Monday, 5 January 2009

Beware! Fisadis are taking us for ride

First Things first, one of my readers recently sent me an e-mail complaining that I’m attacking the government. He wanted to know how I benefit from this.

First of all, I have never attacked and I'll nary attack the government. Instead, I’ll tell it whatever truth without any fear. As a good citizen, this is my duty.

More on this reader, to him, telling the truth is attacking the authorities! It’s seen as being used by opposition! To this person, say, president is infallible thus he should not be told the truth!

Another reader was discomfort with telling fisadis to put their house in order. May be, just may be, he’s one of them or the one that’s being used. How many Tanzanians wrongly see things this way? Can’t such people be duped to believe that the wars against graft are far-fetched and witch hunt? Can’t such people make others wrongly believe that some fisadis are used to settle political scores whilst it is not?

We may differ. But one thing is obvious. We’ve many bigwigs in high offices perpetrating corruption. And many of them are still at large. We need them before the court.

Through perusing many newspapers, I’ve found that there are some hell bent elements being used by fisadis to tarnish others so that they can get away with it. Fisadis have planted their agents in many media houses not to mention funding some newspapers for the aim of doing show for them.-doing their dirty laundry. These people have much ill-gotten money they’re employing to defend themselves. Many articles are written to see to it that the fisadis are recapturing their lost glory on the expense of the nation. Some prominent people are targeted.

But what is the good source of all this megalomania? One is that fisadis have a charm in using media to cleanse themselves. This aims at dividing us in order to weaken us. Many ideologies are being pumped into the mainstream media. To enhance this, religious and tribal divisions are some of the tools they’re using.

Many bogus newspapers have been registered, not to mention political smearing campaign groups employed under pseudo name propaganda so and so of the party. They actually are not propaganda organs but groups for defending graft.

Given that most of fisadis are influential and entrenched in political circles, they went a mile ahead buying some media houses a short time before 2005 elections. And in this they succeeded. For, their masters were decorated as their dirt was pushed under the carpet. They won elections and the nation was sadly duped.

Fisadis have crossed the line. They’ve even used their colleagues in Parliament to mount their defence. Given that such MPs are the result of systemic corruption, were able to air their nonsense before the House. Sadly, the Parliament did not take any actions against them!

With dismay, I remember how Parliament punished Kigoma North MP,?Zitto Kabwe for telling the truth as it ignored Buchosa’s Samuel Chitalilo who was defending Andrew Chenge when he was implicated in the scandal of stashing over a billion shillings to the off-shore banks in Jersey.

Secondly, some journalists and analysts are at work for the defence of graft. Divide and rule is their main tool. Those tampon-turned fortune seekers are good at what they are doing. They unleash all fabricated stuff to make sure that whomever they target is tarnished. This is used to confuse those who are standing firmly against graft. Money makes the mare go.

Another thing is, latent as it is, the way we’re dealing with graft raises eyebrows. So the authorities need to be scientific, steadfast and trustworthy to see to it that all villains are brought to book. Failure to this, fisadis will get the time they need to sow such evil seeds.

Another weakness that makes a niche for fisadis is, the list of those who have already been booked has many holes. For example, why charge them with embezzlement and misappropriation of public funds whilst what they actually committed is but purely economic sabotage?

Fisadis are ready to sacrifice everybody and everything to make sure?they survive. Raising money for bailout and kickbacks is another?arsenal they are applying. What is more saddening is the fact that the authorities have paid a blind eye to this. How can a person that, as per ethics is duty bound to declare his wealth, does not do so and again use the same undeclared wealth as bond? How legal is this property?

Another missile so used by fisadis is to make sure that great scams such as EPA, Richmond, Kagoda and such receive a blind eye so as to waste time. Thus make the general public forget as they are shown other things to avert their attention.

These are but a few examples on how fisadis are riding on our shoulders to see to it they get away with it. It is, indeed, a challenge to the government whose zeal on fighting graft is now tangible. This coupled with takrima law whose result is having dubious officials, forces me to urge the government to re-think its stance and strategies.

If the authorities keep on ignoring these loopholes as they sit on scams for long, fisadis will get away with it and the whole meaning of war against graft will be rendered nugatory and nefarious.
Source:Thisday January 5, 2009.

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