Thursday, 24 July 2008

The dream about vampires

NOWADAYS I’ve become a dreamer; more a seer. Dreams never die. Even the dreamers go on living even after their deaths.

Being a bin-Adam that lives and faces many problems, though, I’m not a palmist, I decided to dream so that I can share my findings with others for the good causes of our hank.

Look! I’m dreaming of the hank of vampires devouring everything and everybody! The hank’s full of mongrels, mandrills and hawks not to mention eagles and moths. They’re gnawing everything around them. They’re threatening even to chew my flesh! I can see them; white, black and what not. They’re as fat as the cat in an Arab’s shop.

They’re in a silk like skin that deceives other creatures. During the day they’re as humble as a saint. But at night they’re as ferocious, capricious and odious as a hell.

They change their bodies. Sometimes they look like honorouble bin-Adams with whom they mix and rub shoulders with. They’re among us and we’re among them. They look like us and we look like them.

Carbuncular as they’re, it needs high knowledge to know them. They disguise like foreordained ones to save us whilst they actually are sent by a devil to devour us. Beware of them. These yoyos and yahoos are hell bent to ruin the hank. Do we know this? If we do then what are we doing to confront them and their rust for chewing our wan flesh after ’fish’ are finished in the creel?

I can see a hank so contaminated and ruined than any other on earth. Its heydays are gone when the great old man was at watch. What a watch dog that he was compared to these lap-dogs that the hanks has presently!

Vultures are landing everyday to cock all up for hoi polloi as they steal and self serve as they’re pleased. What makes things worse is the fact that they feed on us.

More importantly, those warriors we gave shields and arrows to defend us are just laughing at them as they feast on left-over! I can see warriors turned sharks also sucking our blood and sweat as we groan and wail! Merciless as they’re, they don’t even hear this wisdom warning them that time will come when the eaten ones will stand up and defend themselves and their hank.

Look in this dream I can see a sacrilege hovering over the hank. This beautiful and God-blessed hank is like a sinking ship. Unfortunately though, is the naked fact that those on board are digging some holes on the same vehicle carrying them! Shall it sink how will they survive?

I can see dogs with human faces also eating the sons and daughters of man. I can see thieves plundering everything. The hank in point is endowed with emerald, sapphire, ruby and diamond and such.

I can see marsupials of all sorts. I can see dugongs and whales threatening the ship. Or Lord I am saying! Have a mercy on these creatures that I can see slumbering while everything is being stolen. Awaken them and reveal what you are revealing to me so that they can do something.

And look! I can see moths nesting in the treasury full of bills. There are old and young ones all hell bent to dig holes and fill their unthankful stomachs!

Look. I can see a grotesque and stupid queen vending everything. The mountebank is smiling and laughing as if what he is presiding over is good! He does not care! He’s like his predecessor who sold even the graves of his ancestors. He is a typical replica of another empiric that defecated on the holy of the holy. He, wife, kids and friends sculpted their means of stealing so as to live the hank bankrupt!

Look! I can see this turkey of a king schmoozing and complaining in shame after some bees decided to give him a bite!

I can see a sobbing and wailing hank. They’re completely feeling out of sorts with their regime. The sons and daughters of man are desperate with agonies. While this tragedy is going on, I can see a Ka-mai feeding them with blah-blah and ballyhoos and hoo-ha! He goofs thinking the Bin-Adams in this hank are conditioned and their instincts tell them to always be humble and sheepish!
By and by, people are starting to take a dim view on the guy that rules the roost. They would like to have him take a chop. For they’ve gotten better of him.
Look, as I am trying to add two to two to make four it is morning!?
Bye for now.
Source; Thisday July 24, 2008.

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