Tuesday, 22 July 2008

The golden chance CCM missed and abused

In 2005 when President Jakaya Kikwete came to power, it’s lovey-dovey and spiffy aura for him, his party and Tanzanians. He was referred to as the darling of the people. People were totally pissed off by Mkapa’s "untellable", blind and deaf regime.
One could think: this chance would be used to reclaim the lost reputation of the ruling party. Being among the doyen parties in Africa, CCM did not bother to take this chance. It maintained doing business as usual. It’s mizengwe way.
But sadly as the fate has it now, CCM goofed and sat on and lost this chance!
As I’m writing, CCM is stinking and torn to the core by corruption so much so that even Kikwete himself can not help anymore!
CCM is fully immersed into corruption thanks to its greedy high and mighty. Refer to EPA, Richmond, Meremeta, Deep finance Green and so forth.
CCM we mistook: believing it’d come of age, sadly again, is heading for the way that KANU in Kenya took!
Blindly, CCM is currently sitting on the time bomb. Suppose it comes to light that it truly scooped some money from BoT to finance its elections, what will be left of it?
Sometimes ago, there were allegations that in-fighting mitandao were posing a danger to the party. Nothing has been done to arrest this danger! Instead of stamping out these mitandaos, CCM is busy trying to save its face by exonerating its sacred lambs that are unpardonable!
CCM is still receiving yet more punches from the general public. Refer to the recent shame that befell its secretary general, Yusuf Makamba at one secondary school. He’s called fisadi.
This, however, may be taken as a minor thing. But shall brains be well utilized; this is but the sign of discontentment by the general public.
This omen started with former prime minister who was booted out amidst shame, Edward Lowassa in Ukerewe. A young boy pinned him down so as to flee tail in legs after he failed to get the answer of the question put to him pertaining with systemic corruption.
Once again, it’s dawned on Makamba who goofed by beating around the bush in his attempts to cleanse the air in lieu of shedding light on corruption charges involving CCM.
Importantly, what Makamba, was, and still, is supposed to do, is to come clean on behalf of his party. But sadly, he did not do so!
If he keeps mum as the tradition of his party goes, the looming assertion that CCM has been hijacked by mafisadi is going to hold water. And the result thereof will be devastating in the future. This, though, can be taken as wishful prayers. But mark my word. Things have changed tremendously.
The-thought-sheepish Tanzanians have the guts, as of now, to jeer, and later, to take steps against sacred villains. I just can’t understand, for example. Why has it taken long for the CCM government to make public its findings with regards to EPA scams?
As well, I still can’t comprehend why CCM is trying to teach old dog new tricks, in that its mizengwe are an open secret even to students that represent a new generation.
Going back to Kikwete’s popularity and bon mot, I found it fading away as the day go by. Refer to pro-CCM REDET’s findings that were recently made public.
Had this research been conducted by an independent firm, what would have become of CCM and Kikwete? The results obviously would be devastating once again.
Now that Kikwete who was thought to be a magic bullet is no longer thanks to dirty deeds by betes noix surrounding him. What is left for CCM is to see to it that it nullifies all bogus decisions it made; major one being exonerating Lowassa and his colleagues.
In Kenya, KANU made the same mistake. Daniel arap Moi was warned that his sacred lamb and protégé, Uhuru Kenyatta he chose as KANU’s flag bearer in 2002 election, would be trounced. His was that Uhuru would use his father’s name to attract voters. What happened was devastating and KANU is no longer in the map of ruling parties on earth.
After KANU suffered defeat, it became inept and fractured so as to fail even becoming an opposition force to reckon with. Where is it now? It is difficult to tell.
Though Kikwete is regarded as a weak president-cum-chairman, shall he go on with this laxity in the party ranks, chances are, the last nail into the casket is being hammered.
Liberal as he is, opposition must thank him for that. For his civility and bonhomie will indeed allow evil forces in the party to destroy the same.
The sage has it that when an arrogant entity nears its death, it creates the seeds of destruction with itself so as to destroy it. CCM is no different from this.
It no longer has ethics. Instead it is depending on cheap propagandas done by uneducated and tainted people.
Instead of facing the moment of truth, CCM has always maintained blame game and state of denial while the dent is widening!
So to avoid making a missive unnecessarily, shall CCM not go back to the drawing board, believe ye me, 2010 may become its last election to triumph.
What a golden chance so blindly and unnecessarily lost!
Source: Thisday July 22, 2008.

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