Thursday, 21 February 2008

We need Ben, Ann and Eddie before judge

SIPPERS are angry and hungry today. They’ve read the revelations that Ben Makapu is behind the TICTS! The clock is ticking. Some say: he’s a tick that needs to be smashed. They know: he is behind Net Problems; he touted Net solutions. He is also behind Kiwira mega money making project dubbed Tanpower. He’s behind the death of the late NBC. He also is behind ANBEN, Fosnik, M bank, palace Lushoto, M tower in sea view and so on!

On the same line there is this killer news that the-forced-to resignation-former- PM, Edward Lowassa, is to receive golden parachute! What for on Earth! This is bloody theft even if it is supported by such bloody dirty piece of legislation. No. this is another ufisadi so to speak. What is he paid for? Stealing our monies and sinking our country into the Richmonduli ditch?

Come on Mr. Government. Go to the parliament and amend that bloody piece of law that provides for such theft. This if anything is a bad law that aims at serving and saving bad people as it vindicates the good ones!

Going back to the sippers, Mbea the newest sipper has it that this guy, Ben and ANBEN is even richer than George Bush!

His wife, he says, is richer than Oprah Winfrey and Malta Stewart!

The son of Bennie is even richer than that of the king of Saudi Arabia; even the son of Makhtoum of Dubai! Mwe!

This sipper knows more than you do. He says: You know guys? JK does not want to protect the thing; he is forced by the system.’’

Before Mbea goes on, Kyembeson chips in. "Guys, JK is clean. But he should prove this by letting judicial process exonerate or convict the bum. He needs to demolish such dirty system before it demolishes him as it happened to his friend the son of Ole.’’

Makengeza weighs in to score a point. "You’re right. JK is currently sweeping his house. Don’t you see; he started with the son of Ole? The next move is dugong; believe ye me.’’

By the way, who bewitched Ben so as to become that myopic? I thought his being Mchonga’s student; he'd be insightful and accountable.’’ Says Machungi.

"Wow indeed. Don’t you know sometimes a God-fearing person can sire a sinner?’’ He sips his ulabu and adds up. ’’To me the right thing to do is to submit Bennie and Annie and Eddie whom I am told is to scoop more monies as golden handshake, before the court of law; the rest will be upon the judge.’’

"Before doing so, I advise, our money should be returned plus all houses and other properties resulting from this theft by biggies. And no dime should be paid to thieves who admitted themselves to be thieves per se.’’ Says Kyembeson.

Mpa chips in. ’’You’re right Kyembeson. This will be the lesson for those that will follow thereafter.But do they have ears? If they do, will our system be changed from protecting big thieves as it vexes the wananchi? We need to do away from this embarassing walanchi system and embrace Mwananchi system.

Kyembeson seals the chat of the sippers as he says: Dugong, Annie and son of Ole should be a very big lesson for thieves in making or those dreaming to steal our monies. By the way, when will the accounts so discovered abroad be made public? Let them return our money and go to Ukonga instead of giving them more mshiko. Zitawatokea puani shenzi you. Let us surmon Bennie, Annie and Eddie before the judge as soon as we can. Game over now.

Source: Thisday Feb. 21, 2008.


Anonymous said...

Right Mhango,
The fall of Lowassa must mean the fall of Kikwete in essence.
Mkapa seems to have entered a deal with Kikwete. But their days are numbered.
Bravo and keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully put! We need these thieves before the judge.
But will Kikwete be able to arrest them? I am afraid. He is the one to be vindicated first.
Anyways, keep on making noises time will come when they will understand.

Anonymous said...

It is not the matter of making noises as anonymus you puts it. It is the matter of fighting corruption.
So Mhango never say never till when we see the light.

Anonymous said...

Have you guys heard Sheik Yahaya and Ole Naiko? These bums think they can take us for a ride once again?
They are saying Lowassa son of a Meru Ewassa will bounce back! What rubbish? Inaonekana hawa wezi wanamuibia mwizi Lowassa ili kumpa imani kuwa atarudi!~ Arudi wapi na kufanya nini? Richmod must sweep all corrupt officials from our office. You know guys, Kikwete too needs to be scrutinized in th first place.

Rainer Brandl said...

I have been working in Tanzania for three years in a very remote area in order to treat HIV/AIDS vicitms, I left even a lot of private monies there and I think we did well.
Guess what? You are right, Tanzania is very rich but exploited by corrupt elites, they come from the church (the colour of the skin of those who wear the cloths do not matter in this regard)politicians, the local governments and an interantional alliance of thieves taking more ressources out than the put in. Well, there are two classes of people, those who work hard and are honest and those who take credit and steal - the latter are many in Tanzania.
I would not contribute that only to Tanzania, you can find this all over thae world and that these ones do not rule and do not take over is only secured by a working legal system and several controll systems and it is not only africans in whose interest it lays that these systems are built up only slowly, local elites are easily to controll and handle by interests from outside (churches, companies, other governements and even NGOs - not all but much to many)


P.S.: I would still give JK a chance, up to now he is clever and tries to built up a system, free press, working police, court system, opposition and I would wait for the litmus test and if he allows this system to act even against him in case he fails. Up to now no reason not to trust him? I am not sure if he really likes the US or any donor who wants to rule, but as for small and not ver importantn countries like Tanzania (or Austria, where I came from) you do not have much a say and must be careful "not to invite"...

NN Mhango said...

Dear friend Dr.Rainer,
Thanks for your noble and insightful contribution. What pains even more is the fact that when these thieves still our monies, we still boob as we boogie to their nonsensical seductive tongues.
JK is nothing but a conspirator. If you can give me one sound and strong reason as to why he should not hew Mkapa before the court, I will start trusting him and his regime that has proved to be even more corrupt than others.
Guys, wake up. This hunk known as Tanzania seems to have lost directions due to having myopic and blind leadership.
Thanks my friend.
Nkwazi N Mhango
St. John's Canada

Rainer Brandl said...

Hi friend Nkwazi,

It is just what I heard about JK from some frieds who are close to him but do not hesitate to criticise him. Well, I might be wrong but my feeling is that in general people and peoples are to much in hope for the strong man and as weaker a society is - when it comes to working institutions and different players - the more the people hope "the president to act" (like the late Nyerere did). I think he cannot act in that way! This is not his role! I will judge him if the institutions work and take people responisible including Mkapa. This would change the Tanzanian world and I do see indications for that.
JK needs the press, he needs the opposition, he needs to be watched. One of my Tanzanian friends said about "Lowassa and his sydicate" (well we know that Lowassa and JK were political friends since many years!) "you know they never ate alone and they are many it is not just one man" - one indication is the media campaing in order to support Lowassa, they are in the churches in CCM, the civil servants, they are everywhere, it is a system which emerged out of colonialism and singel party system, state controll, the feeling that politicians are naturally thieves and nobody sees them as servants... but I think there is a new class which will come up and I HOPE (well I have learned that I am sometimes in hope for nothing, true) but I HOPE that JK is part of that spirit and he said it very often and up to now: No reason to be dissapointed. I was told that on the last deeds of Mkapa was to issue a lot of presidential orders to protect people on his last day.