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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Is Mengi Truly whom He Wants Tanzania to Know or his antithesis?

                   Reginald Mengi will soon launch his biography. I congratulate him on this. However, I must admit. I have not read the said biography. I therefore don't know if Mengi authored it or somebody did it on his behalf.  Interestingly, looking at the title of the biography, it is encouraging. However, considering Mengi's businesses and the way some of us were conned by this man either directly or vicariously, one doesn't get it. I have decided to agitate for my money that Mengi's IPP swindled me after contributing to Mengi's two Newspapers namely Nipashe Jumamosi and the Guardian. For, three years, Mengi didn't pay me sighting that Dr. John Magufuli has negatively impacted his businesses.
                  His editors Edmund Msangi and Gaudencia Mngumi spearheaded the campaigns of swindling my money. I communicated with the department of accounts but it didn't reply. This told me that the scheme was bigger than I thought.
                  To cut a long story short, I pose a simple question. Is truly Mengi what and whom he wants Tanzanians to know as he presents himself or an antithetical ogre behind this smiling face?

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