Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Africa is full of sharks

It is normally annoying when the title honourable is mentioned while referring to our Members of Parliament. You know what? I wonder just because some of waheshimiwa (Kiswahili term for honourables)are thieves to the core.

Take, for example, those spineless corrupt biggies we recently booted out from the government for their dirty deeds. We have them everywhere in Africa. They have undeservedly called and answered to the title mheshimiwa! What type of respect do they have if at all they brought disgrace to our nations? Refer to Goldenberg and Anglo-Leasing in Kenya and EPA and Richmond sagas in Tanzania. At the moment, they are up in arms against taxation of their allowances in Kenya while common peasants pay tax. What a shame!

We know how they ushered in bogus investors that are looting our minerals. Does the person who brought Richmond deserve to be called a mheshimiwa? Is they guy who stole Kiwira a mheshimiwa really? Heck no. This is a footpad. Let us face it. How should he fall short of being if at all he abusively used our office to steal from us? We elect these people to represent us but instead, they rob us.

Though these dotards look like human beings, they’re wolves in sheep skin. Though they live slap-up lives, they are like white man’s dog that lives in house full of goodies. A thief is a thief even if he’s called mheshimiwa. I abhor those calling thieves waheshimiwa. They don’t have the moral integrity to do so. For, in law, the conspirator, abettor or anybody who witnesses the commission of the offence without reporting is an actual thief or he knows the actual thief.

I still can’t believe that thugs behind Richmond , Goldenberg, Anglo-Leasing, Buzwagi, EPA, Kiwira, Net solution, TICTS and other slapdash mishmash are referred to as waheshimiwa!

To begin with, they’ve never mounted any defense to this effect. They’ve maintained silence due to irrefutable truth behind their crimes. Secondly, even when one looks at their slap up lives and the wealth they illegally own, one will never fear calling them any name one deems fit. We told them to declare their wealth. They did not do so for the fear of spilling beans. Any mheshimiwa that does not like to declare his wealth is a shark. We have them almost everywhere; in churches, parliament, mosques and even in our homes.

They like being praised and can even praise themselves. They like to be worshipped and boot-licked. They like to be seen as angels whilst they actually are actually white washed sepulchers full of dead men’s bones! They promise to bring development but end up becoming obstacles to development. Money is stolen and stashed abroad. They rule by lies and brutality. Some counterfeit their certificates. Others offer kickbacks and takrima so as to be voted for.

Note. This slap on the wrist is meant for waheshimiwa that are sharks. So the genuine waheshimiwa should spare me. I have nothing against them save to caution them to distance themselves from honourable sharks.

The wisdom of today comes from Heraclitus: "All things are in a state of flux, thus you cannot step twice in the same river for the river is constantly changing as fresh waters are even flowing. Therefore everything is changing and nothing is permanent except change itself." We need to change the waheshimiwa's corrupt way.

Source: The African Executive Magazine-Nairobi.

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