Kudos to President Magufuli

Friday, 11 May 2018

Poor Lissu, for him, every evil is Magufuli!

            When I wrote an open letter to Tundu Lissu (Citizen, April 26, 2018) beseeching him not to return to Tanzania after recovering in Holland, there are things I didn’t envision. Whatever I wrote was nothing but my views; not Newspaper’s. Admittedly, I didn’t know with exactitude that my letter would be wackily received so as to make me feel as if I opened Pandora’s Box. My apology to Lissu who I know is bedridden not to mention suffering for many traumatising months in solitary environment. Frankly, I wrote the said letter hoping that it’d, at best, help Lissu to know that there are people who care. I didn’t discern; my empathy would be met with apathy, hostility and vitriol pointlessly.  Who’d have envisaged that Lissu would regard me and the likes as mere homunculi; if not a bunch of fiends in a political menagerie needlessly? He did. In misconstruing my message, Lissu oddly referred to me as a jackal in sheep’s clothing!
            Again, provided that Lissu has rashly already picked his ‘enemy’ even when he’s the one to blame, there’s no way I can help. However, when I wrote my letter, I didn’t envisage Lissu’s mental comportment currently; not to mention the fact that he’d already decided to despairingly pass the buck to his farfetched nemesis, President John Pombe Magufuli. Luckily, smart as he’s, Magufuli steered away from indulging with Lissu; and thus denied him a political freeride. Because of such angst, Lissu is painting whoever refuses to buy into his ploy with the same brush. This is unfair for a bobo like Lissu. I know the loop Lissu is in. However; this shouldn’t deprive him the power of reasoning logically and justly.
            Honestly, I didn’t know that Lissu has brutally and carelessly decided to put all blemishes resulting from his reckless politics on the shoulders of his president Magufuli. In his diatribes wherein I was called a jackal in the sheep’s clothing, he’d bald-facedly say that “there is another thing they don’t say, at least openly. If you carefully examine their arguments, they are saying is that I will be killed by Magufuli’s government using the Tanzania Intelligence and Security Services or police if not the army” (Jamii forums, May 1, 2018). It is sacrilegious and strange. Why use a rocket to kill a fly? Magufuli and his government are not such impetuous and obstreperous. Essentially, Tundu seeks fame and sympathy on the shoulders of the president. As a lawyer, I thought he’d adduce evidence to substantiate his allegations. He who alleges must prove. This is clearly open even for a layman. What type of lawyer is Lissu; if he can make such hot air without even showing a gist of evidence; let alone watertight one?
            I know. When Lissu embarked on majitaka politics, he wrongly thought the international community would buy into his ploy to no avail.  Sadly though, even after his gambit failed, he didn’t ask himself why.
            Magufuli, as a president, is not such reckless to waste his time dealing with a person who’s always desperately sought attention fighting a losing war. Magufuli has a lot on his plate. By the way, Lissu is not Magufuli’s match in anything however liminal or trifling. Give Magufuli a break. Lissu’ assumption that he’d give Magufuli hard time isn’t only hot air but hooey revolving around vainglory and grand standing.
            Like any daydreamer, Lissu may indolently think that he’s another Mandela if not Tanzania’s political honcho.  Can he be?  How with such impatience and recklessness? How can he while there’s a political bulldozer in the state house? He says “If I do as they want, well, Magufuli will get a big respite” (Jamii forums, May 1, 2018). Wow!  Where does Lissu live? Magufuli has nothing to worry about a newbie like Lissu.
            It is sad to note; Lissu is now sloppily accusing everybody he wants without including himself.  Is he normal or something is going terribly wrong upstairs? For, it needs and takes the courage of the mad to shamelessly utter such things. I won’t wonder to hear Lissu blame Magufuli shall fever attack him. Man, fight your battles without necessarily mudding others needlessly.
            Arguing that those who sympathetically urged Lissu to wait and recover are sent by Magufuli’s government shows how languid Lissu can be in terms of thinking. Why’d the government send us if, at all, those intended to finish Lissu are the TISS and others if I go by Lissu’s otiose assertion.
            I fully understand the situation Lissu is in. However, this should not make him soil others needlessly. We all pray that those who attacked him be brought to justice. However, the way Lissu is using his predicament creates more questions than answers.

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