Monday, 26 August 2013

Is Africa Becoming Moribund Academically?

We last month evidence a scandal in Kenya where it came to light that many graduate students were buying papers or hiring other people to do their papers for them. This anomaly was unearthed by employers who found that what was in papers could not be at par with how the so-called grads performed. Long before, there was unearthed another humongous scandal in neighboring Tanzania where over five ministers were accused of forging their PhDs and other degrees. Again, when such lot came to agora, Tanzania president Jakaya Kikwete did not fire those accused ministers. To add salt to injuries, Kikwete appoint one of them Deodorus Kamala Tanzania ambassador to European Countries.  Other forgers Emanuel Nchimbi and William Lukuvi were appointed ministers while others such as Mary Nagu and Makongoro Mahanga were retained even after cabinet reshuffle thereafter. This shows how Kikwete is pointlessly always at home with forgers. Nigeria has nary escaped this malady.  It is just last year when it came to light that some representatives had forged certificates. Recent news that over 25, 000 students Liberia failed their College Entrance Examination is surreal and spooky altogether. If anything, four examples above are but a typical replica of what is currently going on in Africa. Isn't African becoming moribund academically? For more info CLICK HERE.

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