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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Lugola please let the law take its course in Lugumi scam

            There’s a new kid in town that’s medially been grabbing headlines. This is none other than Kangi Alphaxard Lugola, Home Minister that hit the ground running with oomph and pomp after his predecessor, Mwigulu Nchemba’s shown the door. Lugola’s left many tongues wagging in approval and disapproval. His style, though not new, has attracted many and caused convolution so to speak. He appears to like using the camera whenever issuing impromptu directions. Before even bracing himself on the seat, Lugola fired his first warning shot across by glossing over the plight of a missing journalist, Azory Gwanda, as a family matter as if the family isn’t a part of a nation. Being a binadam, Lugola recanted and rescinded his injurious statement. Again, is Lugola trying to cut his teeth and find his feet or what?
            Further, Lugola ordered the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to make sure he brings the missing sniffer dog within a few days. This move created some rumpus; and received mixed reactions; seen as the abuse and usurpation of power simply because Lugola and the IGP are presidential appointees. Anyways, today, this isn’t an issue. However, I still can’t get it how a police dog could vanish easily from a very nyeti area such as the harbour. Where’s this dog; why and since when? The other day, I heard Lugola boasting how he ordered a cop to in Arusha be put behind bars and later freed him.
            Looking at Lugola’s performance against the history of his position, I recommend three books of History vis-à-vis his new job for him to read. The first one is known as Ali Hassan Mwinyi that‘ll help him to know what to do after stepping out of bounds.
            The second book’s known as Augustine Lyatonga Mrema; it is very central in establishing the perimeters Lugola needs to play in not to forget the manner and possibly, the consequences thereof sometimes.
            The third one is known as Mwigulu Lameck Nchemba which will help Lugola to get wind of issues to be dealt with not to mention those supposed to be left in peace or the untouchable ones. The last book is that of Charles Kitwanga who holds a record of occupying the seat Lugola is swiveling on for the shortest time in the history of the country.
            I heard Lugola issuing a diktat for Lugumi, the brain and face behind a mega scandal that shares the name with the man, to present himself before Lugola. It is shocking that Lugumi is still a free man despite being accused of crimes related to sabotage.  Again, who’s this dicey and mysterious man that seems to have eluded many for many years since his dirty linens were brought to the agora? Is he a mere clown if not a poker chip some whoppers in the former regime used to make big bucks or what?  What does his history say? Did he secure the tender–he turned into a boom-cum-boon–procedurally and legally or through the backdoor? To who’s he related or connected? What’s his profession before landing the tender? As per the law of the land, is Lugumi supposed to be hoven before the minister or before the judge? Is there any need for the whole minister to kick back and have a cup of tea with a suspect in such a mega scandal bordering to sabotage? Why weren’t IPTL guys accorded such a golden chance that’s a lot to do with PR? The law is clear. Lugumi must be brought to book where he legally deserves to be but not otherwise. Many’d like the minister to chillax and allow due legal process to deal with the matter legally and professionally. For, detractors may misconstrue such moves as politicising the matter instead of arresting it.
            It doesn’t make any sense for a single person to deal with public matters as if they’re private. The Mwananchi (July 26, 2018) quoted Lugola as he’s summoning other companies to his office so that they can return the money they received illegally. Is this the rule of law? Does Lugola have legal procuratorial jurisdiction?  How do you ask a person you’ve already accused of committing a crime to return the loots; and let him or her get away with murder? Doing so is as good as partaking of the crime one purports to deal with. My humbly submission is that all issues that Lugola raised are the domain of the court of law.
            The fix Lugola faces sends us back to the book of Mrema who used to call for people to Moshi. Again, when he became bigger than he who cloned him, he failed out of favour. Remember when he intercepted gold at the JNKIA to end up being told not to touch the sacred cows? Remind yourself what ensued thereafter and what the climax of this show was.
            Provided that Lugumi was contracted by the same ministry, maybe, Lugola has smelled a rat somewhere? Is it possible that Lugola knows that he’s sitting on the necropolis of Lugumi mega scandal due to the fact that all former epochs minus Nyerere’s, saw that all mega deals and scams were but an insider job? Refer to EPA and Richmond scams have always remained a skeleton in the closet. Why’s it still impossible to revisit them for the fear of exhuming the tombs of the saints? For example, had those charged to look into EPA been compromised so as to settle for the sacrifice a friend of chief adviser to the Caesar, do you think the history of Tanzania would be the same today? Why EPA known thieves such as Kagoda and others got away scot-free and kept on enjoying the loots despite the presence of water tight inculpatory evidence against them?
            Lugola needs to learn from history in order to avoid repeating the mistake his predecessors committed and found themselves in the cold.
Source: Citizen, August 1, 2018.

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