Thursday, 13 March 2008

Stop dilly-dallying arrest EPA's thieves

IF anything, small droughts read revelations of nonsensical and suicidal deals that thieves behind economic profligacy by so-called thieves are returning the External-Payment-Account loots to the Bank of Tanzania.

It is said:they are doing it secretly, the mighty power-that-be, this should lead the central bank, is receiving the money returned silently! Surely, such action is shameful, to say the least.

It is a cardinal sin in the first place! Some are saying. But may I ask you folks: Do you want the power-that-be to burn their own fingers? I say nay, nobody is ready to kill his own kids.

One person has sarcastically said ’’ Under any law under the sun this is but bloody theft even if it is committed by the high and mighty. How can the power-that-be commit such a financial sacrilege so to speak? I have heard that they have suspended the chief architects of this scam. But they have not hauled them to court!

Today I am not saying much. After gulping some liquor I have the temerity to say: ’’What adds up to this abracadabra is the fact that even the names of the thieves behind this crime are being concealed? So too is the amount and the dates of return of the cash! Gosh!

"If this is the murky way we are doing things, time will come when the culprits will iron out things with their victims! If not they too will be suspended in lieu of being brought to book! This looks like jungle justice per excellence!’’

Who are those being concealed? One is tempted to ask: Are they a government within a government? JK told us point blank: His is a government purely made by him. No allies. No shareholders, even us, the stakeholders.’’

"If what JK said was right, and we have no reason to doubt him for, after all he is at the helm of our country. Then where does this returned loot come from? Was it hidden under various mattresses or pots, awaiting things to cool down before it was taken back to the bank in Tanzania or in off-shore banks?

Another Bongoman says ’’The braggarts behind the curtains are big men and women with big influence in the power-that-be circles. But let’s face it single-handedly: How long will this deceit last if at all we want to know everything?’’

Let me put it point blank. I am not supporting these EPA undertakings altogether. Phew! Stop dilly-dallying and arrest those who are returning our money soonest.’’

Today things are hotter. Bettie the liquor seller says: ’’Return our money. Those implicated must face the music along with forfeiture of their ill-gotten property. Because they have committed a sin.

Bettie, the liquor seller, keeps saying: ’’We still need Ballali, the ex-BoT governor, to face the music as well. We shall never stop making loud noises so that he lands in the cooler once proven guilty.’’

She adds point blank. ’’If I got it right, I remember. The president has been asking us to help him by producing the names of the corrupt fellows in our midst. Now those behind EPA scam are known, what else is the president waiting for?’’

As Bettie pauses to quaff a little bit, Vyombo adds: ’’Does he philosophically mean we should go and attack them wherever they are in our republic? It can’t be!’’

Such behaviour would only create chaos in our country that is famous for keeping law and order.

As our meeting was about to delve deeper into EPA’s looting, the police stormed in to arrest us for drinking bootleg liquor instead of pursuing EPA’s looters using techniques they learned from Scotland Yard or the Federal Bureau of Investigation!

Source: Thisday March 13, 2008

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