Friday, 21 November 2008

Tell it to the birds Mr. Waziri

I am writing to one of our ever jabbering plutocrats known as Waziri for
so-and-so Ministry.

This punter has been eating my brain for long. He issues threats and
yap-yaps unnecessarily. If anything, this guy has become another burden
to Mr. President. Whenever he opens his mouth, he ends up in kerfuffle
with either the media or the citizenry. His name is simple. He answers
to the name Joji Mkunjika or the one that can be folded. What I've
never known is why his boss does not want to fold the punk or even let him
pack and hit the road!

What pains even more is the fact that the guy is a danger to environment.
The vapours he emits pollutes our nation so to speak. This guy has one weakness. Despite his bigness he’s never lent how to
think before speaking. He chews like a gator! The fella is like a motorcycle that
yaps without thinking.

I read a story some days ago when the same punk was saying that the
government has to descend on teachers threatening to lay down the chalk
simply because the government is an employer!

Where did this guy go for his education? Doesn’t he know! Employing a
person does not mean you own the same. Employment is about exchanging
services. The employee allows the employer to enjoy his sweat and brain
just like the employer allows the employee to enjoy his purse. That’s
that. Tuache ushamba.

The other day the same punter was quoted saying that given that
400,000,000 madafu money offered by a certain suspicious donor to the
committee preparing youths’ conference was donated in the broad day
light, it is not made by means of corruption!

What's wrong with this guy? Go to lupango and ask the EPA freebooters
if they stole the dosh from BoT. Mind you. This BoT is not the Bank of
Tanzania. Instead this is Bunch of Thieves.

These thieves will jump a hundred meters. They’ll even swear their
money is legal and modesty. Go ask one powerful outfit if its campaigns
did sink some tainted money from BoT. It'll jump millions of miles
despite the fact that we all know it colluded with the highwaymen and
women to ruin this hank.

Yet again, the same gawks expect people dying in penury to eat their
lies! How can we subscribe to your nonsense saying there is no dosh
whilst some criminals get away with zillions? What pain even worse is
the fact that such nonsense can be said to educated people like us who
make others acquire education! Shame on you!

Going back to the man, this guy has taught me one thing. There is
mental dysentery out there. If not, why then a physically-fit man like he
would puke insults whenever he opens his mandibles?

This guy that used to be a soldier thanks to Mwalimu’s wisdom of
sending school dropouts to the academy, still day dream that our hank
is under military regime. Man, we’re a true democracy. Even your boss
recently concurred that people have all room to speak. Who are you to
foil this God-given right? Acha ubabe. This is 21st century where brain
matters more than muscles.

This punter and others with the same wicked mindsets need to know. This
hank is for us all equally regardless you’re as shark or a dagaa.

This message is special for Phil Luhanjowe and my man in case in point.Also are two
ladies answering to the title of Mama Waziri wa Uongo and what not. They are saying
the media should not discuss corruption! Mwe! Do you want us to discuss how you
abuse you pudenda eh?

Before I call it a day, let me muse on another brigand. I heard it
myself. Some uncouth biggies were saying that we can not prosecute the
fisadis simply because our hank can paralyze. This is garbage. How can
we fear a few criminals and Mafioso? Are we becoming a useless
sovereign so as to be run by delinquents? Nope and thank you sir, tell
it to the birds.

One sipper told me that this is nothing but preemption. You know what.
The conspirators are afraid, especially the big and honorables. Beans
can be spilled. And if this happens, many putas, we wrongly think are
clean, will end up in shames. So be it soon God.

Now that the exercise has started, if at all it's serious and genuine,
what are other sharks waiting for? My prayers is to see Mr.Eddie Richmonduli and
co appearing before the judge cuffed and shuffled. Yes. We need to show
this species of creatures how we mean business. They need to know how
deep our animus is when it comes to corruption. Yeah. We need to start
our holy journey to Canaan. For we surely know how filchers curtail it. But all in all this time we’ll know mbivu and mbichi

To cut the story short, please Mr. Biggie of Biggies, fire such let
downs in the rank and file. You have a lot of them in your corridors.
We know you'd like to be taken seriously and regarded as a sincere person
save that those sons and daughters of bitch surrounding you are tarnishing
your image. Don’t let get away with it.

Regarding your move on thieves, keep it up. Importantly add more
fagots. We need to see more names and actions. Time for sweet words and
appeasement is over.
Turning to the punters, your days are numbered. This hank is for us all
equally. So stop issuing threats. This is a democratic hank. Otherwise
when it comes to your threats and lies, tell it to the birds.
Source:Thisday November 2008.

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