Thursday, 28 February 2008

My dear Eddie, don’t waste your time, resources

I READ with great dismay the story that Eddie Lowassa opted to resign! Uh! What a lie! What a lie! Guy, do you think we are that forgetful in the first place? Don’t you know, we know you were expelled by the Parliamentary Select Committee?

Let me look at how you opted or were forced to opt. First of all, do you know the real meaning of the word opt? Opt in simple English parlance is to make a choice. So in your case, you did not make any choice. But you were given one made by the parliamentary select committee. So let’s agree on this Eddie. You had no choice except to pack and jump into water as it happened. If at all you opted or made a choice as you are trying to put it, then why were you complaining that you were not accorded natural justice?

If the choice was yours, then why did you allege that the evidence so used to pin you down was far fetched?

Another thing I call a lie point blank is your braggadocios and brouhahas of comparing yourself to Al Haj Ali Hassan Mwinyi, the third- phase president of the United Republic. If I were him (Mwinyi), I’d aver that this comparison is between a termite hill and Mount Everest in the first place. How can the guy who was thoroughly implicated in wrong doings compare himself to the one that voluntarily relinquished powers after some irresponsible punks tarnished his position?

After all, times have changed tremendously. The rules of the game, by then, allowed someone to bounce back. But as of now, forget about it, dear Eddie.

Another point. Do you remember that Mwalimu Nyerere, though deceased, still commands immense powers as far as our politics is concerned? Don’t you remember: he put it to you that you amassed ill-gotten wealth? This was unfortunate for you. For the reasons known to you, you opted to keep mum without reckoning with the fact that this prophecy would ricochet later!

By the way Eddie, why haven’t you ever declared your wealth? Can you do this please?

Another killer fact! Don’t you remember how the art of manipulation so applied during the campaigns did haunt you?Look at how ’wananchi’ celebrated and cheered your fall from grace. To me, the reaction of the people, after the news was broken that you were to hit the road, speaks volumes about who you actually are.How can a guy whose political demise attracted ululations and relief day-dream of bouncing back?

Make no joke Eddie.You know what, that son of Mary a.k.a son of Man, Jesus Christ said: "Believe ye me. It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle’’ than it is for Eddie to sit on the high throne of power in this country.

Another last thing. If you want us to seriously respect you, please spill the beans. What have you to lose if you have already lost? If anything Eddie, I feel pity for my best friend Bangusilo Ibra Msabaha whom you are using as a napkin to cleanse your mess.

Guy, all in all and above all, stop comparing yourself to Mzee wetu Mwinyi whom we respect highly.

As for Richmond, its spirit will go to rest the day we shall see all who are behind it before a court of law; as they’ll be condemned to heavy duty and the loot shall be taken and returned to the hoi polloi who slept in darkness the whole year. Again there is a curse here. Who will acclaim the guy that caused the power hike in the first place?

We must face it point blank. When a leaf drops from a tree, it can not return there, despite all the scientific achievements. Eddie go to bed now and dream well. But never waste your money on fortune tellers who are shouting that one day you will be back. To do what, Eddie?

Source: Thisday Feb. 28, 2008.


Anonymous said...

You are becoming another shakespearers!
Or Chinua Achebe! When he wrote his novels the Nigeria government was toppled the same way Eddie Lowassa was!
We need Mkapa now before the court as you said last edition.
Make sure guys we nibble the guy.
Jeuri Mwananchi

Anonymous said...

Gosh that was Nail on aye bal

keep doing good work