Friday, 20 June 2014

Better form your party Mr.Kinaana

Dear hon. Abduli Kinaana, secretary General of Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM),
Allow me to humbly touch base with you through this open forum. I know. You read newspapers. If you don’t, your kids, friends, even officials do.
Sir, you left me lost recently when the media quoted you attacking the govt of your boss-cum-friend saying that it's abandoned wananchi and ignored their problems. I nearly freaked out. True, it's difficult to understand if you understood what you said on that material day you addressed the wananachi of Ayamango village, Babati in Manyara. If you did, it is difficult to know if your colleagues in the party know what you’re up to.  For, you openly attacked your boss President Jake Kiquette’s in many instances. Did you notice this thereafter? If anything, this is the crux of the whole issue I’m to discuss in one big push to urge you form your party or just dance like your boss.
   Hecklers say that sometimes you talk like opposition leaders, sometimes, like a muddled person and sometimes, like the person passing a buck to others in your party.  They add. It is as if you haven’t been in the hunk for years. And you've always tried to distance yourself from the mess the CCM govt’s been making. They say that you want to look good and you speak as if you aren’t part and parcel of the outfit that’s screwed the boozers up despite serving in the ranks for long time. What confuses even more is the fact that you’re Kiquette’s campaign manager in the 2005 chakachuazation whereby it was alleged that they robbed the Bank of Tanzania billions of shillings under EpA profligacy which Kiquette’s nary spoke about or refuted. So too, you attack the govt as if it isn't manned by your party  to which you're a boss  let alone that it is manned by the candidate you backed and worked for so to reward you ulaji.
Sir, your enemies say that you’re recently quoted saying that the govt’s abandoned the wananchi for not solving their problems. You wondered why the govt ignored the plight of the people for all years it has been in power.   Detractors say that you speak as if you've nary been part of the govt you've always blamed.  They add that it is as if you've no ability to meet the govt that your party forms to air your grievances.  They ask: Why are you using political rostra instead of right channels? Detractors speculatively try to answer their own questions saying that you’re eyeing the presidency come next year general elections. Wow! Why using others instead of coming out of the closet Mr. Kinaana?
 After accusing the govt of sleeping on the wheel, your cynics say that you've proved to be confused so as to confuse others. For, you were quoted as saying that you’d tell Kiquette of people’s problems to see how he’s going to address them. Well well Kinaana, if you knew you can see Kiquette and talk about the problems boozers face, why attacking your govt in the first place? Did you want to look good just like your friend did when he’s running for ulaji in 2005 whereby his opponents were knocked out with smear campaigns under your watch?
          Your knockers add that you wanted a credit where you didn’t perform.  For, they say, whatever failure the govt is responsible for you must be among the first officials to be blamed. Critics say that you’re not supposed to wonder why the govt’s always been there with a lot of officials but failed to tackle boozers’ problems because you've always been part and parcel of the same sitting-duck-and-non-delivering govt sir.
          Your disparagers seem to bay for your blood politically. They quoted you as saying that the govt belongs to the people and it must serve them. You said after being told that for over 20 years over 15 ministers went to Ayamango to deal with land issues to no avail. If, for 20 years your govt’s unable to solve the problem where do you think miracles will emanate to enable the same failed govt to solve the same problems it was unable to solve for over twenty years? Your detractors say that this is the sign of confusion and proofs that you’re doing politics instead of addressing wananchi’s problems. For, they say, you did not suggest any solution save complaining as if you’re guiltless.
          Decriers left us in stitches when they quoted you saying that over 10 ministers failed to solve land disputes in Ayamango. They wondered how furious you’re when asking why such leaders are still in power even after failing miserably for over 20 years. They wondered why you didn't know that the issue here was not about ministers but the whole govt to which you've always been part and parcel. So in other words they say you’re axing the branch you’re sitting on. In a simple parlance, sir, you’re attacking your own party and the govt it forms. You’re proving opponents who want it out to be true that it has failed miserably. This being the case, why don’t you form your own party and say what you’re saying and thereby make sense? Failure to that, you’re seen as being insincere and arrogant thinking that you can get away with it.
Source: Guardian on Sunday.

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