Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Kudos SFO on Chenge and Rashid

I don’t know how to kick start today’s discussion. I’m baffled. I feel like caterwauling. When I look at the sacrilege committed in this time and clime full of crimes, truly, I just gnash my teeth.

We last week saw the Bongo boondoggle. Today, we’ll revisit our situation reminiscent to stomaching rot and graft not fighting them.

One thing is obvious. As a country, shall we maintain this conspiracy, indifference and silence; indeed, we’ll be committing very serious errors of judgment. What we’re sitting on needs the courage of the mad so to speak.

After catching the wind of the Radar scandal in which Tanzania was swindled by BAE Systems, con men and corrupt government officials, I found myself wishing baying for somebody’s bloody without fearing what befell PM Mizengo Pinda for instigating the killing of the killers of the people with albinism. So too, I still feel like going ballistic when I hear what Pinda said regarding two sitting government official implicated in Richmond deal.

Let’s face it point blank. The duo is supposed to vacate from office so as to allow fair and thorough investigations.

Going to my mission today, I sincerely and abundantly, thank British authorities particularly Serious Fraud Offence- “SFO” for their good job. SFO did not badge when was asked by our authorities to furnish them with what they know regarding radar theft by government biggies.

What is divulged in the report by SFO is surreal for a common Mwananchi. It is. Because knowing that the diablos you used to pay salaries and all fat perks as you hold them high became cats that could steal milk!

Mentioned and inculpated in SFO’s reports are former Attorney General and Minister Andrew Chenge and former BoT, Governor Idriss Rashid and their middlemen Indians. SFO says it clearly: these guys received kickbacks so as to bless this illegal child they ‘sired’ that ended up sinking taxpayers’ billions of shillings.

True, we now need to shift gears as far as taking on mega graft is concerned in our country. Many ramp-fed ronyons have already come into the big picture. What's never crossed my mind is why are they protected as opposed to the essence and logic of having the power-that be? Is it because some of its tops were party and parcel of the whole deal behind the curtains? Is it because we are fool enough to pretend that this matter does not concern us as we consequentially suffer? Will this ostrich behaviour help us really?

Much has already been said save that nothing has ever been done. Likewise, much has already been revealed regarding who did what and when. As usual, our charlatans and sitting ducks have already 'fired' their missiles on how to zap this vice. But again, what we know about the actions of these goons is nothing but lies.

Not surprisingly, they make us believe they’re with and for us. Behind the curtains you can not easily differentiate between fisadis and them! Those we wrongly think can teach fisadis the lesson are but blossom buds of theirs. Don’t ask me who and how. Revisit Kagoda and Richmond . Try to remember how these two vampiric scams have become another power-that-be within another.

True, let’s face it point blank. We’re tired of empty promises on combating graft. Time for actions aimed at practically smoking out these morons must be now shall we really mean business. Try to give us our due by understanding we’re human beings with full and perfect crania just like yours even if we’re not on the top. Even a little blind ant when given soil mixed with sugar can take sugar and live soil.

Our motto is: actions and deliver now. We’re tired of promises and rants and raves.

Instead of make-believe promises, we need the plan of action. We need those responsible to deliver instead of politicking and taking us for a ride.

Now that the ball is in our court, what will our authorities tell us when it comes to not taking actions against these suspects?

When and if you look at the names of the coterie of Nawabs mentioned, you, doubtlessly find that there is something fishy somewhere. More often than not, some people would goof that their covert efforts to get away with this will succeed. How, if the smell is always out landing in the dog’s nose? The more they try to hide the more the people presses for truth. Indeed, the more the dance around the more the truth surfaces.

I wonder. How can directly implicated persons like Andrew Chenge and, Idriss Rashid (Radar scam), Edward Lowassa ( Richmond kingpin), Zakhia Meghji (who openly admitted to have authorized Kagoda dubious payments) and such can survive? If they’ re going to survive, the braggadocios and grandstanding that Jakaya Kikwete’s president is not an entity with share holders will be put to test. Its seriousness, competence even worthiness will be shed overnight.

What makes things worse despite CCM toeing party line so as to make the whole issues political is the water-tight evidence already adduced. Will jumping a smoking gun do well for CCM and its ruling government? Shall we keep on making serious errors of judgment? Time to act is now.

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