Thursday, 5 February 2009

Was Nkunda Arrested or Recalled Home?

Nkunda meets Obasanjo last year.

Despite the fact that news of Laurent Nkunda's arrest was welcome to the world of peace lovers many questions need to be asked and answered. The arrest of the self-made ‘general’ creates many doubts for those that know his roots and mission.

Nkunda was created by Rwanda to enable Rwanda and Uganda to plunder DR Congo on top of trying hand on power in DRC under the pretext of preserving minority Tutsi from Interahamwe. Had Nkunda succeeded to become a stooge president in DRC, his creators would have go on to siphon whatever they want from DRC.

Nkunda's assault on DRC has seen millions of innocent people displaced not to mention hundreds of thousands who have died. This is the legacy Nkunda leaves behind. The Human Rights Watch group has documented summary executions, torture and rape committed by soldiers under Nkunda's command.This was followed by stealing and smuggling minerals - a fact that has caused much economic hardship and insecurity to DRC.
Nkunda meets Obasanjo last year
Now that Nkunda was recently ‘arrested,’ does it mean Rwanda and Uganda are no longer interested in plundering DRC? They’ve always maintained their forces to enter DRC and whoosh the rebels that threaten their autocratic regimes.

To get away with it, Rwanda and Uganda refused to talk with the rebels until recently when Uganda bowed to sitting down with LRA. Looking at the ping pong Uganda has always employed, another opportunity to invade DRC is on the offing after it was said that Joseph Kony is now in DRC.

Musing on Nkunda’s service to his master, it becomes too good to be true that he was arrested and soon might be arraigned.There are reasons to become wary.Firstly, Nkunda was operating under orders from Kigali. He’s but Kigali’s agent and loyal soldier despite being a disgrace. Nkunda went home after finding the nut he was sent to crack harder and bigger than he thought. He lacked leadership skills and was recalled to be reprimanded and rehabilitated.Nkunda might have been also been deposed just because he could not prevail over the interests of those that cloned him. This means, Bosco Ntagandawho announced the boot down of Nkunda, may soon come into the big picture to see to it that the stand off goes on.

Will Rwandan authorities present Nkunda to The Hague to answer charges related to grave abuse of human rights and general atrocity against humanity? Shall they do, won’t Nkunda implicate them under the doctrine of conspiracy to commit crimes against humanity in DRC?
I heard that Nkunda will be handed over to DRC. This will create chaos unnecessarily. The good venue to submit Nkunda is The Hague. The evidence is water-tight that DRC that could not try Jean-Pierre Bemba cannot do the same reminiscent to Nkunda.

It seems Nkunda and his bosses in Kigali might have fallen out so as to create animosity, distrust and vengeance. Having come of age, Nkunda might have become over-ambitious and refused to receive and carry out orders from Kigali, something Kigali would not stomach. After gaining international recognition, Nkunda wanted to go solo so as-in the future-to try hand on power in Kinshasa.Nothing on earth is as dangerous as dealing with power seekers. This is the business in which trust comes last after personal interests.

Now that Nkunda is out of the big picture, is this the beginning of the end of DRC’s crisis? The ‘arrest’ of Nkunda is still sketchy and murky. Much remains to be seen and it is too good to be true. Was Nkunda arrested or he was recalled home for spanking and reprimanding? This is the question we need to answer before jubilation and sighs.
Source:The African Executive Magazine February 4, 2009.

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