Saturday, 9 December 2017

Waafrika na utumwa wa kujitakia!


          Hivi karibuni kulivuma habari ya waafrika kuuzwa utumwani nchini Libya. Ni ajabu kuwa waathirika, yaani waafrika, wameendelea kukaa kimya huku wakipaza sauti kupinga mambo yasiyowahusu badala ya kuwaachia wenyewe. Nchini Tanzania, baadhi ya magazeti yenye mwelekeo wa Kiislam yalishutumu utawala wa Myanmar kwa kuwafukuza waislam wa kibengali toka nchini mwake ukisema warejee kwao Bangladesh. Hivyo, waislam wenzao wa Tanzania na nchi nyingine za kiafrika waliona kama hiyo si haki. 
              Hata hivyo, waislam hawa hawa ambao wenzao toka baadhi ya nchi za Afrika Magharibi wanauzwa nchini Libya, hawakujishughulisha na kadhia ya wenzao. Kama haitoshi, hivi karibuni rais mbaguzi wa Marekani Donald Trump aliutambua mji wa Jerusalem kama mji mkuu wa taifa la Israel. Hatua hii ilizua laana, maandamano, mitafaruko na purukushani duniani hasa Mashariki  ya Kati. Umoja wa waislam wa Bonde la Ufa nchini Kenya ulitoa tamko kali sana dhidi ya hatua hii ya kisiasa lakini ukakaa kimya kuhusiana na kadhia ya utumwa nchini Libya. Je huu si ulimbukeni na utumwa wa kujitakia wa waswahili kushupalia ya wenzao wakati yao yakiwashinda? Hiyo picha hapo juu inamuonyesha bwana wa kiarabu na mtumwa wake wa Kiswahili jambo ambalo ni ruksa katika uislam.

Nani alijua mbabe kama Mkapa angenywea na kugeuka kituko wakati mwingine?

Kwa wanaokumbuka ubabe na vimbwanga vya rais mstaafu Benjamin Mkapa, wakiangalia picha hiyo hapo juu wanashangaa na kukubali kuwa kweli kila lenye mwanzo lina mwisho. Tambo, matusi, majigambo sasa hakuna baada ya kugunduliwa ufisadi wa Mkapa na mkewe kiasi cha kutegemea ulinzi wa rais pale raia walipotaka ashughlikiwe. Ama kweli madaraka ni kama suti mabegani mwa mvaaji lakini si ngozi mwilini mwa aliye nayo! Je ni wangapi wanajua na kulikubali hili?

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Zuria jekundu kwa madame presidente au raisa

Mke wa rais wa Baraza la Mapinduzi la Zanzibar Mwanamwema Shein akitanua kwenye zuria jekundu kana kwamba yeye ni rais. Huwa napenda kuwaita hawa maraisa. Je kwa madoido haya yasiyo na nguvu kikatiba tutaepuka kuwa na akina Grace Mugabe katika kila nchi za kiswahili?

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

TPA’s, TRA’s, Police’s and co’s scandal bigwigs must go

Image result for photos of deusdedit kakoko of tpa with magufuliImage result for photos of  IGP SIMON sirro with magufuli
          Once again, President Dr John Joseph Magufuli recently proved to be as tough as old boots vis-à-vis taking on mega graft. He stormed the Dar es Salaam port in an impromptu visit that unearthed very freaking mega graft. It came to light; some criminals imported 50 vehicles under the name of the office of the president which the president was not aware of not to mention his officials who openly seemed to sleep at the wheel. With anguish and frustrations, the president tried to help these jipus or boils that need to be squeezed to no avail. Another daunting scandal involves vehicles the police force imported.
            This scandal cuts across the Tanzania Port Authority (TPA), Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) Tanzania police force, the ministry of Transportation, the ministry of home affairs, the ministry of finance, the ministry of trade, the ministry of security and the office of the president and the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) among others. Those Magufuli wrongly thought is comrades-in-arms were caught with pants down. Arguably, such supremoes are but his Achilles heel that left him alone in the war against graft.  When the president asked for answers and explanations about the vehicles, almost all offered gobbledygook which made the president visibly perturbed; mainly after finding; he still has weak-kneed big guns in his government. What a shocker! Magufuli couldn’t understand; why some big cheeses allow conmen and criminals to steal poor taxpayers’ money i.e., supplying used vehicles but being paid for brand new ones.
                        First of all, I congratulate the president and the media on airing this stinking scandal not to mention putting some bigwigs on notice. Again, is it enough? This is a million-dollar question many are now asking, especially when they vividly remember what once transpired the time  Dr Magufuli came across messes in the prison department. After evidencing such rot, the then Prisons Commissioner General, John Casmir was shown the door just a day after the president Magufuli’s tour. Others who were shown the door are two DEDs Deo Mfugale and Mwantum Dau after failing to answer president’s question which is a typical replica of what happened in Dar port. This being the case, it is obvious that the days of such big guns are numbered shall the president stick to his style of dealing with boils.
            Secondly, how many scandals are still concealed? As it seems, much remains to be seen as far as bringing such rot to the fore is concerned.  This shows how hard some of our officials are when it comes to old ways. Are such acts ongoing because of laziness or chronic rent-seeking mentality? We need to get the answer among which is just to show them the way straightway whenever their dirty deeds become known as it is the case in point.
            Thirdly, it seems. Since   Magufuli embarked on deconstructing and overhauling the rotten system, there are hardcore delinquents who still do business as usual with regards to graft. To get rid of such loss makers Mr. President needs to be much harder on them.
            Fourthly, it seems. Weeding out corruption still has a long and jarring road ahead provided that it is endemic and systemic so to speak.  Now, I understand why Tanzanians need to pray for Magufuli. Although I am not a believer in prayers, I may say that the task Mr. President faces is very dangerously traumatising. Instead of praying, Tanzanians should play a pivotal role in unearthing such graft. Magufuli has all reasons to fear for his life. For, some of those he’s fighting are in his own house. Mr. President suspected foul play in police vehicle deal. When he asked the IGP and TPA director general Deusdedit Kakoko if the vehicles imported were new or used, they were unable to tell which is dauntingly and hauntingly scandalous and woozy. Again, will immediate big enchiladas be shown the door forthwith as it was in Minja’s case or spared as it was in the case of Dar es Salaam’s Regional Commission Paul Makonda after being implicated in forgery scam? Tanzanians are anxiously waiting to see how Magufuli will avert this trap that he warned the IGP to avert. Who will fall in another’s trap here? Will president egg them on or chicken out? Those who truly know Dr Magufuli the answer is obvious; some biggies will pay dearly for this mess.
            In sum, will those officials wait for being shown the door or just hit the road after noticing that what they committed is nothing
but a crime against their boss and the country in general?
Source: Citizen, Wed., today.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Presidents who were good at push-ups

Image result for john magufuli doing push ups
President John Pombe Joseph Magufuli of Tanzania showing how tough he might be.
Image result for photos of obama doing push ups
Image result for photos of obama doing push ups
Image result for president putin doing push ups
Putin also does tough it out not to forget Obama above.

The boxers of the year for this blog

Image result for photos of museveni family

This blog has decided to end this year by bringing its political boxers of the year. Our political boxers of the year are Amama Mbabazi and Yoweri Museveni. As you can see above, they are trying some spats which sometimes can go serious especially due to the fact that Museveni is good at detaining his opponents. Kiiza Besigye tried spats with him to end up being boxed in a home arrest.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Zimbabwe post-Mugabe’s future is not certain…

         Image result for photos of mugabe and mnangagwa and graceImage result for photos of mugabe grace mnangagwa and chiwenga
          Former Zimbabwe strongman Robert Mugabe aka Jongwe or rooster is history vis-à-vis power.  Is the man, Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa aka Ngwena, who took over from promising for Zimbabwe? Will he spare the chief coup maker namely Grace Mugabe who helped Zimbabwe to pull Mugabe down after being overthrown by Grace? We know. Mugabe’s granted immunity from prosecution.  Again, will Mnangagwa have Grace detained or done in? How will he treat the Jongwe who also once wanted him done in through poisoning as he once alleged? Will the Mugabes reimburse the money they’re alleged to have swindled from Zimbabweans? Will there be a Truth Commission?
             The coup that’s called internal correction left many questions than answers as far as the future of Zimbabwe is concerned. As one Zimbabwean Lance Guma once put it, was the problem Mugabe or his outfit the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) which he equates with the snake in that Mugabe was a skin whose overthrow means just shedding the skin as it remains as poisonous as it has been for three decades?  Now, let us dissever Mnangagwa.
            First and foremost, Mnangagwa was part and parcel of the same system renowned for his ruthlessness and cunningness in dealing with dissent voices. Refer to how the Matebele massacres were carried out under his watch not to mention controversial road accidents that claimed the lives of many Zimbabweans who showed to be competent and amiable to the hoi polloi.
            Secondly, Mugabe presides over a corrupt and ruthless government formed by the same ZANU-PF that propped him; and fully supported what he is accused of. Has Zimbabwe pulled down the Capon to end up ushering in the Crocodile? Is Zimbabwe now at Oginga Odinga’s Not Yet Uhuru time or Chinua Achebe’s No Longer at Easy if not Ngugi wa Thiong’o The River Between?
            Again, the Capon has the tendency of dominance while the Croc has the tendency of ruthlessness. Will Zimbabweans judge Mugabe harshly as they myopically and softly spare Mnangagwa and the ZANU-PF for their peril; or take the bull by the horn. Logically, the ZANU-PF is the only vehicle Mugabe and his cronies used to lord it over Zimbabwe for over three decades. Therefore, there’s no way one can emancipate Zimbabwe without deconstructing the ZANU-PF among others.  Will Zimbabwe and their new leaders who practically are nothing but the extension of mugabeism smell the coffee and do things based on the history of their suffering namely deconstruct and overhaul the whole system? Will they force the Croc to turn itself into a fish or do it themselves? Will the Croc cling to its nature?  Will they purposely and wholesale misjudge Mugabe or treasure the good things he did as they avoid the bad he did for just overstaying?
             Due to the newness of the situation, nobody has any inkling of what’ll follow except the Zimbabweans themselves. Importantly, they must avoid fearing the lizard to end up embracing the Croc despite all looking alike. The Lizard has no teeth while the Croc has high-pitched ones. Will the words of Gibson Lovemore, a street vendor that Zimbabwe has got rid of a snake and replaced it with a snake come true?
            Further, even the army that started the ouster of Mugabe is the one and the only one that kept Mugabe in power for the entire period of 37 years. Did the army become the born again for the love of the people or their man? Apart from being the part and parcel of the mess that saw Zimbabwe being misruled for many years, is Zimbabwe piloting in the era where the gun is becoming mightier than a vote? Are we seeing the military democracy or a coup ala Zimbabwe coup? Who is using whom here between the army and Mnangagwa?  Who is in charge between the duos?
            Will Zimbabweans sanction the army and its man to get away with murder? Will they revisit the history of Mugabe’s jumble so as to weed out all who partook in its making? Will they be blinded by euphoria and sanguinity or being guided by logicality? Many’d like to know how Zimbabwe without Mugabe will look like. For, like any despot, Mugabe turned himself into Zimbabwe. He was Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe was him. This is why it was easy for his wife to dream about using their bed relationship to take over from her husband. Will Zimbabweans really credit Grace as the too, who like Delilah and Samson, enabled them to get rid of Mugabe? Again, was Mugabe that bad or Grace herself? It is not easy to tell which way Zimbabwe is heading for especially if we remind ourselves of a long and controversial marriage between the Jongwe and the Ngwena.
Source: Citizen Wed., 29 Nov., 2017.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Je wajua watu wenye majina marefu barani Afrika?

Japo sina uhakika, kuna uwezekano watu wa kisiwa cha Madagascar wakachukua taji la kuwa na majina marefu kama si duniani basi barani. Leo nitawapa jina la rais mwenye jina refu kuliko marais wote Afrika. Huyu si mwingine ni rais wa sasa wa Madagascar Hery Martial Rajaonarimampianina Rakotoarimanana. Hapa hujawaleta akina Andrianainarivelo, Razafimahatratra, Solonandrasana, Randriambololona, Manjarimanana, Ramanantoanina n.k.

Age Ain't Nothing but a Number = Uzee si chochote bali namba

Image result for eddie and edith

Edith Hill (95) and Eddie Harrison (96)above  got married in Virginia, US recently defying the odds. This interracial marriage has stunned many. At their eleventh hours, the duo did what many would not think about let alone doing. Again, nani alisema kuwa umri ni tatizo? Hivyo hii inathibitisha kuwa uzee umri si chochote bali namba kama alivyowahi kuimba marehemu Aaliyah Dana Haughton. For more info habari zaidi CLICK/BONYA HAPA

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

EAC decolonise your borders or perish

            What sadly transpired on the Kenya-Tanzania Namanga border recently is a stark reminder: Africa’s still colonised. The media reported the unfortunate acts whereby Tanzanian authorities burned 6,400 chicks from Kenya because they were “a health risk.”  Such an act irked Kenya so as to summon Tanzania’s High Commissioner in the country Dr. Pindi Chana to register its discomfort. Foreign Affairs Political and Diplomatic Secretary Tom Amolo was quoted as saying “Kenya-Tanzania relations are longstanding, rich and complex and should not be jeopardised by a hardening of positions over minor issues that can be easily resolved through candid and open dialogue.” Before then, Tanzania had confiscated and auctioned 1,300 the property of Kenyan Masai. Again, where did it start beating us?
            Organically, before the criminal Berlin Conference 1884, Kenya and Tanzania were united entities. People along what’s today Namanga border, inter alia, used to operate freely and amicably without any disturbances, mistrust and infringement on their natural freedom of movement and cooperation. This is why Masai on both sides of the border still regard themselves as one country of Masailand not to mention, the Swahili on Lunga lunga-Horohoro border.
            None the less, soon after Africa’s divided and partitioned, there’s born the modern weak and ever-dependent states as colonial tools intended to divide, exploit and weaken Africans perpetually.  Fortunately, in the 60s, African countries became independent however divided. Ever since, these states have done nothing but furthering, internalising and reinforcing colonialism by maintaining colonial divisions under the Peace of Westphalia 1648 which ushered in modern-time colonial sovereignty.  However, some efforts were made to reunite Africa as championed by the likes of Julius Nyerere (Tanzania) Jomo Kenyatta (Kenya) Kwame Nkrumah and many more whose dream was felled by their successors due to myopia and negative individuality.
            The East Africa’s not left out of the efforts to reunite Africa as a whole or regionally. It embarked on the unification of the region giving birth to the East African Community (EAC I 1967-1977). Thanks to colonial carryovers, the intended unity of Africa remained ceremonial under the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) and later the African Unity (AU). Therefore, the move that EAC took was an antithesis and a challenge to the rest of Africa that refused to be reunited.  However, there were other unions of federations such as Senegal-Gambia or Senegambia (1982-1989) and the Economic Commission of West African States (1975 to present) among notable ones.  To cut a long story short, I’ll address a few reasons why the EAC and Africa must shake off colonial hangover; and thereby embark on true reunification of the region as follows:
            First, reunifying the region means returning back to its natural formula which gave it and Africa the edge and clout of living without necessarily depending on handouts from rich country as it currently is after being colonised in the 18th Century; thereby ushering in dependency, exploitation and imperialism that saw Africa becoming the backyard of the world to exploit as pleased.
            Secondly, practical reunification of region will create many economic, political and social opportunities such as interdependence, interconnectedness and above all, unity as a tool for strength. We inevitably and out of necessity need each other even if we don't like each other.
            Thirdly, the reunification of the region will enable it and Africa in general to assert its power globally not to mention increasing security and good use of resources.  Reunited EAC and Africa won’t have the many do-nothing and despotic presidents that are responsible for exploiting Africa as black colonisers or the agents of colonialism.
            Fourth, Namanga’s shame testifies to the fact that African countries don’t conducively and swiftly do business among themselves compared to how they do it with non-African countries (Mhango 2015). Thanks to neocoloniality, many African countries are at home with doing business with foreigner as they shy away from their neighbours.  Again, Swahili sage has it that you can choose a friend[s] but not a neighbour[s]. This means that our interconnectedness is organic and inevitable; whether we like it or not.
            Fifth, the reunification of the region, and later, Africa will increase production as a motivation by which Africa will grow economically due to the fact that, instead of importing goods from afar, Africa will have an internal supply of some goods it imports from abroad. So, too, it’ll cut the cost of running business and production not to mention environmental degradation from the machinery used to transport goods so as to enhance good prices for the products produced and traded within Africa. I wonder, for example, to find that some countries are importing onions from the EU. According to the Agritrade (2011), in January and February 2011, Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire and Mauritania ‘purchased more Dutch onions than 2010 while in 2009, 42% of Dutch onion exports to West Africa went to Senegal, 22% to Côte d’Ivoire and 13% to Mauritania this is shameful and surreal for Africa in general. Why importing food stuffs on top of industrial product as if Africa is a barren continent?
            In a nutshell, the major question Africa needs to ask and rightly answer is: Why has African become a food importer while it used to feed itself before colonialism was introduced to Africa? There are those who dubiously say that the population of Africa has grown exponentially due to improved health services colonialism started. This is totally erroneous and disingenuous.  One may query why Africa’s able to produce healthy persons who were taken to the Americas as slaves if at all it didn’t have a very sound health system before colonial. Africa needs to reunite and stop crying like a baby while it’s what it takes as it used to be.
Source: African Executive Tues., today

How long will Arabs keep on discriminating against and selling Africans to slavery?

When animalistic europe started slave trade, nobody knows that it would take many years to stop. The first slave trade, according to scholars,saw over 12 million Africans being shipped to the Americas, Europe and Middle East to be used as slaves at home and in plantations.  After making a killing which enabled it to enter into what is historically known as Industrial Revolution,  Europe abolished slavery. Again, the couple in this business are known to be Arabs and Europeans.
              Since, it was abolished, slavery seems to have resurged recently when African or arabs pedigree in the modern maghreb started to sell Africans as slaves. The above clip can give you an inkling on what is now going on while the world, especially the so-called international community has kept mum simply because modern slaves are sold, restricted and sometimes die in the maghreb instead of crossing over to Europe. This is good for the holy europe that should not be invaded and disturbed by Black creatures.
       Many Africans are not fleeing conflicts and poverty in their countries which have Europe's hallmarks. Many African countries, mainly those endowed with resources, are facing violent conflict in which warlords start war so as to have control on resources they sell to the West.
           When it comes to poverty, bad governance, corruption and dependency, among others, are to blame. Many African countries are ruled by corrupt and inept regimes whose goals in power is exploiting their countries for narrow and personal gains. Interestingly, such rulers are supported by the same Europe and the west in general to see to it that they are perpetually colonised for the interests of Europe. The story is very complicated and long. Again, why have Africans always been welcoming their torturers? What would have been the reaction of the world had Africans sold their modern slave masters in the maghreb? Sheer hypocrisy and racism. 

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Bila Kuwachoma Moto Hawa Matapeli, Wajinga Wengi Wataendelea Kuibiwa

Huyu ni mchungaji au mchunaji? Tanzania na Afrika kwa ujumla zimegeuzwa shamba la bibi kwa matapeli kutajirikia kwa kutumia utapeli chini ya jina la Yesu na upuuzi mwingine. Kwanini jamii isiwachome moto sawa na vibaka hawa vibaka na mibaka ya kiroho? Je nini mawazo na maoni yako juu ya utapeli huu mpya?

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

A coup is a coup, stop whitewashing the Zimbabwe one

Image result for photos of zimbabwe coup
            When Zimbabwean Defense Forces (ZDF) in the crack of dawn of November 14th 2017, tried to man up by seizing power from Zimbabwe’s former long time strongman Robert Mugabe, they said their coup wasn't a coup. The world was left confused and shocked thanks to the convolution the statement of the ZDF caused.  ZDF’s spokesperson Sibusiso Moyo was quoted as saying “the president... and his family are safe and sound and their security is guaranteed; we are only targeting criminals around him who are committing crimes... As soon as we have accomplished our mission we expect that the situation will return to normalcy.” How do you purge presidential appointees and refer to them as criminal stop short of carrying out the coup? In the end, the ZDF forced Mugabe out of power by forcing him to resign.
            South African president Jacob Zuma was quoted as saying that Mugabe “was fine but confined.” How do you confine a president and say that that doesn’t amount to a coup? This being the case, what should we call Zimbabwe’s army actions? Another point that can open our eyes is the reason that the army offered for taking the actions they took.   General Constantino Chiwenga the Chief of Defense Forces (CDF) was quoted as saying that “the current purging, which is clearly targeting members of the party with a liberation background, must stop forthwith.” Can such an assertion give us a clue of what is to come as far as power play in Zimbabwe is concerned? How does the army that–in a multiparty democracy is supposed to be neutral–comment on party politics? Does this means that Zimbabwe army has always been political without openly saying so? Isn’t this against the constitution and multiparty democracy? Is the army intending to snatch ZANU-PF from the members? Is the army being used by one cabal of power brokers in ZANU-PF’s ranks and files? Is Zimbabwe witnessing what UK’s foreign Secretary Boris Johnson referred to as power going from elected tyrant to unelected one?
            As the meaning to what happened in Zimbabwe, despite what, it is purely a coup.  The Free online dictionary defines coup d’états as “a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government” which is exactly what took place in Zimbabwe. Essentially, coup is the act of taking power from the government whether that government is democratically or undemocratically in power. This is why those saying power is going from one elected tyrant to another seem to be right.
            Although the ZDF doesn’t want to call a spade a spade, its actions call it the same. This is important to interrogate. We have evidenced many military strong men taking power and promise democracy to end up ushering dictatorship.  Former Gambian tyrant Yahya Jammeh is an ideal example. After toppling an elderly president, he promised goodies that ended up becoming a hell on earth. He clung to power for over twenty years that saw many Gambians exiled, jailed or killed by his regime.
            Another example can be drawn from Tunisia where an elderly president Habib Bourguiba was overthrown in a bloodless coup like in the Gambia and Zimbabwe.  When Zine El Abidine Ben Ali pulled him down, he clung to power for over twenty years.
            Despite the convolution on what has actually transpired in Zimbabwe, there are many lessons.  The first lesson is that power belongs to the people. This must be the lesson the ZDF and whoever is using it to underscore.
            Secondly, presidents must not overstay in power for whatever reasons or ruses.
            Thirdly, presidents should not allow their wives to turn their office into family business regulated under bedroom politics as it was in Zimbabwe where Mugabe’s greedy wife, Grace, authored her husband’s fall from grace. Thanks to Mrs. Mugabe’s greed and illiteracy, she was used by party intra-factional maneuvers so as to ruin her husband’s power.
            Fourthly, armies should not involve themselves in party politics even if it may be a good ruse to use to ascend to power.
            In a nutshell, what transpired in Zimbabwe is nothing but a coup.  What should make Zimbabweans cagey must be: Why doesn’t the army want to admit that its actions are tantamount to a coup. A coup is a coup. There is no legit coup. Therefore, if the army is not plotting to illegally rule Zimbabwe or being used to do so, it must allow a transitional government to be formed in order to return Zimbabwe to constitutionalism in which Zimbabweans will be able to elect the leader they want. Again, why didn’t the ZDF want to call its coup a coup?
Source: Citizen, Wed., today.

Angekuwa Museveni Hapa Angesema Acha Umalaya

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Open letter to Grace Mugabe

Image result for grace mugabe cartoons
            Dear Greed, sorry, Grace who fell from grace,
Wherever you are, I’m pretty sure; you will read this piece of mind I am offering you pro bono.  I know as you know; your husband Robert Mugabe turned Zimbabwe into his private estate. For many years, he successfully manipulated Zimbabwe the way he wanted thanks to the support the army provided. Again, as they days went by, Mugabe’s magic wand started to wane. Things became worse for Mugabe after you manipulated him and staged a bedroom coup through which you greedily and blindly started plotting the fall of your husband. You took advantage of his old age without knowing that things have drastically changed. Yours was power; power only. Thanks to your greed, myopia and ignorance, you only saw one side of the coin.  To make matters worse, power climbed into your puny head so as to deceive yourself that you’d turn Zimbabwe into a family enterprise aka Graceland or Greedland that you’d take over after your husband. What a mistake!  You committed a fatal and sacrilegious mistake so to speak.
            Thanks to your ignorance and greed, you didn’t know power dynamics, especially the centrality of the military and war veterans. You naively forgot; the power yum-yum you’re enjoying is the product of the blood and sweat of the duo above. Instead of making do with them by averting your power hunger, you myopically thought power is like the game you used to play in bed. Power is so sophisticated especially for a person of your caliber whose education is not only infinitesimal but also pitiable.
Now that your husband’s grip on power is no more; and the game is up. The gentleman is a nonagenarian. He’s close to his eleventh hour of his life. What of you who is almost a half of his age? Whom will you blame at this very moment of truth? I can assure you my sister; your husband’s power is a bygone now. And thanks to his age, he is harmless as far as power is concerned. Mugabe isn’t the first to be helped to take a rest. It once happened in Tunisia where Habib Bourguiba was relieved of power so that he could be free from power brokers who, like your husband, had hijacked him in 1987. He was almost ten years younger than your husband at the time.  Importantly, we need to underscore the fact that your husband survived many big waves to end up being brought down by an illiterate lady simply because he used to share the bed with her!
Greed, sorry, Grace, forgive me. You’re fully involved in bedroom politics.  To show you who truly you’re, Zimbabwe and the world in general are jubilating simply because the Zimbabwe Armed Forces have averted the country the shame you enacted. It would not make any sense for Dalilah to sit on the highest sit of power in the land simply because she dreamt about being president not to mention using her body to do so. Essentially, this must be a lesson to other myopic dictators whose wives are misusing them like puppeteers.
Greed, sorry, Grace, you violated Robert and Zimbabwe. You’ve brought shame to African women who are renowned for being patient and supportive to their husbands. Your greed and myopia are now eating you up. If I were you or if you’re my daughter, I’d have spent much time either upgrading my education or helping poor women in the land. Instead, you spent much time and money on power hunting to end up being haunted by power not to mention being hunted like an antelope. Believe ye my sister. Zimbabwe will never let you go scot-free. They’d want you to be brought to book for the sacrilege you committed. They’d like to see you in the same position former Ivorian first lady Simone Gbagbo once was in after misleading her husband the same way you corrupted Robert.
Greed, sorry, Grace did you know? God is nowadays faster in repaying than it used to be? Swahili sage has it that whatever you do, payments or rewards are here on earth. Absolutely, absolute power corrupt absolutely the sage has it. After being married to Robert you forgot your humble past so as to self-appoint a power behind the throne.  Had you been educated, maybe, you’d have studied or remembered the history of Simone Gbagbo if not that of Elena Ceausescu nee Lenuța Petrescu former Romania first lady who bungled and corrupted her husband so as to author the calamity that saw them being deposed and summarily killed.
Now, provided that the fall of your husband is mainly associated with your power lust, I am sure, Zimbabweans are likely to forgive him for his other sins, especially if they remember how he fought for and brought independence to the country.  As for you, I don’t know if they will stomach forgiveness provided that many flaws you committed resulted from evil intention of grabbing power and keep on abuse and misuse it at their detriment.
In a sum, Greed, sorry, Grace, do brace yourself to answer for the millions of dollars you robbed and squandered at the time Zimbabweans were dying of hunger, preventable and treatable diseases.
Go Grace go
Never turn back
Go to your no-go
Quickly park
park and go
go Grace go

Saturday, 18 November 2017

All African Dictator Need To Watch the Following Videos

Questions Zimbabweans Need to Answer

Image result for mugabe's cartoons

Due the ongoing imbroglio-cum-impasse in Zimbabwe, there is a few questions Zimbabweans need to ask themselves and those holding them at ransom then find answers.
First, can power be sexually transmitted like STDs?
Can one use her body to get into the state house?
Can one use her love to get from the bedroom to the boardroom?
Can power be transmitted militarily?
Can they trust the current players namely Mugabe and the military?
Can they intervene as a people and bring sanity?
There are two right answers here namely No to some questions and Yes to some.
The answers Zimbabweans will get will also help others in Equatorial Guinea, Togo and Uganda among others who have bedroom politics. 

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Fare thee well Robert Gabriel Mugabe Jongwe

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          It is obvious that the game is up for Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwean long time tyrant. Mugabe successfully manipulated Zimbabwe so as to dream about making it his private estate. He weathered many storms to end up being deposed by his wife whose greed authored their fall from grace. Grace or Gucci or call her Greed Mugabe became overambitious so as to endanger her husband's reasoning. She schemed of using the ailing president to become president herself through Bedroom politics. Again, as it seems, the Mugabes have lost big. Their greed and myopia have largely contributed to their fall. It is not too late to write a dirge for them.

Go Mugabe go
Go never look back
Just pack
Pack and go

Go unceremoniously
Go as a coward
Your time is up
The game is up
Go Mugabe go

Go to a self-made no-go
Go with your Grace
Go with disgrace
You have fallen from grace

You are now an abomination
Zimbabweans will never miss you
Pack and jump into oblivion
Go start a new sojourn 

Bedroom politics has failed
You failed the nation
Your wife's ploy has been exposed
Let her wait for her reward
You misused the nation
Go Mugabe go
Gone is your era
Go Mugabe go
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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Africa’s disunity vs Canada’s sagacious expenditure

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            The unification of Africa has always been an uphill task. Today, I’ll show how Africa in general loses a lot due to its colonial and post-colonial divisions and poor visions. Organically, Africa was a single country that didn't depend on donors for many centuries before its division. Again, after being divided; and later became politically independent, due to colonial carryovers, and partly, greenhorn founders and their myopic successors thereafter, Africa’s remains divided for its detriment. Aren't African countries still blindly and crassly serving and servicing their colonial monsters’ ploy of weakening them by dividing them into minuscule; and rickety states? Is there any ever-dependent African country that’s truly independent?
            In their division, African countries are on the line while in their unity they are supposed to be stronger. Why can’t they see that their perceived insecurity resulting from warmongering and fear mongering between; and among them result from the very tactic colonisers engineered and foresaw for perpetual exploitation?
            The fear of the unknown; and of each other among African countries helps arms-producing countries to sell even more arms to Africans so that they either butcher one another or waste a lot of time and money on feeding such pseudo fears. If Africa were a single country as it used to be, the money currently spent on arms could boost its economy a great deal more than the aid it receives from its former colonial monsters. How many gunky armies does Africa have that have never fought anywhere; and if they did, they just did so against their neighbours; or were abusively used to intimidate citizens in such countries? How much money do African countries spend on arms geared by the mere fear of their neighbouring Africans?
            Further, how much do African countries spend on maintaining embassies in other African states they’re not supposed to have any? All this money’s burnt because of disunity. Africa needs to blaze its trail by facing reality, the reunification.
            Consider this then decide how much Africa loses to its division. To put it in the context, country X has 98 embassies abroad including in African countries. In 2015, country X bought a $ 50,000,000 apartment in New York to house its embassy to the UN. Suppose country X decides to build its own offices to house all embassies wherever it’s represented; which’s cheaper than renting. How much country X will burn pointlessly? This is a typical replica of many African countries. Multiply US$50,000,000 with all 50-odd African countries times over 50 years of independence times at least 20 embassies per country which is less than what it actually is. This means: many African countries burn money on the same to end up becoming poorer and poorer.
            Additionally, how much does country X, just like any other countries, burn on paying its officials abroad that wouldn't be required shall Africa reunite? Also, take the amount estimated for keeping armies, buying weapons, feeding and keeping presidents, borders, printing passports, minting and printing money, buying visas and whatnots; and see how much Africa’s already lost; or would have saved if it were reunited. How many embassies do African countries have abroad and within Africa that’d be reduced through reunification? I can say: the amount the reunification of Africa can save’s anecdotally zillions of dollars. Add the money lost due to the lack of free movement in Africa.
            Cogently, Canada avoided economic quandary and megalomania through uniting its provinces and territories to form one country. Compare Canada’s 2015/16 C$ 1.3tn.       Take education for example. According to the Globe and Mail (Jan., 23, 2014), Canada spends C$ 9,000 a child. This is why providing a computers to all students isn’t a hoax just as it the case in Kenya when Jubilee promised a computer a child to end up offering hoo-has instead. Again, how much do EAC countries spend on education? Sub-Saharan Africa spends 5% of its GDP on education (, 7 Aug., 2014).
Further, according to the Forbes Magazine (Oct., 1, 2014) Kenya’s GDP was $1,246. This means: Kenya, hypothetically, spent approx., $62.3 a child. According to the (2015), Tanzania’s GDP was $931 or $46.55 a child and Uganda’s $676 or 33.8 a child in the same year. Compare the stats with Canada’s.
            Again, how Canada’s been able to raise and spend such humongous amount of money with such a relatively small population of 36,741,055 as of 2017? It vigorously collects revenues, uses its resources wisely; and above all, Canadians work hard to develop their country not to mention taking on mega corruption pragmatically as opposed to the real situation in Africa.
Source: Citizen, Wed., today.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

   Bedroom Politics: Zimbabwe’s Boon or Bane?

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          Zimbabwe has been in a political quagmire for a long time now. Its conflict gyrated around land and the intimidation of the opposition, among others. However, it recently took another turn so as to gain tractions after president Robert Mugabe fired his vice president Emerson Mnangagwa for what Simon Moyo, the minister of information said was disloyalty and ineptness. He was quoted as saying that “the vice president has consistently and persistently exhibited traits of disloyalty, disrespect, deceitfulness and unreliability.”
            Demonstrably, Mnangagwa was fired long time ago when Mugabe’s wife, Grace, the power behind the throne, started attacking him openly in her race for power. She was once quoted as saying “I’m the First Lady and Mnangagwa was employed by my husband. Why would I kill him?” Mrs. Mugabe added. “I am the boss” as she was responding to allegations that she wanted Mnangagwa eliminated due to avert a peril to her ruse to inherit or snatch power from her elderly husband.  This was after Mnangagwa was quoted as saying “the medical doctors who attended to me ruled out food poisoning but confirmed that indeed poisoning had occurred and investigations were in progress.”
            Due to the crookedness and spookiness of power race, the issue was not whether Mnangagwa would be shown the door or not. Instead, it was when and how.  For, a day before firing Mnangagwa, Mugabe was quoted as saying “I am told off daily in the name of Mnangagwa. Did I make a mistake by appointing Mnangagwa as my deputy? If I did, then I can remove him, even tomorrow.” And it came to pass. Mnangagwa was fired the next day.
            As if Mrs. Mugabe was preempting what was to come through a choreographed scheme, on the same day Mnangagwa was fired, Kudzai Chipanga, ZANU-PF youth league leader was quoted as saying “the only person possessing such qualities is ... the first lady.”  Like any desperado-cum-schemer gagging for power, Mrs. Mugabe isn’t new to edging out those she sees as potential contestants for power shall her husband pass on. Before, former vice president Joyce Mujuru faced the same fate. She was purged unceremoniously after proving that she was suitable for the office. Thus, preventing Grace from taking advantage of her husband who is a bit long in tooth for running the country. Thanks to nepotism, corruption, abuse of power, bedroom politics and politics of the tummy, even the husband eggs the first lady on to see to it shall anything happen, she must ascend to the throne.      Africa isn’t new to such bedroom politics.  Just last year, in Uganda, President Yoweri Museveni did the seemingly impossible. He appointed his wife Janet minister for education in his government; and everything seemed normal.  Former Malawi president Bingu wa Mutharika once appointed his widow Calista minister of Safe Motherhood despite the ministry having such ridiculous, name nothing was viewed by courtiers as spooky as it was. In the neighbouring Zambia former president Michael Sata appointed his wife’s sister Mariam Mwape Mulenga ambassador to Turkey. Away from Africa, Azerbaijan’s President, Ilham Aliyev appointed his wife-Mehriban as the first Vice President in Feb., this year.
             Looking at the CVs of all three presidents, you find that they have a college degree or degrees for Mugabe and Mutharika. To the contrary, their wives don’t have any. Again, you wonder how such semi-illiterate ladies are able to coerce and manipulate their educated hubbies. This, once again, speaks of the canard in African education so as to need to be decolonised.
            Apart from some first ladies forming the part of their husbands’ governments, in some countries, they are treated like the presidents simply because they share bed with African big men in power. In Tanzania, the wife of the current president John Magufuli, Janet is referred to as “our mother” as if she is Virgin Mary or the wife of the father of the nation Mwl Julius Nyerere. All this is done, especially by courtiers and bootlickers in order to entice her and show how she is the force to reckon with vis-à-vis bedroom politics. The wife of former president Jakaya Kikwete, Salma was recently appointed an MP by Magufuli. During her husband’s sway, Salma used to be accorded top-level treatments such as receiving reports from Regional Commissioners and being driven in long motorcades.  In Kenya, the wife of former president Mwai Kibaki, Lucy would summon ministers; and reprimand them openly as if she was president herself.
            Predictably, shall Grace Mugabe succeed in her gambit; surely, Uganda will follow by having a first presidente. Thanks to the bedroom politics, how many first ladies do wish they can grab power from their husbands simply because they share beds with them? As for African strong men, this shows how weedier they are. They might be stronger in the public space. In the private one, they are but tamed bulls that can do whatever those controlling them order them to do even if is to defecate on the office of the president as it is currently going on in the soon-to-be Graceland in which Grace will  filch power from Robert. How will Zimbabwe and Africa react? Time will tell.
Source: New Zimbabwe Wed., today.