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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

War on Graft: Look neither ape nor chimp in the face

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            After evidencing some mega-con artists being hauled before the court and being in the doghouse, Tanzanians were in the Va-va-voom like mood waiting to see more following suit. The other day when I was swallowing offal and kanywaji, I heard some boozers–of course, after being turbocharged with kanywaji–saying that what they’re evidencing is but the beginning of the end of impunity. Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin. After hollering at the top of their lungs about Escrew to no avail, boozers were enchanted to see, at last, justice creeping and closing in to those bêtes noirs.
We bin-Adams are complicated creatures, especially boozers. Guess what. While some were having a good time, others were scorning them saying that what’s going on is firefighting-like exercise if not nguvu ya soda. Utter moonshine! They said that they’ll endorse the whole exercise shall they see criminals behind EPA, Dowans, Symbionsis, Kagoda, UDA, SUKITA, Richmonduli and other mega scams are mercilessly dealt with.  The other one that we call an opponent said that what boozers call justice isn’t but selective one. The other one added that selective justice isn’t justice but another form of injustice and travesty of justice. We need to learn from past experience from some gawks that allowed their countries to be abused by any quack. Tanzania was once like that. Any quack or gawk would make a killing without necessarily facing the wrath of the law while our people were just gawking instead of agitating.
My ignorance informed that those fearless boozers would end up the above mentioned scams. What a goof! I didn’t know that they’d touch on the untouchable scapegraces the powers that be said: must be left to retire and eat our dosh peacefully even if some don’t deserve it due to the disservice they did. I goofed thinking that such boozers would fear that talking about such archangels would guarantee some years behind bars. I cautioned them not to touch the untouchables. As the fate would have it, the opponent told me to my face saying “sir, if you’ve been compromised by receiving sum hush-hush baksheesh forget.” He staggeredly stood up and came to my table and said “don’t think you can intimidate us like the news people whose outfits were banned. Nobody can ban me. Am I registered anywhere in this unforgiving land?”  Before he finished, another one chipped in “go tell Dr. Mwakirazor; he can ban those but not the son of gun.” He sneezed and went on “do you think we’re afraid of naming names?  Do you think we’ve forgotten Annie and Bennie or ANBEN, Forster and Nick or Fosnik, Deep Green Finance, Kiwila, TICKS aka TICTS and other scams those ogres engineered?”
As I was prepared myself to run away after noticing that these fyatus could attract cops to come and descend on us, another one added “guys, what’s going on is laughable. How do you arrest monkeys and spare chimps or kill lizards and spare gators?  Total malarkey!” Before winding up, I chipped in “what unthankful creatures that you are! Can’t you appreciate this move as you wait to see yet more to come as far as cleansing the house is concerned? Who bewitched you?”
He mordantly replied “who’s bewitched between bootlickers, courtiers, major domos and me? FYI: This piece of land’s equally ours. Therefore, whoever wants to make sense must make sure that justice’s done; and be seen done but not selective justice.”

In a nutshell, though boozers have no open or registered media–that is good to target for those prone of burning the media–to disseminate their grievance, they’d, indeed, want to see more being done. They think; what’s going on is more or less of the firefighting but not a surgical move to root out corruption in their land. To convince and entice them, one needs to use a carpet-bombing modus operandi by making sure that the nets are cast far and wide but neither discriminative nor selective as it seems currently. Swahili sage’s it when you want to kill a monkey, never look it in its face. Just unselectively hammer it to death be it big or little; just crucify it.
Source: Citizen Wed., Jan., 10, 2018.

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