Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Rombo party is but a useless act and people

NEWS that Rombo voters have an idea of throwing a party for their embattled MP, former minister Basil Mramba is sad and abhorring.
When such megalomania occurred in Bariadi as the millionaire of
Vijesenti Andrew Chenge went there to ‘visit his voters, I wrote reprimanding this bulimia and myopia. I thought that would be the end.
Nope. I was dead wrong!  For recent news said Mramba is expected in Rombo where ‘his people’ will give him a very big ‘pole sana mzee’ for being thrown to Keko prison. This happened when he was accused of misusing public office as a result which over shillings 12 billions was lost.
I find myself in circles. How can a person suspected to have caused the nation such huge loss be welcomed as a hero in the first place? Isn’t this conspiracy even abetting even if not to the degree of constituting a felon?
In my recent article I warned about being taken for a ride by fisadis.
I overlooked this aspect however. Now that this thing is being repeated, we need to note: it is another method fisadis are using to bully and abuse us.
You know what? The so-called voters are not but bootlickers and hooligans geared by greed for free foods and drinks. Period. If not these are the enemies of the nation.
These used people apart from being poor and ignorant are corrupt and insane through and through. How can citizens of a begging nation stand behind the person suspected to have caused such big hole?  Isnt this a self-inflicted wound?  Arent those people slaves even if they don’t have shackles with them? Arent they thieves even if they did not actually commit the said offence?
Lets dig deeper. Why are these people making themselves cheap so as to be used as hand-me-down stuff? Uchangudoa mwingine! Are they supporting the suspect simply because he comes from the same community?
What has never crossed my mind is the silence by the government! When
Chenge did his side shows he called supports, the same good government did not reprimand him!
Now that it is clear that the same sacrilege is to be committed again, and chances are the good government will never bark! Is it sanctioning such systemic corruption? Are we becoming such big time hooligans?
Though for some of tribes in our country, when it comes to money, even souls are sacrificed, this should not go to national level. I know.
Mark my words. Such people can even be behind the indiscreet killings of Albinos.
I remember. There was a joke from a Sambaa friend to a Chagga one. The
Sambaa was known as Shekifu and the Chagga Kimaro. Shekifu used to tell
Kimaro this pretending he was his father. 'Kimaro umekataa kuiba
utakula mafi yako?', namely Kimaro you don't want to become a  thief, will you feed on your shit? Rombo people should not allow this to be true.
Anyways, this was a joke.  Take it so. But again, looking at what is to happen in Rombo repeating what once happened in Bariadi, there is truth in this.
Let’s ask more questions. Why our government that makes us believe, it is fighting graft is not reprimanding this? Doesnt see that this is a blow to its efforts if truly it means business?
Prove me wrong if you can. This is but systemic corruption. It should not be tolerated even if those committing it are bigwigs.
To jog the mind of all those supporting this rot, let me remind them that the money alleged to have been abused and of course being stolen by a few individuals in power, would have provided good schools, hospitals, roads and what not to those victims celebrating their demise.
Your president is spending much time abroad begging. So you need this money more than anybody. Dont be goof and be fooled by a few thieves just because they come from your community. When it comes to corruption, corrupt elements have no religion, region even friends and relatives except their greed and money. In other words, theyre abusing you the same way they abused the power you entrusted them.
Now I agree that Tanzania is going to dogs. It is negatively changing.
I used to read about the demonstrations to support Mwl. Julius Nyerere when he survived from going to jail thanks to fighting for our independence that we’re now abusing.
If Nyerere and other heroes that fought and died for our freedom would be brought to life again, no doubt, they’d commit suttee to avoid being a part and citizens of such corrupt country they used to call theirs!
President Kikwete, you have for long been making us believe you aim at fighting graft. Please come out of cocoon and say something against this collective criminality.
Though people have right to assemble and acclaim their MP, it should not be when he is alleged to have erred. Reasonable and respectable people support each other in doing good things but not in bringing shame or committing crimes. Indeed, this is a bad augury to our country. If we dont watch, a certain tribe will one day throw a party for a hero that has felled an albino so as to increase his wealth that is regarded as a community one while it actually isn’t.
As a victim of abuse of power, greed, egoism and corruption, I am appalled. Yeah. The money so stolen is yours and mine.
Indeed, this is a shame for our nation, Mramba and his cohorts.Something to arrest it must be done. Do they do this in their dire efforts to convince the courts that they are innocent?

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