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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Fare thee well Robert Gabriel Mugabe Jongwe

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          It is obvious that the game is up for Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwean long time tyrant. Mugabe successfully manipulated Zimbabwe so as to dream about making it his private estate. He weathered many storms to end up being deposed by his wife whose greed authored their fall from grace. Grace or Gucci or call her Greed Mugabe became overambitious so as to endanger her husband's reasoning. She schemed of using the ailing president to become president herself through Bedroom politics. Again, as it seems, the Mugabes have lost big. Their greed and myopia have largely contributed to their fall. It is not too late to write a dirge for them.

Go Mugabe go
Go never look back
Just pack
Pack and go

Go unceremoniously
Go as a coward
Your time is up
The game is up
Go Mugabe go

Go to a self-made no-go
Go with your Grace
Go with disgrace
You have fallen from grace

You are now an abomination
Zimbabweans will never miss you
Pack and jump into oblivion
Go start a new sojourn 

Bedroom politics has failed
You failed the nation
Your wife's ploy has been exposed
Let her wait for her reward
You misused the nation
Go Mugabe go
Gone is your era
Go Mugabe go
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