsi Gaddafi

Go Gadaffi go ye Muammar
Go without turning thy head back ever
The game is up and over sir
Go son of hell, a coward in your own light
Go Muamar go down standing like a dolt
In flames go down like that
In a shame go even faster
Go go Abuminyal go go and others will go

Museveni will go
Kagame will also go
Obiang will go
Eyadema Jr will go
Kabila Jr will go
Bongo Jr will go
CCM will too go
Like Mutassim they will go
Just like Hamis they will pack and go
Go leave the mark back
Go like a goon and a stooge
Go the ignoble way go.

After being butchered like a thief
Just a chicken thief
Beaten in so much grief
Pleading and kow-tow
Nobody did hear you
They shamed you like never before
You got what you deserved
Go Gaddafi go!

Go the world will remember you
Just as a symbol of bulimia
Go son of man
Go Muamar go
The man who a wig don'
The megalomania and baffoon
It is time to go

Never look back go
Go Gadaffi go
It is time to go.
Go from thy man-made no-go
Go go it’s time to go
go go go go
Don’t turn back go!

Those that you called rats
Are now coming in scores
Who’s between you and em a rat?
Cornered is you tyrant

You are yourself indeed a rat
You called em drugged braggarts
Little knowing you are but a rat
You wrongly thought you’re smart
Cornered is you braggart
Go Gadaffi go.

Tripoli was a no-go
Libya became a no-go
There was only to Zimbabwe you'd go
Go Gadaffi go
Go Gadaffi go
Go go go!

Those that don't know you
Evy and glorify you
They wrongly think you're a hero
They don't know you're a butcherer
Poor them and their bulimia
Poor such megalomaniacs
Some are referred to as elites
While in actuality they are but zombies
Go in shame and flames
Go meet those that you killed
Go Gaddafi go

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