Barack Addressing Democrats

If Charles Darwin and his cousin, Francis Galton were to come back to life, their first wonder of the century would be Barrack Obama. Obama has defied all odds to become unstoppable as far as the race for the White House is concerned. They’d be shocked to death to find that, at last, their eugenic philosophy (that made life difficult for Africans) is cascading down and is but hocus pocus.

Though I’ve no horse in America’s presidential race, as an analyst I’ve a stake in it. That’s why I’m comfortable to aver that there are some healthy reasons as to why most American voters have to vote for Obama. Looking at what one can call Bush’s mess, shall Americans make any mistake, they’re likely to experience worse suffering. Under the pseudo pretext of Weapons of Mass Destruction, Bush took America to war with Iraq. One question still remains: Where are the Weapons of Mass Destruction we were told Saddam Hussein had? Are they in his grave or Crawford ranch?

Much money and manpower has been used in Iraq and the results are surreal thanks to deaths of thousands of soldiers. Currently, the US is unable to cope with the ever surging number of casualties. Many are blaming the government for neglecting them. Though ancient Rome was hated for its brutality, America is most hated due to its abuse of her ‘superpower status,’ duplicity and double standard.

Americans must vote for a thinker who can build bridges as he reconciles with his foes and here, Obama comes in. Obama has categorically said that he shall sit at the round table with those presumed to be America’s foes in the Middle East.Russia recently attacked the baby (Georgia) whilst, the mother (The US) sat aside and watched! Russia did not jump into the waters without measuring how deeper they are. It started with Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin’s re-ascendancy to power by the way of bringing his caricature Dmitry Medvedev into the show. What anarchic dictatorship! The US did nothing reasonable to prevent this backlash dictatorship. Had this been committed by African countries where the US has interests, things would worsen.

I find Obama convincingly credible. He’s a thinker apart from being young. I recently discovered that his opponent John McCain astonishingly learnt how to open his first email just recently!His detractors call him a dude from olden time that aspires to ride on modern time without credibility and clouts to do so. Many are gaffing. How can such a Bush-clone preside over intricate technological issues in a nation that is leading in technology? It is like bringing back the biblical Adam to teach Bill Gates how computer systems work.

Hillary Clinton who was regarded as an obstacle for Obama, recently threw her force behind Obama. She said: no way, no how, no McCain!
This, coupled with the coming of international affairs guru Joe Biden, chances are this time Americans will vote for the future as opposed to the past.

Those of us born under bipolar and now growing under one superpower-America, can comfortably compare the duos. After the Russians goofed by trusting the US (thanks to kaput Perestroika propounded by Mikhail Gorbachev) America became everything to the world. Now that the sleeping lion is slowly waking, America needs a smart player. And that surely is Obama.

You know that Russia is the current energy power house of the world and the West needs power supply from Russia. Thus, it uses an Arabic parable that says: serve the kaffir to get your due.This has been taken as impotence and double standard. This, coupled with Wall Street’s politics of money making, has forced American corporate to bet well. They’re trying to put their bet on a winning horse that is Obama. Anybody doubting this should ask himself: why was Hillary Clinton,Washington's doyen trounced by Obama?

Another thing adding up for Obama is the whole issue of Middle East politics. Bush’s regime, of which McCain is a typical replica, has proved to be a let-down. The begotten son, Israel has never been at peace with Palestinians and Arabs in general. Muscles have been used. But they’ve never brought any reprieve. This is where Biden comes in timely.

The US has been pumping much money to Israel believing it can add up. But it’s never helped nonetheless. Wars with Palestine have proved to be hara-kiri. Here, Obama scores more marks than McCain. Encouragingly, Obama’s take of the situation in Middle East is to sit and talk with the enemy whilst McCain’s, like Bush’s, is military solution that has never paid any dividends. Former President Bill Clinton, a democrat like Obama, used the same method. At least, under his initiatives, some accords were entered and the situation in the Middle East eased off a little bit. This has become a symbol of success for democrats.Former president Jimmy Carter does not mince words. He calls for the change in approach towards Middle East.

Another striking issue for American voters is the economy that will sustain and save the environment. In this, once again, Obama scores higher than McCain whose policies are basically the ones loaned from Bush. And mark my words. Obama clinched the tickets mainly on the strength of this. This being the situation, what else do American voters want?

Source: The African Executive Magazine September 3, 2008.