Wednesday, 11 February 2009

This is Bongo boondoggle

In Bongo where brain is used wrongly and abusively, anybody can get away with it. In this part of the world one may say: self help on public property is the only thing creatures living there know. In doing so sadly tough, the majority is perishing on the expense of a cabal of criminals-turned politicians.

No research no right to speak. I must substantiate my contention. Tell me. Isn’t the honorable so and so behind Kagoda profligacy a criminal-turned politician?

The other day I was wondering why one bugger known as milionea wa Vijisenti could keep on surfacing everywhere as far as scams are concerned and stay in the the Parliament! Isn’t this a pure criminal-turned politician? What of the MP that forged his certificates? What of the one that stole people plot apart from being caught red handed dishing kickbacks to the voters in Kagera?

When I was wondering about this and that, there came this scandal involving the issuance of Identity cards for the citizenry.

First of all, I don’t believe there will be produced any identity cards. For since even before my daughter was born I heard of this stuff. But unfortunately, as she is heading for the university, no single ID has ever been produced!

What I am sure about is. Though no single ID has ever been produced, millions of shillings have already been minted and printed by smart chaps that can reap where they did not sow.

I was asking myself how Brother Lau Masha could dress himself down by showing directly how he wants to illegally print money. Just imagine. You’ve such a rotten lot heading such crucial docket. What will you expect as far as the security of wananchi is concerned? The living example to prove this is indiscreet killings of people with albinism and elderly in this clime and time.

This country Bwana, trust nobody. Those you think are safer aren’t and those that you think would bring changes are changed themselves. Tamaa Bwana. Everybody wants to become a tycoon by all and any means legal and otherwise!

You know what. After this abracadabra of IDs is over, soon you will be told. There must be even animal IDs. This will help to trace them shall they be stolen by thugs from neighboring countries. Even rhinos will need IDs. For they’re endangered spices not to forget people with albinism.

Bongo is always funny to think about. It’s the only hank on earth in which a gang of goons can dubiously congregate and divide people’s houses among themselves without being vexed. Funny enough, the same still holler that whatever they’re doing is in the interest of people! To make things worse, we’re told. When they congregated to ruin the hank of land, they even received some fat perks they call sitting allowances! Who could believe that sitting on us pays this way? You are given fat perks for betraying the hoi polloi! For heavens sake these allowances what for? The place where crimes pay and criminals are heroes and heroines.

Didn’t you hear of thugs that used to godfather and midwife one prominent outfit? The coca-cola-like force was once applied on them. They’re arrested. But since then, nothing has ever been heard. Unacheza na pesa?

Bongo is second to none when it comes to plundering and stealing from paupers. Investors, especially fake ones and most criminals, can come and conspire with corrupt government officials so as to make it with billions of shillings! It has reached a stage at which some of, not all, government officials would conspire with corrupt politicians to rob the central bank and those that did this are still waheshimiwa! These betes noix have turned the Garden of Eden into the den of Daniel unnecessarily thanks to their myopia and greed. They preach water and drink wine!

To make matter worse, many con men and women are hiding themselves behind the cloaks as they preach the word of God. They steal from paupers by cheating them they can perform miracles that will free them from abject poverty. In the end, they end up stealing from them and no power that -be comes in to help them!

Bongo is the only country on earth where lies can be turned into policies without the public waking up and stand up against it! Do you remember the say that Bongo is an island of peace? Do people with albinism, elderly and retirees-especially those of the defunct East African Community- enjoy this mythical peace? To be frank, in Bongo, if you’re not a good freeloader so as to stash money, you’re as good as dead. Your rights will be sold by buggers as they are bought by tarts.

It's the country in which a few top dogs can amass wealth whilst the majority is sinking in abject poverty. Sadly, the same will still stomach calling this good life for all! In a nutshell, it’s an all-you-can-deem-doom business of vending the people.

This is the country in which you can rest letting your brain breathe even by sleeping in the parliament as this act of shame being rewarded by being paid allowances.


News that ‘unknown’ terrorists have targeted MPs Drs. Willbroad Slaa CHADEMA-Karatu and Taarab Ali Taarabu CUF-Konde dresses our government down. Why can’t the state protect its leaders even if they’re in the opposition? What befell the late Horace Kolimba na Daudi Ballali should not be repeated. Such politics are dirty to the bone. What I just can’t understand is; why are we able to protect and revere fisadis as we target whistle blowers? The government must be held accountable shall any unthinkable happen.
Source: Thisday February 11, 2009.

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