Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Kikwete beware of hypocrites, freebooters and freeloaders

THE other day I was forced to concur with my late grandpa. Though his
 perception of modern education was negative and I strongly opposed him,
what happened recently forced me to swallow my pride.

My grandpa used to condemn modern education. To him it was the tool of 
corruption and colonialism. In 1980s when I was doing my ’O’ level he
 asked me why current (then) leaders, excluding the late Mwl. Julius
 Nyerere and a few, were thieves and corrupt. His rationale was simple. 

Before the coming of the white man African chiefs saw to it that 
everybody got his daily bread. Do we do that now?

When it started raining on us, the mzee did not barge to ask this
 tormenting question.

This proved how his trust in our elites was eroded by our dirty deeds, especially in public offices. Thank Lord the
 man died many years ago before the conscription of EPA, Richmond,
TICTS, CIS, Meremeta, Tangold, ANBEM, Fosnik, Kagoda and such.

True, the man would have committed suttee, so to speak.

Cutting the story short, the proposal by one MP that answers to the title doctor, left me appalled so as to go back to the history and the whole educational philosophy.

This boot licking MP was quoted as saying he would present a private motion 
before the House to ask it to look at how to expand President Jakaya

Kikwete’s term in office from five to seven years. Alas! Isn’t this a
sort of elite that bewildered my late grandpa to hate modern education?

This money-maker-like guy thinks he can easily entice President Kikwete 
by averring that he'd be given more years as opposed to the
Constitution. Does he think Tanzanians are such goons that can
 subscribe to such nonsense all meant to usher in draconian mode of

Does he think his self-seeking and serving can convince Kikwete to offer him a
ministerial post?

To this bugger, president is infallible. Mark my words. And this has
 become another anathema. Before long, we heard another wino in the
 ranks saying that EPA’s discussion was over.

He said this aiming at
 pleasing President Kikwete who for long, has been asked to fire the brigand to no avail.

And the other freeloader, when our economy was cascading, said that
Tanzania’s economy was flying like a plane, little knowing people knew
 how he ushered Richmond in to sabotage the same.

Thank Lord this
 freebooter was booted out, thanks to his hyena-like greed.

Mind you. One thing is obvious; in that former president Benjamin Mkapa
 landed in trouble thanks to being taken for a ride by hypocrites and 
power brokers who made him believe he was infallible.

Whatever he did 
be it right or wrong, they organized party-backed demonstrations to
 support him. Gradually, the man cascaded down to tyranny and now he is

Who wants such a president whose eyes and ears are sealed so as not to
hear and see what is going on around? Looking at the number and size of self seekers surrounding President 
Kikwete in his party and government, shall he not look back upon which
 Mkapa fell; he'll end up being taken for a ride.

We’re currently trying to find how to amend the Constitution to make
 our president answerable and responsible to the people; little knowing
 that there are a people that would like to see it tarnished and abused!
We should nary subscribe to such stupidity even if it is contemplated 
by the so-called waheshimiwa with PhDs.

Aren’t these the mamluki Liundi was pointing fingers at? Aren’t such
 creatures suffering from backward looking malady? How dare they
 stand for the disgrace of the nation!

Two years ago the then most 
respected democrat, Prof. Abdoulaye Wade, the president of Senegal
 extended his tenure from five to seven years.

The blow his reputation
 suffered will never be repelled. 

Those who think Kikwete can attempt this sacrilege do not respect him. But instead, they look down at him. They wrongly think that Kikwete is
 stupid just like them. Instead of depending on singing praise to get 
promotions, we'd urge them to work harder and diligently.

To know how dangerous boot licking is, they should look at one of the top presidential
 press guy who made his way to the top by betraying his profession apart
 from boot licking. He's now becoming another shame to himself and his 

To jog the mind of these doomed creatures that do not use their heads,
but use stomachs instead, to date our country is an economic log jam thanks to
 Mkapa’s senseless privatization.

It all started when they started their
 cheer-leadership that intoxicated Mkapa so as to squander our economy
as he recently admitted regrettably.

More on self seekers: What's wrong with Lake Region whose MPs break 
the record when it comes to messing? I still vividly remember how
 Buchosa MP Samuel Chitalilo shamelessly stood before the House and
 defended Andrew Chenge when he was implicated in the pilfering of over
a billion shillings he stashed in off-shore accounts in Jersey.

Such MPs are a let down, apart from betraying their voters. Do their
 voters really send them to jabber such nonsense in the first place? My
foot! If this is the crop of academicians we have, we sadly are doomed.

Importantly, President Kikwete should not buy this nonsense. Instead he
 should tell them point blank: We now need to think forwardly not
Source: Thisday January 28, 2009

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