Sunday, 14 June 2009

Bwana waziri, no more money to Kiwira please!

THIS is the fourth time I'm writing to remind you of your promise to divulge enshrouded owners of Kiwira Coal Mine. Likewise, this is the fourth time you promised and defaulted, in that you didn’t live up to your promises.

What has forced me to write for the fourth time is the report I read recently quoting you as saying: Your government will sink more money into Kiwira in order to produce much needed electricity! The idea is cool save that the means is spooky, so to speak.

Regarding this predatory behaviour, I’ve a few questions to ask you good minister. Is it true that Kiwira Coal and Power Company (KCPC) is a subsidiary company of Tan power (Mkapa’s family company) that is said to have been illegally formed by Mkapa and his family when he was the sitting president that acquired Kiwira illegally?

Why don’t you clarify the issue of ownership that you’ve been subjecting to ping pong? Don't you see, before doing so, spending money on such dubious things is an insult to our taxpayers? What have you to lose for telling the truth that sets free?

Can’t this be taken circumstantially as evidence that the power that be wrongly thinks our people are zombies it intends to rob? How far has it dealt with the EPA profligacy, Kagoda in the main?

Importantly, let me state pointedly: Tell the people the true owners of Kiwira before throwing their money away to monkey business. It appalls to note that the project that was robbed at a throw away price of 70m/- in lieu of actual value of 4trn/- can still ’convince’ the government to cough more money!

If anything, there must be something fishy because I cannot comprehend the rationale of this theft by consent!
Somebody steals your car then you pay for its repair after wrecking it! No. Tell it to the birds. Even a hen cannot do this.

Should this machination-cum- sabotage succeed; believe me, there must be some bigwigs of the current regime with a share in this loot.

And you know what? There are many thieves in high offices and many innocent guys behind bars.
You said: Our begging government owns only 30% of Kiwira? Well done. How come it is taking the burden of rejigging the project whilst it has minority shares compared to 70% owned by Tanpower?

Legally speaking, the shareholder with majority shares is duty bound to see to it that if anything happens, he carries the burden the same rights he enjoys when it comes to manning the project and making decisions.

Good minister sir, you’re quoted as saying, ’’Let bygone be bygone. The aim is to get electricity.’’ Once again, the idea is cool to hear but stinky to subscribe to. How come somebody stole our utility and we still award him more money?

Is Kiwira the only source in the first place? You must be kidding waziri. How come wananchi’s tax money is being offered to the guys that stole their utility so as to produce electricity and hike it back to the same victims?
Looking at your report, it seems the decision to steal, sorry, burn our money has already been reached at.

You said, ’’We’ll revamp the project so that it becomes beneficial to the nation in general.’’ Bwana Waziri, why does the nation always mean a few thieves in power?
Had the ’nation’ been considered, you’d have already brought thieves behind Kiwira to book.

Why should the Wabongo be offended so as to feel the pinch and act? Are they waiting to be sold alive to act? When I look at Kagoda, Richmond , IPTL thefts among others, and now this Kiwira, I feel like committing suicide.

It is in Bongo only where a business man can be alleged to have broken public coffers but instead of apprehending him, a waziri stands up and defends him even by intimidating whistle-blowers!

It is only in Bongo where a minister can be convicted of wrong doing so as to be expelled from office but the same goes on being a member of parliament!

What is said to be saving Kiwira sounds like a pretext of soliciting money. Who knows? The general elections are around the corner. And mark my words; in Bongo, public money is stolen when elections close in.

In a nutshell, no dime should be given to Kiwira before divulging who owns it and how he acquired it. This time I'm sure President Jack will never put his power in danger's path. Enough is enough..

So an important thing to do Bwana waziri is to neuter and castrate the thieves behind the Kiwira crime or retake Kiwira instead of breaking public coffers even more.
If honourable MPs are going to consent to this theft as opposed to wananchi’s will, they should count them out when it comes to next elections.

True, what’s going on is syndicated theft in the name of national development. What is referred to as a nation is nothing but a nation of a few crooks in power but not ours.
Shame on them!
Source: Thisday June 10, 2009.

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