Monday, 31 March 2008

EPA: This is white washing, witch hunting and ping pong

The East African March 17, 2008 has it that the government of Tanzania has issued an international prohibitory notice stopping the sale and transfer of properties bought by Tanzanian firms and individuals suspected to have obtained money fraudulently from the external payment arrears (EPA) account of the central bank. Kudos and bravo with all bravadoes shall you mean the biz.

Looking at it at the face value, one would think: now the government is at last at work! come on folks. What must be done is not to issue this prohibitory notice or whatever it is but to arraign the culprits in the first place shall the government be serious and genuine in this.

I thought. What would come first, shall common sense be employed, would be the arrest of the culprits who are still sashaying in our streets driving their oil-guzzlers as they head for their King-size mansions.

They are still dining and wining in our expensive hotels. Indeed they are but still free bin-Adams amidst us. What is the government waiting for? Arrest them first and others will follow if indeed you are serious.

This braggadocio reminds me of the fanfaronades during the Chavda saga. We were told: Chavda would end up in the gaol. Did he go there? Thubutu. He was given his carte Blanche and hit the road to Bombay to enjoy his loot.

Show me anyone behind the bars I shall give you the cow that I inherited from my father. Who is sullying who and who are these bloody thieves who seem to be the government with another? Why is the government catching a cold foot when it comes to arrest these mega thieves?

Is the government waiting to witness what happened in Urambo whereby the offended Wananchi torched the houses of corrupt officials? Though this may be regarded as an unthinkable reminiscent to big thieves in upper echelons of powers, times are changing. People, tired of this dirty game, may wake up and punish the culprits extemporaneously. So shall we invoke common sense, for the security of culprits and our money, culprits need to be behind the bars as soon as possible.

I know this is difficult. For in our country, mega thieves are rewarded thanks to their big brains that enable them to rake billions whilst the Mlalanjaa is dying in penury unnecessarily.

If I were JK, I would have no mercy with anyone who is implicated in wrong doings. I still can’t understand why the government is lax and is ready to take heat for the crimes committed by others! How does it benefit from these scams so as to become a sacrificial lamb of mega thieves?

The so called international prohibitory notice may end up being taken and used as a loop for the culprits to salvage their loots and get away with it. What will the government tell us shall this happen? Let the government be warned. Letting the culprits free is but regarded as abetting with them to commit even bigger crimes as far as money changing hands and destroying exhibits are concerned.

If at all the names of the culprits are known even to a dove, then what are we waiting for? Are we waiting for roman soldiers who arrested Jesus to come and help us? Guys stop fooling us. Arrest these big freebooters as soon as possible before we burst with angers.

By the way, how far has the government gone as far as bringing back the chief architect of EPA profligacy, Daud Ballali? The last I heard of the saga was to the effect that the US authorities were waiting for the formal application from the government of Tanzania to effect the arrest of the bum. Good job for keeping mum but…

Another point, white washing is not the venue of the government that has all sorts of investigation's organs under its disposal.

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