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Is Hellen Zelle a racist really?

When the opposition leader in South Africa , Helen Zelle recently called President Jacob Zuma a womanizer that’s ready to put the lives of his three wives in danger’s path, she was branded as a racist.

Zille was quoted as thus, "Zuma is a self-confessed womaniser with deeply sexist views, who put all his wives at risk by having unprotected sex with an HIV-positive woman."

Is there any grain of racism or lie in these remarks? Isn’t Zuma a womanizer that slept with a HIV-Positive girl, (the age of his daughter, Gugulethu), without thinking about his three wives? What’s wrong with telling what happened as it truly did? Is it because Zille is the opposition leader and much more white? When it reaches the point at which people look at who is saying instead of what is said, such people are doomed.

Now Zuma is now slumped in to the front seat steering the nation. Will he avert his history and the challenges it poses? He came to power under the pseudo banner of populism as many hopes were pinned on him. Will he deliver? Will he escape the test of time? Soon, just soon, people will start querying after a true Zuma surfaces.

I’m anxiously waiting to hear what Zuma has to say with regards to Jonathan Shapiro’s recent cartoon depicting him with a shower hanging over his head signifying how he showered after having unprotected with a HIV-positive girl. Will he quell the media for reminding him who he actually is or bite the bullet?

Though Zuma temporarily languishes and banks on being exonerated by the politicized court, his being the devil incarnate will never do away without going through proper legal process. His name will remain mud till he faces the true music. And, indeed, his government will remain in the till until he faces the reality by doing the right thing. All allegations will remain fresh till time they are duly dealt with. Failure to this is just the matter of time. History will slink and tell anyway.

And mark my words. The other day in future, Zuma will see a cartoon showing him with an Indian con man surrounded by weapons, bundles of bills and coins as the moneys change hands. Soon people will ask for him to dance Letu umushini wami; and, as president, he won’t be able to come forth to dance and cheer them up. Hither is where the hell will break loose for him. This is the moment a true Zuma will come to the agora to be counted. In a nutshell, Zuma’s stinky history makes him sit on the ticking-time bomb.

Employing pretexts has become an in-thing for African tarnished rulers. Another monkey business can be found in what transpired with regard to the former rule of Zambia . When the London High Court found former Zambia president guilty of fraud of over $ 58,000,000 (and of course, stealing and squandering) public money, Fredrick Chiluba labeled it racist and trash! But it is true. Chiluba misappropriated public moneys. His wife was recently jailed thanks to the same malady. For how long will our rulers lack about without coming of age?

What’s more, it came to light that some of Chiluba’s 21 associates are not Zambians! If Chiluba were not racist he accuses British of, why did he spend Zambians’ money with non-Zambians?

When it comes to racism, African corrupt rulers are second to none. In essence, racism is corruption. Our rulers prefer doing dirty business with foreigners especially Indians in East Africa and South particularly simply because they can easily dispose them when things get worse and make off with loots and secrets. Refer to Goldenberg and Anglo-Leasing in Kenya and EPA in Tanzania . Behind these scams are Indian con men and rulers!

It’s reported recently that Zambian High Court has delayed ruling against Chiluba. When it was announced that the authorities decided to bring Chiluba to book, many applauded it. But looking at this knuckle-dragging, one can smell a rat so as to call the whole exercise side show. And indeed, this is the test to the new president Rupiah Banda.

If Chiluba was able to steal and spend a million bucks (as it was recently found) in a boutique in Switzerland , what can you call this?

The truth is the same in Malawi where the former tyrant faces same charges. In Tanzania , the current president, Jakaya Kikwete stated publicly: he won’t prosecute the former thief, Benjamin Mkapa simply because he impliedly is acting exactly the same as his predecessor. In Kenya Daniel arap Moi is in bed with Mwai Kibaki. And chances are. He’ll never face the music. How will he if at all sometimes Moi seems better than Kibaki if one compares the time they spent in office?

Back to racism or colonialism as the pretext to get off hook, it’s become a norm for Africa thieves. When they’re cornered, they take camouflage in race, colonialism and other hogwash. But when they go cup in hand begging to west and stashing money to offshore banks, it is not as a big sin as racism!

In a simple definition racism means preferring one race over another. A great many African honchos are at home when they go for medication and leave to Europe . Even their kids are studying there. If they’re true patriots why should they send their kids to west whilst they are many universities in Africa ? They don’t want; just because they’ve already ruined those varsities and their kids being there would tarnish their image. Thanks to how they squander public tax. Also this is racism if it be clinically examined.

When Sudan dictator, Omar Bashir was indicted by the ICC in The Hague , he rushed out to dismiss the move as mere neo-colonialism. But when he’s butchering people in Darfur and introducing Islamic Sharia to non-Muslim Southern Sudan it’s neither colonialism nor barbarism! It’s important to know. Most of African rulers are black colonialists that superimposed themselves over the people they exploit and torture.
How can they stop short of being if at all they’re in power thanks to rigged and bribed elections? Shame on them! Shamelessly, they still get the grit to accuse others of the same things they do through and through! When cornered, the vulture cries wolf.

I recently read the story about Rwandan government's fury after BBC aired the program that allowed free expression. The stick this autocratic regime used to intimidate BBC is BBC was denying the occurrence of genocide.

No sane person can dispute that genocide took place. What many dispute is who perpetrated it and the number of the victims. Rwanda ’s furious just because some of the contributors queried the bodies that were found floating in Lake Nyanza . They were said to be of those that RPF killed. Some even went a mile ahead mentioning current top brass that perpetrated crimes against humanity and genocide.

One fact is still unchecked. If all people who are said to have been killed during genocide were accounted for, what of those that RPF killed? Does it mean, such long time war did not claim any lives?

The fallacy of our rulers is thinking: we’re all fools they can foolishly and easily deceive and take for a ride. We know very well. Most of them are but colonial serfs serving their colonial masters in the west where they hide and spend their loots and dues for vending our souls and bodies.

Off the cuffs I’d like to congratulate Malawi ’s president Bingu wa Mutharika for his convincing re-election after a longtime tussle with his predecessor. One thing is obvious. Mutharika has made a precedent in that one can abandon the ruling party and yet rule the country without any obstacles. Now Mutharika has the edge to nicely and legally bring Bakili Muluzi to book. Though Muluzi showed a good gesture at Mutharika’s inauguration, this should not blind Mutharika.

Many African countries are in shambles thanks to being exploited by ruling parties. Many uncorrupted members fear to abandon them for fear of being left out of politics which means opulence in Africa.

Going back to Zuma, is it racism really or naked truth?
Source: The Executive Magazine June 10, 2009.

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Anonymous said...

zuma is a piece of shit, he fuks his freinds daughter. Zille is not damn racist she calls things as they are. how did people elect this pig into office, pigs eat everything. I guess Mbeki, Mandela, Tutu, Buthelezi and all of us have no "culture" but Zuma has one. I guess he is right he has an evil culture of sleeping with close freinds daughters. When does he do his presidential work when he is always in heat? This savage must be hanged once and for all. I wish he was messing with some white girl then they will get him to jail quick. Zuma is not a King and he will soon be out of office and it proves he is banking on Shaiks money to support all these women. Zuma must resign now!!!