Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Jana ilikuwa Birthday ya Kamanda Nkwazi Jr.

Jana Kamanda Nkwazi Jr. alisherehekea mwaka wake wa kwanza. Si haba tulijumuika na kumkaribisha kwenye jamii ya kuhesabu miaka badala ya miezi. Taratibu ataanza kuachana na diapers na kufikiri kwenda kujiunga na vidudu wenzake. Happy Birthday Nkwazi Jr.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Ruling class or bullying class?

Bibbers are openly at loggerhead with the power that-be thinking they’re bullied in lieu of being ruled. They feel betrayed and vended by the same guys they gave ulaji. Such sentiments become a reality especially due to mindlessness and madness some of their biggies. Refer to wanton cops’ cruelty which causes the deaths of impeccable boozers. Isn't it mass and crass bullying? Should we bury our heads in the sands pretending everything is spiffy? Nay! It isn't us.  Bibbers won’t offer themselves to any beast or wino to bully them anymore. The other day I heard Madam Alvera Senzo flexing muscles saying that if CDM forms Blue-cum- Green-Guard-like gangs to defend itself cops will lord it over it while ignoring other bullying gangs under bullying parties. It’ll be utter cowardice for cops to allow themselves to be used as diapers by rulers.
Take, for instance, recent grenade attack in Arusha in which cops are accused of aiding the suspect to flee. Nobody bothers to hunt down the culprits. Can we go on with this boorish ‘Dog-eat-Dog’ madness? Why’s it legitimate for Ngunguri and Ngangari to have Blue and Green Guard gangs respectively whilst it is illegitimate for CDM? Isn’t bullying committed by those mandated to protect us? Whom are they protecting by mercilessly butchering us? Should we keep on entrusting them with our powers as we pay tax to fatten them for our peril? Are we that crazy and stupid?  Where are the cops especially after failing to keep tabs on Igondhus and other known criminals?
We recently evidenced ruckus and rumpus when CDM said it’ll form self-protection groups after cops proved beyond doubt to be in bed with the bullying, sorry, ruling party.  Instead of telling Numero Uno to stop monkey biz, the screwed up cops are playing makidamakida harassing and undermining opponents. How many times should we tell? Seers, literati even common bin-Adams warned: Insecurity for boozers has nary been addressed. Had our honchos fought corruption practically not theoretically, nobody would be forming self-defensive mechanisms. Had thinkers in our offices used their brains, not masaburis, in signing investment contracts would this entire imbroglio have ensued? Let’s face it. Is investment, in our hunk, good for the hoi polloi?  Simple, if it is, it is for the hoity toitty that can manipulate the laws and procedures to get away with 10% cuts. This, even the bird knows. Isn't it mass bullying? Isn’t bullying crass?
Corruption’s caused many miseries to the hunk’s paupers. Biggies squander though the ailing economy can’t support such economic unreasonableness. Who cares if they’re still empowered amidst high and unnecessary spending- in their global trotting?  Who’s easily forgotten how Presider and his wifey left for Majuu when Ntwara imbroglio erupted?  When opposition tells them this is wrong they feel offended! Uvivu wa kufikiri.
 Again, our economy’s always been prescribed in Washington and Davos. Thus, the reality on the ground’s always ignored altogether simply because the donors--- who benefit from our economy thanks to their exploitative policies--- are the ones to give us a nod. Isn't this bullying done by those pretending to be our saviours while they actually are our persecutors? What pains is that when economic blowback resulting from this bullying registers, those guys jump the smoking gun and leave the guilt to our silly begging biggies.  
All in all and above all, those who take us for a ride end up bullying us simply because they’re the ruling class. We now need a truly ruling class not a bullying class with all of its crassitude and crap. Though it is a close call for peaceable boozer of the hunk, no way we can go on making do with it. Boozers have to emancipate themselves. This is the only hypothesis I can put forth shall this hunk aim at ending bullying and bunkum. Again, the writings are on the wall for both protagonists (to read and interpret) shall they deserve to live a safe and sound life in the future. This is the only epic bellwether whose rightly interpretation is the survival of our hunk so to speak.
Bullying in the name of ruling can be seen in every aspect of hunk’s political equilibration. Even birds can see it. Mob justice’s become the in-thing after cops became killers. Boozers have totally lost confidence in the system. Vigilantes have taken law in their hands after cops took them for a ride. Theft involving billions of dosh are reported and nobody is brought to book. What do you expect? Rich ones can hire private guards. Such a situation creates dangerous aura for responsible and honest boozers. What baffles is: Why’s it taken long for the victims to see all this mess? Though the Voynich Manuscripts are seen as un-decodable stuff that beat all gurus in the field, for the sheepishly peaceable creatures of this hunk, the same might apply as to why they've nary been able to decipher this bullying. Again, courage is needed to topple fear and sheepish and fake peaceability.
Bullying, normally, boils down to chaos and instability.  While all signs are clear, the biggies are still pointlessly saying that things are spiffy! What spoof kind of thinking! How if at all boozers of the same hunk are living in two different worlds at the same time? While those with dosh in Swiss banks are getting richer and richer, impoverishment is claiming millions of those entrusted them with maulaji and they don’t care!   To get out of this pastiche unscathed, boozers need to face the reality at this moment of truth.  This, too, needs moral fibers, openness, accountability and vision especially in all aspects of manning the business of the boozers. Myopia, self-deception and crass sanaa aren't needed in this encounter with reality.
Given that my job is to swallow, I better leave their turf to them. The wisdom of today is “time time before time times you.”
Source: AThisday July 29, 2013.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Walevi wampongeza `Jei Kei’ kuwakabili wanasiasa mufilis

Mwalimu Nkwazi Mhango.
Japo wabaya wa Mkuu wanamuona na kumueleza kama mtu aliyeshindwa vibaya baada ya kuingia madarakani, walevi wanaona ana mfanikio tena ya kupigiwa mfano.
Mfano, amefanikisha kumleta Obamiza kuja kutubamiza mkenge wa Ubungo. Kwani hili si fanikio hata kama ni hasi?
Ili kutathmini mafanikio tata ya Mkuu wetu Jei Kei, unapaswa kuepuka kutumia falsafa isemayo, “fanya nikwambialo na siyo nitendavyo”. Waingereza huita tabia hii Better than thou yaani mimi ni bora kuliko wewe.
Hivyo, lazima ufuate nikwambiayo na siyo nitendayo. Kwa maana nyingine, ukitumia falsafa nyingine ya, “ukitaka kumla kuku usimchunguze alacho”.
Japo Jei Kei alishindwa kutimiza ahadi zake za maisha bora, kurekebisha mikataba ya kijambazi ya uwekezaji, kuimarisha uchumi, kubana matumizi, kupambana na uzururaji na uvivu wa viongozi na kupambana na ufisadi, amejitahidi kusema wazi juu ya masuala mbali mbali anapoamua.
Akiamua kusema huwa hapotezi muda kwenda kwenye kioo kujiangalia kama anayosema yatamgusa nani. Hivi karibuni, Jei Kei alikaririwa na vyombo vya habari akiwaonya wanasiasa mufilis wanaolenga kuigawa kaya kwa misingi ya ukabila, udini na mali katika harakati za kutaka kumrithi kama Mkuu.
Aliwashukia bila kujali kama ni maadui au marafiki zake. Alikaririwa akisema, “nawaasa wanasiasa wasipandikize chuki za kidini au maeneo wanakotoka wananchi, kama ni madaraka yatafutwe kwa njia ya amani kwenye sanduku la kura.”
Hapo, Jei Kei alilenga penyewe, ingawa alichelewa. Kwa wenye kuelewa tabia na staili ya Jei Kei ya kutawala, walibaki vinywa wazi wengi wakimtuhumu kutenda dhambi anayowakataza wenzake kutenda.
Kimsingi, kuna kitu kinaitwa “kuona mwanga” kama alivyofanya Paulo wa kwenye Biblia. Hii hali ipo japo ina utata wake.
Wenye kupenda kuitumia hujitenga na kuchunguza utata wa kwanini mdhambi aone mwanga baada ya kugundua kuwa zake zimekwisha kama si unafiki.
Wengine hufumbia macho upande huu na kuangalia nini wanachotaka kufanikishwa kwa kutumia falsafa hii kongwe na tata.
Walevi wanajua kuwa Jei Kei ni Mkuu wa Kaya mwenye uzoefu mkubwa kuhusiana na `umufilis’ wa kisiasa. Anajua fika kuwa hakuna viongozi muflis na hatari kama wale waliopata uogozi kupitia uongo, ahadi hewa, rushwa, wizi wa fedha za umma, kuwachafua wenzao na kuwaganya wananchi.
Walevi wanajua kuwa Jei Kei anajua fika madhara ya viongozi wa namna hii. Kwani wanapopata nafasi hubariki rushwa na kuendeleza ufisadi bila kujali mustakabali wa kaya na walevi.
Mbwamwitu wa namna hii huwauza hata walevi bila kujali kuna kesho. Walevi wanafahamu kuwa Jei Kei anafahamu wazi kuwa siku hizi uongozi hasa urais ni ufalme na nafasi ya kula bure kwa mhusika, familia yake na waramba viatu wake tena kwa mikono yote bila kunawa.
Jei Kei anajua kuwa viongozi wachovu na mufilis watokanao na jinai ya kugawana watu na kuwachafua wengine hutawala kiujanjaujanja bila kufanya lolote la maana zaidi ya kuwaibia walevi.
Jei Kei anafahamu sana madhara, kwa mfano, ya kuteua watu kutokana na kulipana fadhila, udini, ukabila hata ueneo. Anafahamu fika kuwa viongozi wa namna hii ni kansa na ajali kwa kaya.
Kwani, hawalifanyi chochote bali kuangamiza kaya. Anajua fika kuwa viongozi watokanao na kuwagawa na kuwahadaa walevi ni walafi na vipofu wanaoweza kulala kitanda kimoja na wauza unga, majambazi, mafisadi hata wawekezaji wachukuaji kama ilivyo sasa.
Walevi wanapenda sana roho ngumu ya Jei Kei ya kusema anavyojisikia. Walevi wamepanga `kumtwanga ofa’ ya kanywaji kwa kufanya kile wanachofanya kila siku.
Hakuna alipowakuna kama pale alipowatolea uvivu wanafunzi wanaomimbwa aliposema kuwa ni kutokana na kiherehere chao.
Jamaa hakujali kujua kuwa maisha mabovu, utawala mufilis wenye kuendekeza ufisadi na migawanyiko na wizi unaweza kuwa chanzo cha watoto kupewa mimba mashuleni ukiachia mbali sheria mbovu.
Pia Mkuu aliwahi kuwaambia walevi kuwa hajui chanzo cha ukapa wao pamoja na kulalamikia matumizi mabaya ya ‘njuluku’ zao na uzururaji wa `mabig’ wao.
Ndiyo, `Dingi Riz’ hakuwa na haja ya kujihangaisha kujua kuwa chanzo kikuu cha umaskini wa walevi ni utawala wa kijambazi wa kujuana na kulipana fadhila.
Hakuwa na haja ya kujua kuwa chanzo kikuu cha umaskini wa walevi ni uwekezaji mbovu wa kijambazi na kulinda ufisadi.
Mkuu huwa hajali anayemgusa anapoamua.  Hakuna alipowakuna walevi kama alivyowapigia kampeni na kuwapa kampani wakwapuaji vigogo kama akina Endelea Chenge, Basie Pesatatu Mrambaramba, Eddie Luwasha na Roast Tamu la Aziz? Huyu ndiye Jei Kei asiyeogopa kitu.
Walevi wanajua kuwa Jei Kei anajua fika kuwa utawala wa kujuana hasa kwa misingi ya dini au ukoo ulivyo.
Anajua kuwa viongozi watokanao na rushwa na kila aina ya jinai huwaruhusu watoto wao na wake zao kuuibia umma kupitia biashara haramu kuanzia ya kupata tenda hadi kuanzisha NGO.
Hivyo, Jei Kei anapowanyoshea kidole wanasiasa mufilis anawajua fika. Je Jei Kei ameona mwanga na kupata ufunuo baada ya kushindwa kwenye safari yake ya kuwapeleka walevi Kanani au ni changa la macho?
Yote yanawezekana. Je, Jei Kei anatafuta nafasi nzuri kwenye historia ya kaya baada ya kugundua kuwa wakati umemtupa mkono? Baada ya walevi wasio na adabu wanauliza:
Kwanini alinyamaza muda wote ukiachia mbali kuyafumbia macho baadhi ya mabaya anayowashitakia wenzake?
Je, Jei Kei amejifunza kwenye mtifuano na mchafuano wa mwaka 2005 ambapo baadhi ya waandishi habari uchwara na `mafisi’ kutumika kuwachafua wagombea walioonekana kuwa tishio?
Walevi wanakumbuka ulevi, ukabila na ubaguzi wa rangi uliozalishwa na kampeni hizi chafu ambapo watu wa maana na maarufu kama Dk Salimuni Ahmed Salimuni walibatizwa u-Hizbu na uarabu?
Je, walioasisi uchafu huu na kuutenda wanaweza kuona mwanga leo au ndiyo usanii wenyewe? Je, wahusika wamesahau madhara waliyolisababishia taifa na baadhi ya watu waliowalenga?
Hata hivyo, tumshukuru Jei Kei kwa kujitoa kimasomaso na kusema ajualo tokana na uzoefu wake. Anajua fika kuwa walafi wa madaraka huibia taasisi za umma au kuingia kwenye dili za kijambazi kama EPA na Richmond ima kupata pesa ya rushwa au kulipa fadhila kwa wale waliowawezesha kupata madaraka kwa njia chafu na haramu.
Tusipuuzie ushauri wake, hata kama una utata kutokana na nani ameutoa. Hongera Jei Kei, kwa kuwakabili wanasiasa mufilis.
Salamu kwa walevi wote wa Bariadi, Igunga, Rombo, Bwagamoyo, Kimbushi, Msata, Manushi, Nkoaranga, Monduli, Kibondo, Kayungu, Nyakabanga, Kandegesho na kwingineko.

Chanzo: Nipashe Jumamosi  Julai 27,2013.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Nadhani sasa Malawi na Rwanda wataache kiherehere


Kumekuwapo na chokochoko kati ya Malawi na Tanzania na hivi karibuni Rwanda. Rais Jakaya Kikwete alikuwa kimya kwa muda mrefu hadi juzi tu alipoamua kupasua jibu kuwa atakayetuchokoza au kutuchezea "atanyukwa" kama Idd Amin. Kwa wanaojua diplomasia ni kwamba ngoma inogile na atakayeshindwa kuzingatia hili ajiandae. Uzuri ni kwamba katika viinchi vinayoleta unyonyo hakuna hata moja yenye kuweza kutulazama macho. Japo hatuombi , ikitokea mojawapo au vyote vikajiingiza kijeshi vitatupa sifa nyingine ya ziada zaidi ya ile aliyotuachia Amin baada ya kumfundisha adabu. Kwa kuangalia mfano wa Amin unapata hisia kuwa kikitokea kichapo si cha kushinda tu bali kuhakikisha nchi husika zinaangushwa na kuweka mtu wetu kama tulivyofanya Uganda. Hakika matamshi makali ya Kikwete ni mtihani kwa rais Yoweri Museveni wa Uganda ambaye amekuwa akimuunga mkono protege wake Paulo Kagame. Je Kagame atajibu mapigo au kunywea ili angalau aendelee kula? Kagame alikaririwa hivi karibuni akiwa mpakani mwa Tanzania kwenye mji uitwao Mulindi akitoa vitisho vya kumshikisha adabu Kikwete. Naye Kikwete katumia njia hiyo hiyo ya kujibu akiwa Kaboya karibu na mpaka wa Rwanda. Wachambuzi wa mambo tuko msituni tukichimba na kuchimbua tuone la kutokana nalo katika sekeseke hili. kwa habari zaidi BONYEZA HAPA.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Bila mkalimani hawa wamama wanaelewa kweli?

Mke wa rais Salma Kikwete akimsikiliza mke wa waziri mkuu wa zamani wa Uingereza Cherrie Blair huko Hoyoyo. Kwa walioona picha ya kuwasili kwa rais Obama na mkewe jinsi Salma alivyosimama kama mpambe huku Michelle akilazimika kuongea na Kikwete na mumewe kutokana na mwenyeji wake kutokiweza kimombo watajiuliza swali lile lile.Ni bahati mbaya kuwa Salma akishauriwa asipoteze muda kwenye usasi wa ngawira kupitia NGO yake ya WAMA na badala yake akajiendeleze,anaona wanaofanya hivyo kama wanamchukia au kumdharau wakati siyo. Je hawa wawili wanaelewanaje bila mkalimani?

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Tunatawaliwa na watu wa aina gani?

Hebu fikiri. Yaani tangu mwaka 1940 hadi 1994 mtu anachimba madini ya thamani tena kwa tani na anakwambia kuwa hapati faida nawe unakubali? Hii ni akili au kichaa? Je, anayekufanyia ushenzi kama huu anakuchukuliaje zaidi ya kukuona kama kinyama mwitu tena kisicho na akili hata ya kujitambua?
TAARIFA za hivi karibuni zilizochapishwa katika gazeti la Tanzania Daima kuwa mgodi maarufu wa almasi wa Mwadui wa Williamson Diamond Mine haujawahi kupata faida tangu kugunduliwa kwa almasi nchini ni ushahidi tosha kuwa nchi yetu inaendeshwa kiajabu.
Na hata hiki kinachopigwa upatu kuwa ni uwekezaji, si chochote si lolote bali wizi, uporaji na ujambazi wa mchana.
Haiwezekani mgodi wenye miaka zaidi ya 70 usipate faida na hivyo kutolipa kodi na mrabaha. Mgodi huu ulianzishwa na Mkanada Dk. John Thoburn Williamson (1907 –1958) mwaka 1940.
Hebu fikiri. Yaani tangu mwaka 1940 hadi 1994 mtu anachimba madini ya thamani tena kwa tani na anakwambia kuwa hapati faida nawe unakubali? Hii ni akili au kichaa?
Je, anayekufanyia ushenzi kama huu anakuchukuliaje zaidi ya kukuona kama kinyama mwitu tena kisicho na akili hata ya kujitambua? Akili ya kawaida inasema kuwa hakuna biashara inayoweza kuendelea kufanyika kama hakuna faida.
Kanuni ya asili ya biashara ni kwamba biashara isiyoingiza faida hujifunga yenyewe. Je imekuwaje mgodi wa Mwadui haujawahi kupata faida? Je, ni kweli kuwa mgodi huu maarufu haujawahi kuingiza faida?
Je, umekuwa ukiingiza faida na baadhi ya wajanja kulipana nyuma ya pazia? Je, kuna biashara kichaa kama hii?
Maswali ni mengi kuliko majibu. Kama kweli Mwadui Mine ilikuwa haipati faida ilikuwaje ikapata mteja wa kuinunua, yaani Petra ambayo nayo, kwa mujibu wa gazeti husika ni kwamba hailipi kodi kwa kisingizio kile kile cha mwaka 1947. kutopata faida.
Je, hawa watawala wetu wanahusika na uporaji huu ama ni kule kufumbwa macho na kuwaamini mno weupe? Ni ajabu kuwa hata ripoti hii ilipochapishwa hakuna aliyehangaika kukanusha au kutoa maelezo!
Huu ni ushahidi kuwa wahusika wa pande zote, yaani watawala na wawekezaji wanavyowachukulia Watanzania kama mataahira wasiojitambua wala kutambua mambo yanayoendelea kwenye nchi yao.
Hata hivyo, si kwamba wananchi hawajui. Wanajua sana. Tatizo lao ni woga na kujifanya hayawahusu. Ila ifahamike kadiri muda unavyokwenda wataamka na kudai haki yao tena kwa hasira za ajabu.
Tunaomba tuweke wazi kuwa hakuna jinsi ambavyo watawala hawanufaiki na jinai hii. Ushahidi wa wazi ni ile hali ya Bunge kuunda kamati ya kuchunguza kadhia hii na ripoti yake kuatamiwa na wahusika ili kukwepa kugusa maslahi yao.
Je, hawa ni akina nani? Umma unapaswa uwajue na kuwachukulia hatua.
Gazeti husika lilisema kuwa mgodi unaochimba almasi umewahi kununua mitambo ya kusafishia dhahabu badala ya mitambo ya kusafishia almasi. Hii maana yake ni kwamba wahusika hawachimbi almasi tu bali wanachimba na dhahabu.
Je, inakuwaje wawe na jeuri ya kufanya hujuma kama hii kwa taifa bila kuwa na wakubwa wanaowakingia kifua? Kwa wanaojua sheria kali za biashara za Kanada wanashangaa Wakanada wanavyoweza kutenda jinai kama hii bila kuwapo ‘mkono tena mkubwa wa mtu’. Je, watawala wa namna hii wanafaa kuendelea kutenda jinai yao huku wakitutoza kodi makapuku ilhali wanawakingia vifua wezi wakubwa wa kimataifa?
Laiti Watanzania wasingekuwa wavivu wa kufikiri na wendawazimu kiasi cha kuruhusu walevi wajifunzie kwenye vichwa vyao kunyoa, wangeamka na kuchukua hatua.
Kuendelea kuwavumilia majambazi hawa ni kujitia kitanzi hasa kizazi kijacho.
Je, Mwadui Mine wako peke yao? Wako wapi Wahindi wa Kampuni ya RITES walioingia nchini mikono mitupu na kuondoka na magunia ya fedha? Wako wapi akina Richmond waliojibadili majina kwenda Dowans na sasa Symbion Tanzania ambayo ilimchafua Rais wa Marekani Barack Obama kwa kuifungua ikimaanisha kuibariki na kuihalalisha?
Wako wapi kina Meremeta, Mwananchi Gold, Sukita, IPTL na wengine wengi? Je, tutaendelea na utaahira huu hadi lini? Kwa ujambazi huu wenye baraka zote za serikali, sichelei kusema kuwa watawala wetu ni majambazi wa kawaida walioaminiwa mali ya umma jambo ambalo ni kosa watakalojutia Watanzania maisha yao yote.
Yuko wapi Rais Jakaya Kikwete aliyeahidi kufuta au kurekebisha mikataba hii ya kijambazi? Mbona naye anatuhumiwa (kama ni kweli) kwamba alishirikiana na Edward Lowassa kuianzisha na kuiingiza nchini Richmond?
Nani mara hii amesahau maneno ya Lowassa kuwa kila alichofanya kuhusiana na ujio wa Richmond alimtaarifu na kumshauri bosi wake Kikwete? Je, hii ndiyo sababu ya Lowassa kuenguliwa na kulipwa mafao yake nyuma ya pazia na kuendelea kupigiwa debe na Kikwete?
Rejea maneno ya hivi karibuni ya Kikwete aliyekaririwa akisema kuwa Lowassa ni jembe.
Tulisikia kuwa Rais Obama alikutana na ‘mabilionea’ wa Tanzania mmojawapo akiwa Rostam Aziz aliyetuhumiwa kutumia Kampuni ya Kagoda kuchota fedha za EPA. Nani anahanikiza Lowassa na Rostam kwa mfano wafikishwe mahakamani?
Naleta hoja nikitaka Watanzania tufungue macho na kupambana na watu wanaotuibia waziwazi tukishuhudia. Na kama hii itaendelea, tusimlaumu Mungu wala mtu bali sisi wenyewe. 
Chanzo: Tanzania Daima Julai 24, 2013.

Kijiwe kuunda jeshi la kujihami

BAADA ya wachovu kuchoka na kuchoshwa na vipigo hata vifo vya ndata, kijiwe kimekutana kuja na suluhu mara moja yaani kuunda jeshi la kujilinda. Jeshi hili si la kujilinda tu bali hata kuwakabili ndata wanaonyotoa roho za wachovu.
Hivyo, kikao cha leo kitajadili ukombozi huu wa wachovu toka mikononi mwa ndata na watawala waliofilisika kama alivyosema Njaa Kaya hivi karibuni.
Msomi Mkatatamaa anaingia akiwa anasonya. Amebeba tabu kubwa liitwalo “Self Defense au Wushu-cum Gung-fu” lililoandikwa na mwandishi nguli wa Uchina aitwaye Tel Hao Juha.
Hata kabla ya kuamkua, mzee Kidevu anamuuliza; “Msomi ina maana unalisoma hilo tabu lote bila kupofuka?” Msomi anajibu; “Mbona hiki kijitabu kidogo?” “Una maana kuna vitabu vikubwa kuliko hilo?” Anauliza Mbwa Mwitu.
Msomi anajibu; “Kweli wahenga walisema kuwa ukitaka kumficha mjinga kitu weka kwenye maandishi. Yaani kusoma kitabu hiki kidogo mnaona kama muujiza, mbona vipo tena vinene vinavyokaririwa?”
Mpemba anaamua kukamua mic; “Yakhe wajua nchi hii watu hawasomi. Hata hao wanaojiita watawala hawasomi. Wapenda zurura na piga picha na wachezaji npira basi.”
“Mpe kahawa Ami amenena jambo kubwa na la maana sana,” anasema Msomi na kuendelea: “Ni kweli. Kaya yetu imeingiliwa na mdudu aitwaye ujuha. Usione mijitu inajisifu. Haisomi. Itasomaje wakati imeendekeza kughushi na shahada za kuzawadiwa? We are manned by a bunch of mere nincompoops and goons.”
Kabla ya Msomi kuendelea, Mgosi Machungi ananyakua mic: “Mgosi usitifanye tilie. Huoni hao mawaziri waliofoji shahada wanaendeea kutesa huku Njaa Kaya akijifanya haoni waa asikii? Namna hii nani atapoteza muda kwenye kusoma?”
Wakati mjadala ukiendelea na kuanza kuwa moto, Mchunguliaji aliingia akiwa na nakala ya gazeti la Danganyika Leo. Kichwa cha habari kilisomeka, “CHAKUDEMA Kuunda Vikundi vya Kujilinda Ndata Watishia Kukibander Atakayeviunda.”
Mzee mzima niliposoma kichwa cha habari sikungoja hata kuingia undani wa stori yenyewe. Kwa vile nilishaona kwenye runinga yangu yule Mamsap wa Ndata akitoa mapofu na kutisha, nilijua sasa kimeumana.
Hivyo, nilitoa wazo nasi tuunde jeshi na si kikundi cha kupambana na ndata ambao wamezidi kwa kutughasi kwa maagizo ya wakubwa mufilis wao. Hata hivyo nimemdeku yule binti.
Kwa vile mimi na Msomi tunaogopewa kwa kuona mbali, pendekezo langu lilizua mjadala si kawaida. Ni kama nilikuwa nilimwaga mafuta kwenye moto wa kiangazi! Mbwa Mwitu alikamata mic na kukamua: “Mzee Mpayukaji kama si kutokuwa Casanova kama jamaa yetu ningekupa dada yangu kutokana na kujaliwa kichwa.”
Kabla ya kuendelea Mchunguliaji aliingilia: “Mbwa Mwitu acha matusi. Unataka kumpa dada yako amfanye chuma ulete siyo?” Mpemba naye anachomekea: “Yakhe mambo ya kupeana walaji yaache. Ushasikia wale wasichana ambao wakiolewa waambwa wachume pesa na kujenga nyumba kwao? Huu nchezo mbaya wallahi. Kwanini utumie mwili wako kama dukaa?”
Msomi kagundua kuwa mjadala utaharibika. Anaamua kuokoa jahazi. “Hayo mambo ya kinu kujenga nyumba waachie wenyewe. Nadhani tujadili hili la muhimu la kuunda jeshi la kujihami.” Anakohoa na kuchezea chezea tabu lake na kuendelea: “Juzi nilimsikia huyu dada ambaye sijui waliomsimika pale walimuibua wapi? Anaitwa Shenzo. Amenichafua God knows. Anadhani hii kaya ni mali ya baba yake na hao washikaji zake siyo?”
Kabla ya kuendelea, Mbwa Mwitu ambaye hakuridhika na hoja ya dada yake kuuawa anachomekea. Anatishia: “Naona wale ndata wanakuja.”
Baadhi ya wanywa kahawa wanaonekana kutishika isipokuwa mimi na Msomi.
Msomi anaendelea: “Waache waje na kama watatuletea ujuha tunafanya kweli kwani sisi si walume kama wao?” Anakunywa kahawa yake na kuendelea: “Wazee mambo ya kutishiana nyau waachie wenyewe waliofilisika na kushindwa.
“Kwa vile mzee na msomi mwenzangu mzee Mpayukaji kaona mbali, lazima tumuunge mkono kwa kujikomboa na kuhakikisha usalama wetu. Bila kuwa na jeshi la kujilinda, tutaendelea kuuawa na kupoteza mali zetu bila sababu.
“Hamkuona hata Obamiza alivokuja aliamua kujilinda?” Ananitazama. Tunatabasamu. Naamua kumpa tafu: “Usemayo mzee na msomi mwenzangu ni tunu. Ni juzi nilikuwa nasoma kitabu kiitwacho “Das Capital”, cha Karl Marx aliyesema kuwa kujitegemea kwa kila hali ndiyo mtaji mkubwa wa maendeleo na utimamu wa binadamu.”
“Usemayo ni kweli msomi. Juzi nilimaliza kusoma kitabu cha Tiffany Madson mwandishi maarufu wa Kimarekani alisema: “The Second Amendment is timeless for our Founders grasped that self-defense is three-fold: every free individual must protect themselves against the evil will of the man, the mob and the state,” alichomekea Msomi huku akiacha kutafsiri.
Mzee Maneno anaingilia: “Msomi Ukameruni huo. Umetuacha kizani sisi ambao tuliogopa umande na kughushi.”
Msomi anaamua kutafsiri nukuu yake kinamna: “Hivyo kujilinda ni haki ya kila mmoja bila kujadili kama mhusika ni kamanda wa ngunguri au ngangari mwenyewe. Hivyo, lazima kijiwe kiwe na jeshi lake la kujihami bila kujali vitisho na uhuni vya madam Shenzo.”
Mgosi ambaye alikuwa akisikiliza na kusoma gazeti aliamua kuchomekea: “Nasikia jamaa imeogopa baada ya kuiwa kue Arusha baada ya kushindwa kuiba kua. Baada ya Chakudema kufanya kwei kue imeamua iunde vikundi vya kujiinda ili kwenye uchaguzi ujao isichakachuiwe kua zake. Nadhani nasi kwa vie tinataka kuaingia kwenye siasa shuti tiwe na jeshi la kujiinda au siyo wagoshi?”
Mara mzee Mipawa na Kapende wanatia timu huku wakiwa na gazeti la Danganyika Daima. Wanatuamkua na kumwaga usongo wao.
Mipawa anaanza: “Wazee muiona hii ngoma ambapo ngunguri wameshikwa pabaya hadi kuweka ndata kimada?” Mbwa Mwitu anauliza: “Nkwingwa mbona hueleweki? Una maana gani kusema ndata wamewekwa kinyumba?”
Kapende kapata upenyo. “Mbwa Mwitu kwanini unapenda kuuliza majibu badala ya maswali? Yaani huoni hii jinai na dhulma inayoendeshwa na Chama Cha Mafisadi kudai wengine wasiunde vikundi vya kulinda kura zao ili kiibe? Nilishangaa kusikia huyu bi mkubwa wa ndata akitishia watu utadhani naye ni kada.” Mzee Kapende: “Acha nikupinge kidogo. Huyu bi mkubwa ni kada sawa na akina Shimboshimbo aliyesimikwa hivi karibuni kuwa balozi. Unadhani hivi vyombo vya dolari vinaundwa na watu wasio makada? Umenoa. Wana kadi zao vibindoni ndiyo maana wanatumiwa japo huko nyuma hawakuwa hivyo. Hii ni jinai ya kujuana na kulindana ambapo huteuana mafisadi kwa mafisadi ili kuendeleza mchezo mchafu. Hakuna mufilisi wa kisiasa kama huu.”
Anakohoa na kuendelea: “Ni kwa vile wewe na Mipawa mlichelewa. Hapa tunajadili namna ya kuunda jeshi la kupambana na ndata hawa waliowekwa kinyumba na kila majambazi kuanzia wanasiasa mufilis, wauza unga, mjambazi hata FBIAI. Litaiwa Redi Bridge.” Naona mchuma wa Shenzo unaingia, wacha niende nikamchombeze.
Chanzo: Tanzania Daima Julai 24, 2013.

Muungano au Mgongano?

Monday, 22 July 2013

Hii nayo sasa sera nyingine ya CCM!

Better or Bitter Life for all

When I deeply muse on how an arrogant and brutal cabal of hoity toity is tirelessly hoodwinking and dividing the hoi polloi of ill-fated Africa, like a bomb, I feel like exploding. I see a very fuzzy future of our hunk especially.
I’m not a medical doctor. But thanks to my knowledge in psychology, education, journalism, law and Conflict Resolution Studies, I can easily predict the gloomy future for Africa shall things remain as they wrongly are today.  
Look at how menacingly hunger, corruption, selfishness, dictatorship and all maladies are clobbering our people.  When all those calamities are claiming the lives of innocent people, some goons intoxicated with power are saying everything will soon be spiffy! It needs the courage of the mad for any African potentate to tell his people that their lives are going to improve while he himself with his stooges and cohorts are stealing days and nights. Only sheep and megalomaniacs can subscribe to such nonsensical lies.
Currently hunger, joblessness, inflation, mega corruption, impolicy and sick economies, among others, are the only things many people know in Africa. But again, the cabal of rulers that are looters is not affected. They’ve a lot of money robbed from us by the way of taxation, corruption, kickbacks you name it. Even the budgets of their dockets and those protecting them are not affected. Our education systems are clogged with ignorance and impolicies thanks to producing unthinking rulers that cannot envision the danger they are blindly inviting.  
Life almost everywhere in Africa’s becoming useless and meaningless for the poor. All essential items are exorbitantly expensive. Who suffers?  
But again, whilst the common bin-Adam is in limbo, the top dogs are increasing their emoluments and yum-yum.  While paupers are dying of malnutrition, the politicos and fat cats have their tummies full.  
Sadly though, when kamikaze boozers like me tell them the truth, they torture, kill or jail them. The same guys beating and jailing people are the same that promised people the whole heaven on earth! So too, they are the same honourable thieves behind all these miseries hoi polloi is facing. Ironically, they still have the guts to kill, beat and jail. Do they think about tomorrow?  Zing.
Importantly, it’d be underscored. Hosni Mubarak and Zine Adine Ben Ali faced the same situations and acted exactly the same way. My shew stone tells me that the same people they mistake of being coward and docile will one day turn tables against them, and their illusion and brutality will be the good sources of their cascade.  
People will nary live in lies wrapped in sweet and many promises of better life for all that turn out to be but sheer fiction. Though this is done as the process of waxing, in essence, it is but waning. Look at what transpired in Egypt, Ivory Coast and Tunisia. Do these brigands think boozers are zombies that can nary learn? This is but the “sign of the times” that needs to be read carefully and honestly. For the above mentioned countries are economically better off comparably.
Nonetheless, many provoking questions still boggle my mind. Is it better life or bitter life for all? How can life be better for all, whilst a few of us are living in heaven, whilst others (majority) are living in a hell on earth? Does this post-colonial promise of better life for all include slum dwellers, beggars, unemployed and all those suffering in the miseries for decades in Africa? Here is where the metaphor of waxing and waning comes in.  
How can’t better life stop being bitter if at all, if a few of our venal rulers and their sycophants are able to steal billions of hard-earned dosh without facing the music? Aren't we sick even feeling sarcastic of the ennui for being in bed with this inimical lot? What can such moral-bankrupt braggarts do apart from self-serving competitions as evidenced almost everywhere in Africa? How long shall we remain their victims in bondage?  
To do away from all this bullshit, indeed, we need to hit them where it hurts. Take on them like Egyptians, Tunisians and Libyans did. Our venal rulers, or call them looters, pretend to be an island so as to maltreat already maltreated boozers with deceit and tear gas.  
Going on smooching them shows nothing but malady and demise altogether. For how long are they going to gang rape us like sick minions? Happiness and life were created for all equally. We, thus, need to erase this anomaly so as to enjoy these beautiful rewards from the creator. After all, we've a short time to live. For we’ll one day die. Why were Egyptians, Libyans and Tunisians able to boot their tyrants out not boozers? This is but our challenge.  
People are afraid of death. Yet they die of and in miseries. It is better to die fighting for honourable life than living in a miserable one. Though death is the same, the way we die makes a difference. The death of a self-made slave is different from the hero. Who wants to live and die like a dog?  
No dog can boast of better life. Being a dog and being tamed are two miserable things a bin-Adam’d nary become. A dog’s a dog whether it is fed or starved. Fat and starved dogs are all called dogs. Dogs that live in the castles are more humiliated than those put up in the wilderness. No human’d think or live or be treated like a dog by another human.  
When one accepts “dogness”, indeed, “he” is done. Such a person is chronically sick just like the one torturing him or her. Sick are all who live in the miseries they see and know without taking actions. So too, are those that cause those miseries simply because they've power. Peppery relationship with tormentors is better than peaceful acceptance of exploitation and humiliation.

    Likewise, sick’s everybody that exploits another. Those that exploit, cheat and take others for a ride are dogs despite being overfed on the toil of their victims. So we’re talking about two types of dogs: overfed, underfed and over-starved dogs! Dogs are dogs. For, they all have masters. Without masters, a dog’s a mere wild dog. It is either a better or bitter life. But again a dog’s a dog. A human should nary be.
Source: Thisday July 23, 2013.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Wanaume wabambikizwa watoto

  Mkuu: Asilimia 48 siyo wa baba halali
Mkemia Mkuu wa Serikali Nchini, amesema zaidi ya asilimia 48 ya wanaume waliojitokeza kupima vipimo vya vinasaba (DNA), wamegundulika kubambikiwa watoto.
Takwimu hizo alizitoa jana kwa mujibu wa vipimo vya DNA vilivyochukuliwa miaka mitatu kuanzia mwaka 2010.
Ripoti hiyo ilitolewa jijini Dar es Salaam na Mkuu wa Kitengo cha Makosa ya Jinai na Vinasaba, Gloria Machuve, wakati akielezea kazi za ofisi hiyo katika uchunguzi wa vinasaba vinavyotokana na matukio na mashauri mbalimbali.
Alisema asilimia 48.32 ya watoto waliofanyiwa vipimo vya DNA kwa kipindi hicho, wamegundulika hawalelewi na baba halali.
Alisema utaalamu huo wa kuchunguza vinasaba ulianza mwaka 2010, ambapo hadi kufikia mwaka 2012, mafanikio makubwa yamepatikana kwa kutatua mashauri na kuwatambulisha watu uhusiano wao.
Pamoja na kubaini watoto hao, pia alitaja matukio mengine yaliyotumia teknolojia hiyo kwa utambuzi ni mauaji, majanga ya kimaumbile, ubakaji, wizi, utambuzi wa binadamu na jinsia tawala.
Alisema kwenye utambuzi wa uhalali wa watoto, sampuli mbalimbali kutoka kwa watu tofauti zilipimwa na kuonyesha asilimia kubwa ya watoto hawalelewi na baba halali.
"Idadi hiyo ni kubwa watoto walionekana hawana uhalali wa vinasaba vya mzazi wao (baba), lakini takwimu hii siyo kwa nchi nzima ila tu kwa wale wanaofika kwetu na kutatua mashauri ya kufahamu watoto wao," alisema Machive.
Alisema kwa kutumia teknolojia hiyo, sampuli za wazazi na watoto huchukuliwa na kuingizwa katika mashine yenye uwezo wa kuchambua vinasaba kugundua uhalali wa mtoto.
"Vinasaba huwa havidanganyi, ikiwa mtoto vinasaba vyake havifanani na baba ni dhahiri siyo wa kwake ila alidanganywa kwa sababu mbalimbali," aliongeza.
Machuve alifafanua kwamba vinasaba vina umbo la majimaji yenye kemikali, ambayo yana taarifa kamili ya mtu husika ikiwa ni asili yake, umbo, rangi na jinsia.
Hata hivyo, mtaalamu wa DNA, Fidelis Segumba, alisema teknolojia hiyo imeweza kutatua kesi ya mauaji ya Albino na vikongwe mkoani Shinyanga na Sumbawanga. Pia majanga kama milipuko ya mabomu Mbagala na Ukonga, kuanguka kwa majengo jijini Dar es Salaam, ubakaji na mimba za utotoni mkoani Mbeya, kuwatambua wahamiaji na wizi wa Benki ya NMB wa mwaka 2006.
Aidha, alisema gharama ya kupata huduma hiyo ni Sh. 100,000 kwa sampuli na kuwataka wananchi kupeleka mashauri yao katika ofisi zao za kanda zilizopo mikoa ya Mwanza, Arusha Mbeya na Dar es Salaam.
Segumba alisisitiza kuwa wanatarajia kuongeza ofisi zaidi katika mikoa ya Dodoma na Mtwara kuwarahisishia wananchi huduma hiyo.   

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Walevi wamstukia El Dorado Desperado Luwasha

Baada ya ziara ya Rais Black Obamiza kuwabamiza `mkenge’ walevi kwa kuhalalisha ujambazi wa Richmonduli, alipofungua mradi wa Symbiosis bint Richmonduli bint Dowans bint EPA bint Luwasha, kikao cha walevi kilikaa maeneo ya Yombo Vituka na kuja na yafuatayo:
Mosi, kutaka Waziri Mkubwa wa zamani, El Dorado Luwasha azuiliwe kupiga kampeni kabla ya uchafuzi wa uchakachuaji haujaanza rasmi.
Wanashangaa kuona jamaa akitapakaza `fweza’ zake kila mahali kwa kisingizio cha kupenda maendeleo ya walevi, wakati yeye ni yule yule aliyewahujumu kwa kuleta kampuni la kijambazi la Richmonduli, iliyobadilisha jina na kujiita Do-ones na baadaye Simbiosis Danganyika.
Pili, walevi wanataka tume ya uchakachuaji na li-‘sirikali’ waeleze ni kwanini wanaendelea kumfumbia macho jamaa huyo, anayeendelea kwa kasi ya ajabu na mbio za kutaka kuingia Kukuu huku akijulikana wazi asivyofaa hata kuwa mjumbe wa nyumba kumi?
Je, lao ni moja? Basi watueleze tujue ili tuwape hard time before vending us to swindlers and hyenas. Naongea `kimakonde’ kuonyesha kuwa sikughushi.
Tatu, walevi wanataka kujua ni kwanini jamaa hakufikishwa kwa pilato, baada ya kukwapua `njuluku’ zao kupitia kwenye sekeseke na `dili’ la Richmonduli?
Je, jamaa huyo yuko juu ya sheria, au ni kwa vile washirika na maswahiba zake wako juu ya sheria?
Nne, walevi wanawataka wapingaji `kushikia bango’ hujuma hii wanayofanyiwa na jamaa huyu, tena mchana kweupe. Je wamepitiwa au wamechanganywa na `mibomu’ wanayopigwa kila uchao?
Wapingaji mkiendelea kunyamaza mjue mmeliwa na imekula kwenu. Jamaa atawanyang’anya tonge mdomoni na muishie kulalamika na kulia bila kusikilizwa na wafwadhili mnaodhani wanajali. Wangekuwa wanajali, Obamiza angeshiriki kubariki dhambi hii ya Ubungo?
Tano, walevi wanamtaka Luwasha ataje vyanzo vya na namna alivyochuma huu ukwasi wake, anaougawa kama njugu kwenye nyumba za ibada na vikundi mbali mbali kama vile matching guys, anaowahadaa kuwaonyesha kuwa `anawadeku’ wakati anataka kuwatumia ili `akishaukwaa’ awakaange.
Jamaa anachuma kutoka kwa `magabacholi’ na kuwahadaa matching guys. Kama anawapenda si afukuze waganganjaa na wakimbizi wa kiuchumi waliofurisha mitaa yenu kwa biashara zao kichaa?
Pia ielekeweke, hawa wanaojiita watumishi wa God wakapokea na `kupwakia’ fedha chafu, hawana tofauti na mbwa mwitu. Hakika, hawa si watumishi wa God bali watumishi wa Dog aitwaye ufisadi.
Walevi wanataka kujua kama analipa kodi na kama vyanzo hivi ni halali au haramu.
Sita, walevi wanahoji hii aina mpya ya mapenzi ya jamaa ya karibu na uchakachuaji wa mwaka 2015. Je, haya ni mapenzi kweli au ni yale mapenzi ya binadamu na kuku?
Kwa msingi huo, walevi wanataka ‘Takokuru’, ile tume ya kulea na kuvumilia rushwa ifutwe kutokana na kushindwa kumzuia huyu jamaa kuendelea na kile ambacho kwa `kimakonde’ huitwa mega corruption, tena kwa kaya nzima.
Saba, walevi walevi wanauliza kama `Wadanganyika’ wako tayari kutendewa kama kuku ambaye huibiwa mayai yake na kuhongwa vipande vyake baada ya kukaangwa au kuchemshwa. 

Pamoja na ulevi wetu, sisi ni wajanja. Tumestukia mkenge huu unaoandaliwa ili jamaa `aukwae’ Ukuu halafu atutoe kafara ili kujilipa `njuluku’ anazomwaga kwa sasa.
Nane, walevi wanatamka wazi wazi tena kwa herufi kubwa na kinywa kipana kuwa kinachoendelea ni jinai na si haki hasa kwa demokrasia ya kweli. Kwanini mtu aanze kampeni kabla ya wenzake na iwe haki?
Tisa, walevi wanaazimia kuandamana hadi Ikulu na kwenye ofisi za tume ya uchakachuaji uchaguzi walioendelea kukaa kimya kana kwamba anachofanya Luwasha ni halali.
 Kumi, walevi wanataka Luwasha afunguliwe mashtaka ya kuhujumu kaya. Maana, jinsi wanavyoteswa na kulanguliwa umeme na migao hawana hamu na jamaa huyu?
Je, kuna kikundi au taasisi vinavyomuandaa jamaa huyu ili ‘atubamize mkenge’ mwingine kama swahiba yake aliyetuahidi vinono, akaishia kutupa vichungu huku akitugeuza sisi vinono vya wachukuaji waitwao wawekaji?
Kumi na moja, walevi wanamshauri asipoteze muda kuwaletea `njuluku’ zake chafu. Ingawa hili nalo limetugawa. Wapo wanaosema kuwa nimwalike aje tumlie na kumnywea `njuluku’ zake halafu tumpige chini.
Pia wapo wanaosema kuwa asikanyage kwenye baa yetu. Maana atainajisi na kutuchafulia jina. Wao wanasema kuwa ni heri wakose `kanywaji’ wabaki na heshima yake kuliko kufakamia `kanywaji’ kanakotokana na `fweza’ zilizopatikana kifisadi.
Juzi katika kumjadili jamaa huyu, nusu tutuoane macho kati ya tunaopinga na wanaounga mkono jinai hii.
Kumi na mbili, walevi wanahoji kwanini jamaa huyu hakuonyesha ‘mapenzi’ yake alipokuwa kwenye Uwaziri Mkubwa hadi akakubali kuingiza kampuni la-‘kijambazi’ kuja `kutubamiza mkenge’ kama tulivyobamizwa na Obamiza juzi juzi, baada ya kufungua mradi wa umeme wa Richmonduli uliobadilishwa jina na kuitwa symbiosis.
Kweli hii ni symbiosis. Kwa wasiojua maana ya symbiosis ni kwamba ni ushirika wa viumbe wawili au watatu wasiofanana kama Obamiza na Luwasha. Kisayansi chimbuko la neno symbiosis ni kigiriki, likimaanisha kuishi pamoja katika ushirika wa mashaka.
Kwa mfano, chawa na binadamu wanaishi kwenye mfumo wa symbiosis sawa na ule wa Richmonduli na Tanesco au walevi. Hivyo, walevi wanapinga hii symbiosis ambayo kwa lugha ya `kimakonde’ inaitwa ectosymbiosis.
Kwa wale waliosoma biolojia na kufikia kuwa na shahada ya juu ya PhD, wanajua fika kuwa kinachoendelea baina ya mafisadi kama hawa na lisirikali ni ecto and endosymbiosis.
Hata jinsi wauza gongo, bwimbwi na bangi wanavoishi na `ndata’ ni symbiosis. Hayo tuyaache ni ya wasomi waliochanganyikiwa lakini hawakughushi.
Kumi na tatu, je, hiki kinachoitwa misaada ya Luwasha siyo rushwa sawa na takrima inayolenga kuwaingiza walevi `mkenge’ ili hapo baadaye waishie kulia na kusaga meno?
Kumi na nne, walevi pia walimtaka Jeifo Kawa-dog, aachie ngazi baada ya kuendelea kuchemsha kwenye nyanja ya ilmu. Du, hii bangi na gongo! Yaani mara hii nimeishachanganya madawa!
Namshukia Luwasha kumbe na pombe inamshukia Jeifo! Mzee wa Kaya, tuondolee huyu jamaa yako. Anaendelea kuua future za vitegemezi vya walevi wakati vyenu mkipeleka ughaibuni kupata elimu bora kwa `njuluku’ zetu.
Mlimsikia swahiba na mshirika wake katika Richmonduli akijirusha kimanga kwa kujidai eti anakemea wanasiasa wanaoeneza chuki, huku akikwepa kuongelea wanaosambaza rushwa? Usanii mtupu. Salama kwa walevi niliowafundisha pale Biafra, Kinondoni na kwingineko.
Wabillahi tawfiq.

Chanzo: Nipashe Jumamosi Julai 20, 2013.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

16th Anniversary of our Marriage

Sixteen years ago my wife Nesaa and I ceased to be bachelors. We quit the camp and joined together in our nest. As year went by, we're blessed with six children. We thank Lord that for all those years our marriage has been rosy and enjoyable. If we were to be asked whom we would like to marry, the answer would be the same even a million times. Satisfied, cherishing each other, loving and caring, we still believe that we are closer than even the day we first met. Hatujutii kuoana na kila siku tunaona kama ni siku ya kwanza kuonana.Unaweza kusoma ujumbe aliotuma mamsap kwenye link hii chini. Nimempa ujumbe gani? Siri kubwa. 


Happy Birthday Nelson Diba Mandela Madiba

I know you are bedridden. We all are praying that you get out of the hospital believing that miracles do occur. Being able to be alive up to your 95th Birthday is one of the miracles. Looking at how your health was covered, it still is a miracle that Diba you are still with us. It is a good sign that something better is in store for us--- to recover completely and join us once again. Your Birthday is so special to me. It is the same day I married my beloved wife Nesaa. Dear Diba, get soon well and Happy Birthday!

Today's wisdom is from Banksy

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Exit Mohammed Morsi: Who Will Follow?

What transpired in Egypt recently tells a tall story of the future of the country. However, many wrongly thought that the deposed president Mohammed Morsi with his Islamic outfit was Egypt’s major problem. True, Egypt’s problem is bigger than Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood.
If we face it, chances are that soon Egypt will experience more unrest and chaos than it has ever evidenced throughout its history. Those who bother to muse on what causes people to be disgruntled and pull down a democratically elected government will agree with us that the problem is more economic than political. Egypt’s such humongous population that it cannot handle. If anything, this is the real and major problem. Thus, to save the country from itself, population control must be the first priority. Egypt has the population of 82.5 million that is cobbled on an arable land along River Nile and its delta. These areas are among the world highly densely populated with the average of 3,820 persons per square kilometers. Out of 1,000,000 square kilometers Egypt occupies only 2.87% is arable land.
Egypt’s a high educated and vibrant young population. Nobody can harmonize Egypt without addressing the whole issue of the population and unemployment which was 12.5 according to CIA Fact book, as of 2012. And the number surges even higher as days go by. This is the keg awaiting the army to foil. Will it foil it? The army, after being bundled out of power, waited for any opportunity to lord it over whoever that stands on its way. Indeed, Morsi was standing on its way, especially when he fired its former chief and king maker Marshal Mohammed Hussein Tantawi, who presided over the government after his mentor, former strong man, Hosni Mubarak was bundled out.
Military takeover after revolution did not sink well with either opposition or the citizenry. Due to high demand to kick the army out of power, Egyptians voted Muslim Brotherhood en masse without knowing that it was another anathema. The situation at this moment was like making a choice between a rock and a hard place. Facing two evils, Egyptians opted for Muslim Brotherhood which later proved to be a liability as the army was.
Now that the army is in a bigger picture once again, what’d we expect? Should we expect anti-Morsi opposition to ascend to power and be kicked out due to the fact that it doesn't have the edge to return Egypt to calmness? Will anti-Morsi-fragmented opposition stand without the support of the army? If the army stands with anti-Morsi to form a government, will it be able to rule amid chaos perpetrated by pro-Morsi forces, that have proved to be hell-bent to see to it that Egypt is becoming ungovernable? With all these difference plus economic tanking, will Egypt remain the same or forge ahead really?
Although the international community has refrained from becoming players in Egypt’s fate, chances are that we must brace ourselves for evidencing another Iraq, even Syria in Egypt soon. As it seems, there’s no way any of the major players, namely the citizenry, weak opposition, Muslim Brotherhood and Army, can let go or be compromised. The army, on its side, will try to flex its muscles as a short time solution. But as the look of things is, tells a different story. There’s no way a hungry population will give in. How can they give in while what they need is food on the table? To calm Egypt down is enable everybody to bring food on the table. Where will food come from amid chaos and unrest?
UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, through his spokesperson, Farhan Haq, was quoted by BBC as saying, “The Secretary-General believes strongly that this is a critical juncture in which it is imperative for Egyptians to work together to chart a peaceful return to civilian control, constitutional order, and democratic governance.” Again, looking at lip services the international community has offered, Moon’s advice does not hold water. How will Egyptians work together while they don’t pull together? Is working together the solution if at all a democratic government can be easily toppled?
One thing many ignore is the fact that Egyptians are desperate after being ruled by corrupt and inept dictators for long. Such hungry population has lost commonsense. What it needs is food, regardless whether it is brought by devil or angel. And nobody can sufficiently supply food to such huge population facing economic and political upheavals.
Although the Muslim Brotherhood was accused of secretly trying to install a theocracy, it’s a sound mechanism with which to rule. When it comes to fragmented and weak opposition that desperately went to bed with the army to overthrow Morsi, it offers neither hope nor alternative. This being the real situation, the truth is: Egypt’s a long way to go. What we’re witnessing is but the beginning of a long, rough and complicated road ahead. Again, who’ll save Egypt from itself? Will the international community chip in or just stay aside and look as it is currently? Who wants to be blamed for somebody else’s mess in the first place?
When Morsi was toppled, many thought that the ‘fathers’ of democracy would stand with him and demand that he be reinstated. But nay, nobody dared to step in knowing how deeper, protracted and complicated Egypt’s situation is.
In a nutshell, however, the army in conjunction with revenging judiciary and confused opposition overthrew Morsi… this is not the end of the story. Soon the trio will find themselves in tug of war so as to start scheming against each other. Surely, after deposing Morsi, the army will follow next any soon from now.
Source: The African Executive Magazine July 16, 2013.

Ziara ya Obama imetufumbua macho Tanzania si salama

Wapo wanaoona kuwa ulinzi mkali wa Rais Barack Obama wa Marekani ni jambo la kawaida. Wapo wanaoona kama ama ni uzembe wetu kama taifa au udhalilishaji. Jibu ni lipi? Tuangalie hali ya usalama nchini mwetu.
Japo baadhi ya wadadisi wameamua kutufanya majuha kusema eti tukubaliane na vimbwanga, vituko vitimbi na vijimambo tulivyoshuhudia wakati wa ziara ya Obama wa Marekani nchini ni vitu vya kawaida, ukweli ni kwamba itifaki ilivunjwa. Kwa nini utawala wetu uliruhusu itifaki ivunjwe?
Je, kwa nini ulinzi wa mtu mmoja tena Rais wa taifa jingine ambaye halipi kodi kwetu wala hakuchaguliwa na Watanzania ulipewa kipaumbele kuliko taifa zima?
Nani amesahau kuwa kwa kipindi chote Obama alichokuwa Dar, nchi yetu ilikuwa rehani? Dar ndiyo moyo wa Tanzania na ndiko ziliko zana zote za usalama na asasi zake.
Ajabu wakati wote wa ziara ya Obama, asasi hizi nyeti kwa taifa ziliwekwa mikononi mwa walinzi wa Obama bila kujali kuwa Watanzania wanahitaji huo ulinzi na usalama.
Kilichotokea kimeonyesha kuwa majeshi yetu yote ni kanyaboya na hayana hata maana. Je, ukweli ni upi? Wamarekani wanajua kuwa vyombo vyetu vya usalama havitekelezi majukumu yake vilivyo.
Wanajua tulivyo na askari polisi wa kutosha kuwapiga na hata kuwalipua wapinzani lakini hatuna askari wa kutosha wa kupambana na wauza unga, majambazi, wafanya magendo, wakwepa kodi, mafisadi na wahalifu wengine wengi tu. Je, hili na lo ni siri?
Wengi wameshuhudia mnyukano wa nani ni nani kati ya mwenyeji na mgeni. Wapo waliofikia mahali kusema kuwa mgeni njoo mwenyeji asote.
Hii ndivyo ilivyotokea wakati wa ziara hii ambayo imewaacha Watanzania wakiwa wamegawanyika makundi mawili yaani wanaoishabikia kwa vile wananufaika nayo na wale wanaoipinga kutokana na kuathiriwa nayo.
Kwa watawala, kuja kwa Obama ni mafanikio makubwa kuliko yote hasa kwa utwala wa Rais Jakaya Kikwete tangu aingie madarakani.
Wapo wanaosema kuwa tangu aingie madarakani, Kikwete amefanikiwa kufanya jambo moja yaani kulidhalilisha taifa mbele ya ulimwengu kwa ‘kujiachia’ kwa Obama.
Vituko vilianza pale magazeti yaliporipoti kuwa Obama alionywa asiguse maji yetu kwa vile si salama. Hili ni kweli. Maji yetu sawa na taifa letu si salama.
Mambo yalizidi kuongezeka tuliposhuhudia madege na meli vikiletwa nchini kuhakikisha usalama wa bwana mkubwa. Wengi walishangaa inakuwaje kusiwepo na usalama nchini wakati rais wetu siku zote yuko salama na misafara yake ya magari?
Kumbe kisiwa cha amani tunachoambiwa ni usanii mtupu! Kumbe tunajidanganya, kudanganya na kudanganywa kuwa tuko salama wakati tuko hatarini?
Wapo waliojiuliza: Kama ‘jeuri’ ya Obama ingepata nafasi chini ya uongozi jabari na wa kujiamini wa hayati Baba wa Taifa Mwalimu Julius Nyerere. Wengi walishangaa na kubaki na maswali kuliko majibu.
Hakuna kitu kilituacha hoi kama kusikia hata mawaziri wakilalamika kuwa hawajui kama wataruhusiwa kwenda kumpokea ‘mgeni’ wao.
Maana wao ndiyo serikali yenyewe. Waziri wa Sheria na Katiba Mathias Chikawe alikaririwa akilalamika, “Hii sijawahi kuiona, hata sisi wenyewe tunateuliwa na wakishayapitia wataamua, nani aende au asiende.”
Tukubaliane. Huu ni udhalilishaji na ukiukwaji wa itifaki. Ni ushahidi kuwa mgeni ana thamani na nguvu kuliko mwenyeji kutokana na kuendeleza ubabaishaji na uzembe.
Ni ushahidi kuwa taifa letu halijawa huru vilivyo. Ni ushahidi kuwa uongozi wetu una mushkeli tena mkubwa. Na hii si mara ya kwanza kwa watawala wetu kuonyeshwa kama watu duni wa mataifa ya Magharibi.
Alipokuja rais wa zamani wa Marekani, Bill Clinton, rais wa zamani wa Tanzania, Benjamin Mkapa, alijigamba kuwa ukiona Clinton amekuja Tanzania jua uchumi unakua. Uongo mkubwa!
Baada ya Clinton kuondoka uchumi haukukua. uliendelea kudumaa. Sijui kipindi hiki tutaambiwa nini!
Kuna kisa kilivuma miaka ya nyuma kuwa siku moja Mwalimu Nyerere alikwenda kwenye ziara ya kikazi nchini Uingereza. Mmoja wa wakubwa wa Uingereza aliyepangiwa kukutana naye alikuwa Malkia Elizabeth. Inasemakana kuwa mwalimu alipokwenda Buckingham Palace kwenye dhifa ya kitaifa, malkia alimpokea huku akimpa mkono uliokuwa umevalishwa glovu. Mwalimu kuona vile alikwepa kuupokea na badala yake alichomoa kifimbo chake na kumpa malkia aliyebaki kutaharuki. Kwa aibu akavua glovu na ndipo Mwalimu akarudisha kifimbo na kumpa mkono.
Iwe kweli au la, kuna somo moja kuwa Mwalimu alikuwa akijiamini na kuamini madaraka yake kama kiongozi wa nchi.
Rais siku zote ni alama ya taifa. Hata chini ya Umoja wa Mataifa, marais wote wana hadhi sawa kwa vile hakuna nchi yenye thamani kuliko nyingine duniani. Mfano mzuri ni pale Obama alipomtembelea Papa mstaafu Bendict XVI.
Hatukusikia Vatican ikifurika Wamarekani kwa kisingizio cha ulinzi wa rais wao.
Hata anapokwenda Israel au Uingereza na hata juzi Afrika Kusini hatukusikia vitu vya ajabu kama ilivyotokea Tanzania.
Kimsingi, ama Wamarekani waliamua kutudhalilisha au ni kweli kuwa nchi yetu si salama japo siku zote tuliaminishwa kuwa ni salama.
Wamarekani wanaweza kuwa na hoja hasa ikizingatiwa kuwa Tanzania ishalipuliwa na mabomu mara mbili tena kwenye mji mmoja wa Arusha na hakuna mhusika hata mmoja amewahi kufikishwa mahakamani zaidi ya usanii kuwa waliofanya hivyo ni ‘Wasaudia’ ambao walikamatwa na kuachiwa muda mfupi baada ya hali kutulia. Wamarekani wameamua kutwambia kuwa “mfalme yuko uchi.”
Na kweli mfalme yuko uchi. Sema tulikuwa tukihadaiwa kuwa amevaa nguo ya thamani wakati amevaa aibu tupu yaani uchi mtupu!
Tanzania haiwezi kuwa salama kutokana na ukweli kuwa tumekuwa tukisikia taarifa za wahalifu wanaotafutwa kama vile Chavda kurejea Tanzania na kuendelea kutanua huku akiwa hatakiwi nchini.
Nani mara hii kasahau kashfa ya yule mhindi Vithlani aliyeiba mabilioni ya shilingi kwa kushirikiana na wezi wa ndani walio na madaraka kwenye kashfa ya ununuzi wa dege la rais ambalo nalo haliishi mafua?
Tanzania inawezaje kuwa salama wakati wauzaji madawa ya kulevya ndio wameshika kani? Hatua gani zilichukuliwa kwa mtuhumiwa wa kutengeneza madawa feki ya kuzuia maambukizi ya ukimwi Ramadhan Madabida na mkewe? Tanzania haiwezi kuwa salama wakati ujambazi hasa wa kuhujumu umma kama kukwepa kodi umegeuka kuwa mfumo wa maisha huku serikali ikiangalia kutokana na baadhi ya wanaoiunda kuwa sehemu ya magenge ya kihalifu.
Hakika ziara ya Obama imefichua udhaifu mkubwa katika mifumo yetu ya utawala na ulinzi; na kubwa ni ukosefu mkubwa wa kujiamini na kujithamini. 
 Chanzo: Tanzania Daima Julai 17, 2013. 

Sikujua Obamiza ndiye mkuu wa Kaya!

“Ama kweli mgeni njoo wenyeji wakome waive na ikiwezekana waipuliwe.”
Anaingia mgosi Machungi akiwa ameshikilia gazeti la Danganyika Daima mkononi. Inaonekana leo kimemkubali, maana huwa si mnunuzi wa magazeti msambaa huyu.
Mbwa Mwitu anamuuliza, “Mgosi unamaanisha nini na nani aliwe na kuipuliwa?”
Mgosi anajibu, “Si hao viranja wenu wanaojiuza kama vyangudoa!”
Msomi Mkata Tamaa anaonekana kukerwa na alichokiona. Anakwanyua mic, “Kwa walioshuhudia nguvu ya bwana mdogo Obamiza na jinsi alivyowahenyesha viranja wenu ambao hudanganya kuwa nao wamo, watakubaliana nami huyu ndiye rais.”
Anakunywa tangawizi na kubofya Kinokia chake na kuendelea, “Uliona wapi mgeni anakuja kwenye kaya na kukupangia alale wapi, alale na nani, ale nini apokelewe na nani? “Nikikumbuka wakuu uchwara walivyopangishwa foleni kama watoto wa shule za kata sina hamu. Akiondoka Obamiza utayaona yanajishaua kuwa nayo yamo.”
Mzee Maneno anachomekea, “Nasikia wengine walikataliwa hata kumpokea kwa vile wana sura za kigaidi au walighushi vyeti vya elimu.”
Anakohoa na kuendelea, “Walahi naapa kama Mchonga angekuwapo ama angejinyonga au kutafuta uraia kaya nyingine.”
“I truly don’t know and I won’t know. How come that people are acting as if they only have masaburis upstairs?” Msomi anamwaga Ukameroni wake na kutuacha hoi.
“Msomi hiyo Masaburis nayo ni kimombo?” Mzee Mipawa anauliza.
Hatuna mbavu!
“Nimeongea kimombo kwa makusudi ili salamu zimfikie Obamiza anielewe,” Anajigamba Msomi.
Kuona Msomi anazidi kukomba ujiko nami mzee mzima naamua kukamua mic, “Mna habari jamaa wanajua hasira zangu? Walitaimu wakati niko zangu Sauzi kwa Madiba vinginevyo ningewatokea FBI wake na kuwauliza lini walikuwa ndata wa kaya hii. Ajabu mindata nayo imekaa inasubiri wapingaji ikawalipue na kuwaulia mbali.
“Mliona jinsi Obamiza alivyolazimisha vilaza wetu kumuingiza bibi yake kayani hata bila kufuata utaratibu wakati wazito uchwara wetu wakizuiwa hata kushikana naye mikono?”
Kabla ya kuendelea mzee Mipawa anadandia mic, “Lakini tuliwaonya mchague watu kama mzee Mpayukaji tuwakomboe mkakimbilia takrima sasa wanawatakrima kuwakrimia wabamizaji. Mtaliwa sana.”
Msomi kapata upenyo. Akandamiza mic, “Inahitaji akili ya kiwendawazimu kumuachia mtu kaya yako afanye atakavyo kuanzia geshi hadi ndata. Kwanza, nina mpango wa kumshtaki Obamiza kwa kuangusha sirikali ya kaya kwa muda aliokaa kayania. Hakuna aliponitisha kama alivyotetea kale kamchezo kalikolaaniwa na vitabu vyote!”
Mpemba aliyekuwa akivuta tasbihi anachomekea, “Walllaahii mie humo simo!”
Kapende anachomekea, “Kesho utasikia watu wanajipeleka kwa Obamiza awabamize. Wamezoea kubamizwa. Na inaoneka wamenogewa na vitu vyake. Maana anavyokata pochi kwa kaya ombaomba si kitu cha kuachia. Je tutaendelea kubamizwa na Obamaiza na misaada yake hadi lini?”
“Yakhe kama kubamizwa wabamizwa weye si mie. Hiyo nsaada akawape mamba lakini si mie wallahi,” Mpemba anachomekea na Kiswahili chake cha Kipemba na kutuacha bila mbavu hasa anaposema hataki kubamizwa na misaada ya Obamiza.
Hakuna aliyetuacha hoi kama Mbwa Mwitu aliyedai kuwa alishuhudia MaFBi wakiwavua nguo tuliodhani ni waheshimiwa kuona kama walikuwa wamebeba zana za maangamizi.
“Yaani mgeni wenu hawaamini wenyeji pamoja na siku zote kujilisha pepo mkitembea na misafara wakati ni kanyaboya? Kumbe duniani ni mmoja anayestahili ulinzi na misafara yaani Obamiza.”
“Si kweli usemavyo Mbwa Mwitu. Hapa tatizo si Obamiza. Mbona huu upuuzi na udhalilishaji hatukuusikia Sauzi? Alichomekea Msomi huku akiendelea kubwia tangawizi yake.
Kapende aliamua kutuumizia mbavu, “Waheshimiwa mna habari kuwa hata Njaa Kaya alipigwa sachi kabla ya kukutana Obamiza?”
Tulicheka hadi wengine wakapelekwa hospitali kutokana na kuumia mbavu.
Anaendelea kukmwaga vitu, “Nilisema kuwa hii kaya inaliwa mkasema natukana. Mmeona Wamaarikani walivyokataa hata zimamoto yetu iliyozea kuitwa na kuwaambia waathirika kuwa wanabipu au hawana maji?”
“Hapa mgosi nakubaiana nawe. Maana ukiangaia tiivyo na midini na kia aina ya midude inayotakiwa dunia nzima akini bado tu maskini basi azima kuna wanaokula.”
Hata hivyo, kijiwe kimeandika barua ya kumpongeza Obamiza. Kumbe hii misafara tunayoshuhudia na waishiwa wetu ni kupoteza muda. Ingekuwa si hivyo nao tungeona wakimwambia Obamiza kuwa huwa wana walinzi na mabaunsa na wanastahili usalama. Kumbe hola!
Je, wajua kuwa ule mgodi maarufu wa midayamondi kule Maganzo haujawahi kulipa kodi? Je, wajua kuwa Richmonduli-Downs na Symbisis Danganyika ndiyo walioula kwenye ziara ya Obamiza? Ngoja nikatafute bangi nibamize nisijembamiza mtu mie!
Tuonane wiki ijayo washirika.