Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Go to Butiama and tell Mwalimu Nyerere

Many critics are wondering. Why? In a word, reasons for CCM to flock in Butiama. Some say: they’re in Butiama to be booted out by those that still love the founder of CCM, Mwl.JK Nyerere.

I, for one, I am saying: keep in on Folks. Go and tell Mwalimu how you are in the verge of finishing the job of rejuvenating all-he-fought-and-died-for pillars. Go and tell him as you give him the reasons. I know he’ll agree.

Go with you expensive oil guzzlers-Mashangingi. Go along with your business blossom friends who have been supporting the party he found. Go show him them. And don’t forget to remember to tell him. The biz people love the party too.

Before you go, make sure you invite the Mjasiriamali and his biz oriented wife of ANBEN. Don’t forget his son who also seems to inherit the blood of entrepreneurship-Nick of Fosnik.
Also when you go there, brief him about the nice job some of you did with regards to EPA or Economic Profligacy for Authorized-corsairs. Folks don’t ever forget. Tell him also how his best friend -he advised not to waste time running for the office- was unceremoniously booted out by the select committee.

Also do me a favor. Tell Mwl: that old man who wrongly thought; would wear his shoes in the party, proved to be a let down. His mvi meant nothing! He started blabbing like a mad person until recently he was told to retire and enjoy the money his wife makes at a Ubungo bus station. She owns a lucrative biz there thanks to ethics-less regime we are in.
If you can guys, tell him how some of you are competing in the fortune Magazine of Forbes. Mwalimu must know. Soon his party and country will produce a billionaire the size of Warren G Buffet Carlos Salem, Bill Gates etc.

So too, all so-called leadership ethics are now history. The so called party branches are no longer vital like mitandao or network.
Another thing you should not forget to brief Mwl. on is the whole issue of muafaka. Tell him please. The muafaka he thought would result into agreements between CUF and CCM meant to be inter alia individuals we see blossoming with those we used to think they’re their sworn enemies. Tell him. The other day I saw the man with bush like beads laughing heartily with his uncle- a firebrand sort of comedian guy.
Another thing, tell mwl. Nowadays it is ruxa for the whole family to run and hold high party positions regardless whether it is the family of president, chairman or else.
While he did not like to see his kids vying for top posts in the party, presently this is an in-thing. Woo-hoo!
Another crucial thing to tell Mwl., what was then regarded as metastasis with regard to the love and worship of money has currently mimed his people. No money, no power and power mean money or means of making money. In a nut shell tell him. Money is the means to the end.
Before I forget, tell Mwl please that his student he left in "the holy of the holy" defecated there. He made millions of dollars he loaned from the banks. He is currently among super rich Tanzanians tell him.
Lucubrate too that some tongue wagers wanted him brought to books. But the president said: such charges were nonsensical and a dangerous to the integrity of the nation. He said: big people should not be perturbed when they are enjoying their heavy pecks of retirement.
Let me wrap up. But I must remind you to tell Mwalimu: the many minerals he protected for the future is currently bringing billions of dollars. This has made our country to have super rich officials who know how to do business. These guys are sharp. They are ready to even follow the investor wherever he his be it London or Calgary or at sea. One of them, one time followed a Canadian investor in the hotel in London and sealed a deal just in the hotel.

The last thing, tell him. He was right. He said: when choosing a leader, we should not act as if we looking for a bride. Now we know this too well. Otherwise say hi to Mwl.
Tempus fugit, I thus have to call it a day.



I feel U Brother!It is just sad!:-(

NN Mhango said...

THANKS Bro Kitururu.
But we need to face it head on


True dat Bro!

Anonymous said...

Bro Kitururu thanks for being my oft-visitor. Bravo and keep in on Sir.