Wednesday, 26 December 2007

OINT BLANK: What’s wrong with presidential ambitions?

THERE is this Premier Eddie Lu-wassa, a yero like the late Sokoine. Though the difference is, Sokoine was Sokoine and Lu-wash is Lu-wash. You know what I mean? I’m not trying to profile these yero guys. They are serious in whatever business. They are good at everything.

I like this community of heroes. Some tongue wagers have it that this guy, Edu, has an eye on the presidency after his best pal Jack lapses his beleaguered phase four! They expound and propound all lies about the guy. They’’re saying he’s mwanamtandao’. What is wrong with being a member of this mtandao? What is wrong with having ambitions for and an eye on the presidency?

Let me reprimand them point blank. Just like any Tanzanian whose rights are enshrined in our old-fashion Constitution, Edu enjoys them too. If he thinks he is a presidential material, perfect. But this is not all. If our people deem him fit, perfect. But will they make this grave mistake to trust untrustable?

I read somewhere I don’t remember though, that the network, yes, ‘mtandao’, was purposely formed to impose its members to ruin this country! Much is spoken so to speak. These good guys at wagging tongues are saying: ’’Look Edu in actuality and reality, he is the one running this crippled piece of land! Wow!

These guys are now crossing the line. Edu wake up. Wake up Edu. These guys intend to snatch your cake. Shame on them! They think we don’t know how power- hungry they are just like you!

The guys are shrewd to be honest. But do they know that Edu too is? Edu can shrewdly exterminate any fire directed to him or his boss. Look at how he silenced the tongue wagers in the House. They wanted to make us believe that Richmond was the business owned by government! Don’t they know that Edu is a yero warrior who in light and dark, directly or otherwise can carry the day?

I’m now telling you point blank. Let me tell you another thing. These guys are legalizing their illegality by shamelessly saying, given that Edu was in the race for the presidency in 1995, his ambitions will never escape him. They add one and one and say in the year 2015, he will still be ’kijana’ as per CCM’s hoodwink! What is wrong with convincing people that a grandee is a young boy?

For your reminder, the guy won’t be the first to invoke this science. It is just a few years ago when his friend was dubbed a young boy and sailed through. Those guys who invented this science of turning lies into truth and vice versa are smart. If they were not, how would they present a 55-odd-year-old guy as an adolescent and get away with it? Didn’t you echo their choir and jump into the bandwagon? Who’s wrong hither? Don’t complain then.

Going back to the guy and the presidency, those malicious, obnoxious, nefarious and devious guys are saying that all those reports about over expenditure in the high House is the means of raising funds for ’takrima’ to be employed in 2015! They even swear! Nonsense, isn’t it? Let me ask them. Hey bad guys! Why don’t you adduce evidence thereof? Now our country is dogged with these sorts of things. Some say it is true. Some ugh! You know. I am a bookworm and a truth hook. That’s why I’ve never fallen short of words. I am a well of words of wisdom.? I read like Kambarage and think like Sophocles. I’m not sure if currently the rulers do the same. Anyway may be they do. That’s why they are able to shrug off every boomerang aimed at them.Yes. That’s why the tongue wagers in the house were silenced. To the contrary, Kambarage and I did read to see to it that all Tanzanians are realizing their dreams without waiting.

Let me ask you over and over again. Why, you tongue wagers fear the guy? If you want the presidency you should say so instead of vindicating the guy. Are you still basing your hatred on Nyerere’s rants? Don’t you know he was his grandfather? So what he said was just a joke.

Yes. Kambarage said some punks acquired wealth illegally. But he did not name names. He named one name; John for truancy and sick advice. Even if he meant Edu, he did not adduce evidence. Again if what Nyerere said meant Edu, how would Jack appoint him his consigliore? Nothing remains the same. Edu is a changed guy. He is clean and mature. And this is the only reason that enabled him to defeat many guys who were eying the premiership.

What a shrewd and powerful PM that Edu is! ’Edu fanya vitus’. Don’t you listen to those mentally skinny goons Edu. Wachovu hao. I don’t see any difference between you and them. Mind you. The ape does not see its butt. Stop your jackass justice. This is now getting into my nerves. It is too much.’Muacheni Edu.’ Let him enjoy his time. You are saying he wants the presidency by all means. Yes. So what? What of you? Don’t you want ’ulaji wa bure eenh?’ Stooop! ’Acheni wivu wa kike.’ I wish Ben were there. He would full pack his abuses and rant on you point blank till?you burst for anger. The guy was a boxer I am told. If you do your nonsense he can clobber you or call you names.

Don’t you know why I am defending this guy? One day if good God willing, he will remember me in his glory. I remember my colleagues. Some used to burn their voices on radio and others before TV cameras. Those media guys landed on ’vyeo vinono’ the size of honourable so-and-so. They no longer wake in the middle of the night to wait for vans to deliver them like parcels at studio or media house doors. One of them is a DC and another an RC. It pays sometimes even though bad guys call this science nepotism, corruption, favoritism, ’kujuana’, ’mtandao’ and so on. Who cares if the taxpayers are paying and the guys scoop? Let me roll over my gospel. If you are not well connected don’t hate those who are. So long chaps.

Source: ThisDay December 26, 2007


Anonymous said...

Mhango you can't be serious if I have understood your point. How can Tanzanians trust the guy that does not trust himself?
Have we forgotten and forgiven his sins that Nyerere cast doubt on?
Lowassa hafai hata kwa dakika moja kuwa Rais wa nchi. He is a stinking thief. Ana mimali lukuki ya wizi. Even his daughter Pamela is at BoT stealing just like her father.
Afilie mbali mwizi huyu.
Bye and endelea kuwachapa sir.

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