Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Bongo the country of crazy mathematicians

THE other day I was condemning the guy that discovered Mathematics. Ever since I was in school, I did not like this art of numbers. Now, I laugh especially when I look at how current thieves make money by just inflating everything.

I am happy though, for one formula I vehemently disagree with is that to master those numbers, one must forget others. And whatever he calculates must be in the worst interest of the nation.

One may wonder where I am headed. The fact of the matter is, when I read the story that the Government printing facility was ready to print our highly disputed national identity cards I went berserk. I immediately smelled a rat in this entire abracadabra.

The media reported that the Government printer was, and still is, ready to do this job at the tune of 95bn/- in lieu of super-inflated 222bn/-!

My first question is; where does this cool 127bn/- go for heavens sake The safer side for our dubious mathematicians is nobody bothers to ask why and when What a medieval indifference for our own peril Mark my words.

This is not the first or last deal through which paupers’ money is swindled by freeloaders in power.

There was the radar deal in which $40m was pegged whilst the actual price was $28m! As usual, $12m/- went to Indian footpads that conspired with our hyena-like movers of whom one is said to have stashed over $1m in an off-shore bank in Jersey. Again, nobody asks!

Don’t wonder. The radar deal does not include posh presidential jet (Gulf Stream 555) which one hooligan proclaimed a national pride while it was in real sense a national cataclysm.

Again, this does not involve $133m belonging to EPA that thieves made away with. Hold your breath please. There is yet another puffed up 500m/- the CIS thieves scooped.

Some smart guys always laugh at us when we shamelessly go cup in hand begging while our clime is rich. Look at how the power-that be use oil guzzlers whilst our brothers and sisters from the Lake Region go via Kenya and Uganda to reach their villages. Again, nobody bothers!

Why don’t you invest in the infrastructure you twisted caricatures Ask yourself, how can a begging nation sit on $133, 000,000 that was stolen by EPA buggers!

Before this drives you mad, ask yourself how much money is stolen under the pretext of building our sub-standard roads Before you die of heart attack, just imagine how much money petrol importers are stealing at Tanga and Dar es Salaam ports.

I know one Form-Four leaver that is employed as a metre reader but who owns the world when it comes to wealth!

Before you holler in pain, ask yourself how much money is made at our border posts, especially Mwl. JK Nyerere International Airport where drug dealers employ Government officials to supervize their deals as the ’cargoes’ go through.

This is a country with many MPs and ministers with fake PhDs; not to mention the thousands of ghost employees with forged certificates. This, indeed, is the country where everybody is a sinner. A pauper lives like a nawab and nobody bothers!

The other day I heard some brouhaha and bugaboos that all involved in forging must be brought to book. Believe me, if this ever happens, their cases will never make any progress in a local court of law. Who will tax and sue whom if all fish in the bowl are spoilt.

If anything, only small fish will face the music so as to save the mammoth sharks and whales.

To wrap up the dubious math, recently TANESCO announced that customers will pay for vandalized equipment as if they’re the actual criminals! This is stealing from innocent people.

Time and again, Tanesco has been told to seal their transformers to no avail. Why don't they tell the Government to ban mikorogo

In a nutshell, that’s Bongo where simple minds steal from the public just because they are able to do simple Maths such as denying the Government printer the tender to print our IDs.

This is Bongo where billions are paid to bogus and dubious investors for doing nothing but stealing. Refer to Richmond, and IPTL that has been netting billions where it deserves just 50m/-

One thing that leaves me in stitches is that when our mathematicians are caught in action, you see them tongue-in-cheek trying to fool everybody including themselves! One thing they share is obvious. They don’t think when they calculate or speak.
Source: Thisday February 25, 2d009.

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