Tuesday, 16 September 2008

When will CCM come of age?

SHOCKED and flabbergasted, I read the story that Andrew Chenge a.k.a. Vijesenti, a former cabinet minister expelled for allegedly being involved in mega corruption was appointed by Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) to probe the highly disputed UVCCM project.

It’s too bad of CCM and Chenge altogether. I cannot get enough of this.What is so special for CCM to act in two shakes whilst it sits on mega scams such as Richmond, EPA, TICTS, IPTL, Dowans, Meremeta and such? Is it because the money said to be swindled belongs to the party not the hoi polloi it has ignored for long?

When will individuals behind the disputed Kiwira coal mine be named as the Parliament was promised by the minister for energy and minerals? Isn?t this a pressing and an important matter for CCM? It still tantalizes me. How can one put lipstick on a pig and say it isn’t one as Barrack Obama America’s presidential aspirant would put it in facing the thing head on?

I just can’t understand the logic and motive behind this gimmick like stance. How can I, if the same person falls short of coming clean on allegations that he stashed over a million bucks in the off-shore banks in Jersey UK? Who’ll trust those who appointed him if at all they have never brought the guy to book, let alone squeezing him to bring back our money?

Who is fooling who in this abracadabra really? Doesn’t CCM really know the guy is a friend of some of the suspects in the deal? What justice can such a person do to Nape Nnauye that has already been lampooned for telling the naked truth? Will he be given two bites at the cherry really? Isn’t this buying time so as to vilify the boy even a lot more? Does Nape know this, especially the waters he is swimming?

There were some politicians in the past who faced the same situation and had the same expectations. What became of them?

To jog Nape’s mind a lot more, he’s to recall what befell another youthful politician when she aimed higher than those guys wanted her to.

What is CCM trying to look for, if everything, is clear and open that there are abnormalities in the so-called contracts to swindle vijana. Why doesn’t CCM want to face the reality that Nape’s allegations are not far-fetched as one may goof? Why expel the boy instead of suing him for defamation? Is this a purposeful move to intimidate, disqualify or gag the boy and get away with it? Is the number of villains behind this crime bigger than Nape mentioned?

What are Yusuf Makamba and Kingunge Ngombale Mwiru putting themselves on the line for and why if they have no stake in the same?

To jog your mind, let me bring the whole big picture to you. It was alleged by Nape Nnauye that the project involving UVCCM’s construction of one of its building smells, thanks to kickbacks. Nape did not mince words. He pointed a finger at Edward Lowassa, the former premier who was forced to resign for his role in the Richmond scam that saw the nation burning billions of shillings for doing nothing.

Another person implicated is the out-going chairman of the UVCCM, Emanuel Nchimbi. After this grimier reality came to light, CCM Secretary General Makamba summoned Nape. He humiliated the boy to the maximum. Good. The boy did not hit back. Things did not end up there. The UVCCM’s top organs sat and decided to show Nape the door.

After UVCCM pulled a plug on Nape, some bigwigs including Jakaya Kikwete (Chairman-cum- president), former PMs, Joseph Warioba, Cleopa Msuya and Fredrick Sumaye did not subscribe to this. They allowed the boy to ’appeal’ even though many still worry if justice is to be seen being done especially when controversial figures including ’Vijesenti’ were appointed to look into the matter.

The thing is, are these creatures clean enough to do justice they’ve been fighting to foil and suffocate after being implicated? Is this the ’mizengwe’ at work the ruling party has been accused of? I can’t just make it out. If anything, it is too good to be true and much is left to be seen shall we face it point blank.

Is it fair for a camel to condemn the cow for possessing a hump? Come on folks, Chenge, as an AG under Benjamin Mkapa, as it is said, gave such unethical and unprofessional advice that saw our country ushering in loss making outfits, prominent ones being Richmond and TICTS.Where will such a person scoop patriotism and new true love for the same ship he has already wrecked? Which miracles will CCM apply to make such elements be born again in the first place?

This sage reminds me of the tale of a merry-andrew that searched his pockets when he lost his bull thinking it was there. In such circumstances Jesus would ask: You Galatians who bewitched you?

As for Chenge, even if those who appointed him have trust in him, I beg to differ and distance myself. He’s not clean enough to do what he was appointed to do. If anything, there is only one thing he fits to do. To probe witchcraft related deeds in the House.
By the way, when will CCM come of age and do away with ’mizengwe’ and other hanky panky? What a defining moment for hoi polloi to differentiate chaffs from seeds! Will Nape turn CCM on its head?
Source: Thisday September 16, 2008.

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