Obasanjo while Meeting Nkunda
Charles Taylor (Liberia), Idi Amin (Uganda), Joseph Mobutu (Zaire) among others had something in common. Nobody thought they’d cascade easily as it happened.When Amin butchered Ugandans and Mobutu robbed the then Zaire, some African countries plotted to put a stop on their phantasmagoria and blood-thirst. They were shamefully brought down. What’s left is history.

Currently, Laurent Nkunda is a thorn-cum-headache for regional stability. This Rwandese protégé has caused mayhem in the region. His spineless army is killing people every day in DRC. This is pure aggression. Like other dictators, he uses the word 'liberation' abusively! Nkunda, the butcher, calls himself a liberator.Looking at the sacrilegious acts he is committing in DRC in conjunction with Rwanda and Uganda, one wonders why neighbours such as Tanzania and other players in the region are indifferent. Why did the recent conference convened in Nairobi to arrest the situation subscribe to lies by Kagame that the situation is dogged by the non-existent interahamwe? We’re already tired of Somalia and Zimbabwe.

The UN units in DRC have totally failed due to double standard and corruption. What’s never crossed my mind is the logic behind the international Community’s ability to ouster Charles Taylor, a seating president, but failure to do the same to Nkunda-a mere highwayman! How can the international community under ICC interdict and arraign Taylor but fail to do the same to this renegade butcher? Is it because some powers are benefiting from the war in DRC because they are on the receiving ends of the loot from there? The West, Rwanda and Uganda must be held responsible for all miseries DRC is suffering.On December 4th, 2004 DRC reported the invasion by Rwanda and Uganda among others. New York based Human Rights Watch has oft-condemned this macabre move. American darlings (Kagame and Museveni) have never been quizzed despite water tight evidence implicating them! Indictment warrants have been issued for Sudanese dictator, Omar Bashir. Another butcher, Thomas Lubanga, has already been apprehended. Why are Kagame and Museveni spared? Simple. The US and other beneficiaries are pulling strings behind the curtains. Is this the cause for regional powers to pay a blind eye? Hypocrisy, conspiracy and duplicity. Why was it possible to ouster 'liberators' Amin and Mobutu but difficult to deal with Nkunda with his cronies?

According to BBC, Nkunda fought in the wars that saw the legitimate government in Rwanda brought down. He’s served in Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) that was formed in Uganda to topple the late Juvenal Habyarimana, Rwandan former president. Like Museveni and Kagame, Nkunda was promised support to do what Kagame, supported by Museveni, did in Rwanda.After fulfilling his duty in Rwanda, he formed a surrogate terrorist group known as Rally Congolese for Democracy (RCD).

Apart from the thirst for power, Rwanda and Uganda are using the region's volatile situation to plunder in the name of ‘liberation.’Who’s next after DRC? Tanzania should be prepared for the next invasion.

Under Mobutu, DRC became bankrupt of almost everything meaningful except her tumultuous music. This loophole forced the late Laurent Kabila seek a supporting hand from two thuggish countries namely Rwanda and Uganda. He however did not reckon that later, he would pay dearly. He imported cancer that would eat his country to the bone.

Nkunda and his spineless masters have been hiding behind the facade of protecting the banyamulenge. In 2005, he was indicted by the ICC for crimes against humanity he committed in 2002 in Kisangani. But MONUC refused to apprehend him saying he was no threat! Later on, it came to light that some of the soldiers from MONUC were exchanging weapons with minerals! Sri Lankan units were water-tightly implicated. UN since then has maintained silence.

Nkunda has become a billionaire. He owns over 800 heads of cattle and is accused of dealing in stolen minerals such as coltan, cassiterite, tin, pyrochlore and niobium. Rwanda is said to be the chief beneficiary of these minerals that it exports whilst it has no minerals!

Many analysts concur that if power-hungry Nkunda would be given any post in Kabila’s GNU, he'd take it. But his boss in Kigali does not subscribe to this. In essence, Nkunda helps Kagame to prolong his draconic rule in Rwanda under the pretext of the threats by Interahamwe.

Rich countries fear that arresting Nkunda would make their markets suffer. Refer to what was reported on 22 February 2002 the day Jonas Malheiro Savimbi was felled. The Diamond market in New York plunged to negative territories at the tune of 12%. Savimbi was fully supported and backed by the CIA. Is Nkunda playing the same game knowing who is behind his megalomania?

Tanzania is renowned for brokering peace. Tanzania cloned Museveni aiming at punishing Idd Amin for overthrowing Milton Obote. Later, Museveni became rogue. If it was able to neutralize Mohamed Bacar in the Comoros, why shouldn’t it extend its role in DRC? If Ethiopia could intervene in Somalia, why not Tanzania in DRC to arrest or destroy Nkunda whose army is killing innocent people and rob their country? Tanzania has turned into a conduit which evil countries use to rob DRC.

Tanzania must prevail on Kenya not to accommodate landlocked Rwanda and Uganda in the East Africa Union. Currently Rwanda is urging the AU to intervene after its chief of protocol, Rose Kabuye, was apprehended in Germany for her role in the death of former presidents of Burundi and Rwanda in 1994. The AU should never consent to such.

In a nutshell, the international community must deal with Nkunda and his associates just the same way it can deal with any human rights abuser. Kenya, Tanzania and SADC members are, in the main, duty bound to see to it that peace and tranquility in DRC prevail.

Source: The African Executive Magazine November 19, 2008.