Friday, 14 December 2007

Changudoas and Changupakas beware!

I know how sex business or whatever terminology, is booming in Dar es Salaam nowadays. I know how it has its headquarters along Ohio , Kinondoni and other places to mention but a few.

One would wonder: what is wrong with me to write to these twilight girls, women and men! There is nothing wrong indeed. What is wrong with one becoming jackal-of-all-trades? But immorally! I doubt.

Given that this thing does exist despite its negativity and sensitivity even denial, it is there and it has become as normal as other things. Sex workers as they are known here, have been and will be there whether we like or not. That is why their dirty job is known as an ancient work in western world! It is even legal here but not at home.

I very much am aware how discussing this thing provokes the flow of adrenalines in some section of our people. But again, no way I can pooh pooh it given that it involves our people even some big guns in the first place. I am not saying I know those big cheeses. But I am sure some do though not all. Mind you.

Now that it involves our men and women who operate without borders, it is eminent to warn all of them known and unknown. This sounds better. You never know. You can find yourself blaming vishawishi, Satan even the devil after coming face to face and a prey of these twilight daughters of Eve and sons of Adam. You know what follows after such an encounter. That is not my concern.

You pant wearers, you too, are to blame. You pretend you are busy at office so as to return back home late. You cheat your wife: you had an extra job. Yes, an extra job; but not in the office. Many who thought are smart have tomfoolery killed their loved ones. Yes. I can not blame everything on females. Do they do it alone? Who buy them? So this is an everyman war. Those who are hard headed so as to ignore, be braced for weapons of mass destruction in the form of starehe.

It came to light that some rude guys have intentionally decided to turn themselves into weapons of mass destruction. You know what? They intentionally spread HIV/AIDS. They seem to be on the loose to make sure that they return the number with other innocent sinners!

This incident is third. For when the first and second occurred I thought nothing else would follow thereafter. It has been reported that Robin Lee St. Claire (26) who is not even a prostitute here because she is not registered. She is an HIV+ bomb who has already endangered the lives of others. Living in the conurbation of Toronto , for reasons known to her has decided to die with others. Whew. Some would holler. She is offering her… God forgive me: I can’t utter this libido thing. You know what I mean.

Forget the bomb at dirty job of decimating God’s creatures especially those wearing long pants and growing mustaches. The thing is some gown wearers are vectoring you guys to appease their anger in that they acquired those millions of viruses from a pant wearers like you. So beware.

The lady mentioned above and the like would like you to taste their cocktail of death but on your own risk and possible your wife’s.

I have written this. Because I know how a Mzungu is revered. Everybody thinks he is Mr. Moneybags. Beware. Things have completely changed. I don’t mean all Mzungus are HIV+ and would like to see as many graves as possible. But again looking at how they are worshipped as far as money making is concerned, shall they venture into our Ohio streets chances are that many will perish.

The watalii you revere, some of them, quote me rightly, not all of them, are sambazaing the viruses at any expense. But beware. Some do. Now who is safer and dangerous? This is none of my biz. Importantly one thing can help; Condom. I know even if I pretend to be more godly and curse this thing, again, the thing is and you will still use it or not depending on your risk taking ability. For those whose method is always money-by-all-means, I know I am yelling.

Life is sweeter and dearer than anything. It is upon you to decide. I know I won’t be in the pitch with you when the game commences. I know you badly need and adore that almighty dollar a lot more. But your life means more than a mere almighty paper known as dollar.

Additionally it came to light that many westerners have been indicted for doing illegal and unnatural things in Thailand where they are defiling child prostitutes. Some have even crossed the line. They take snaps and distribute on line and milk a lot of dollars! Beware. You can find your dirty and nude photo circulating the world over. People in Mwanza know what I mean when they refer to one dirty priest.

To make sure that Africans are protecting themselves, they must take a leaf from westerners- they screen every bin Adam from Africa who seeks visa to go to west which in essence is more sexually rotten than Africa.

I know one can say I have seen many come and go. How can this guy teach me how to go about the biz I have been doing for years? Beware. Things do change every moment. Also it may be just a good luck to attain that age. But mind you: God has a lot of lives to look after.

I hope the lesson is simple and clear. Beware of HIV and its tricks, theatrics and hidden ways and humans who would like to double the number of fatalities we have already witnessed.
Those who are in love with becoming a static thing under the soil in a rectangular kind of abode, keep in on.

On the other hand the authorities need to think about medical screening the in-coming watalii. If their countries can medically screen us saying it as good precaution kind of thing, why don’t we do this good thing for them too?

Do not worry that they will stop from coming. They will come. They don’t come simply because they want to revamp our economies. They come because they want to see what they see and do what they do. Life is like that. You can not have all endowments.

I repeat. Changudoas men and women, known and unknown please heed my voice and beware as you take all precautions.

So long from Canada ,

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