Monday, 22 March 2010

Tell us the truth about Zenj’s matambuano

News that what’s drummed as a success story of peace and reconciliation in Zenj was enhanced by pressure from EU stuns.

It came to light that EU warned our helmsmen and their adversaries in Zenj that shall next elections be mired by killings or something near; they’ll be dispatched to The Hague to be ground by Luis Moreno Ocampo. When Ocampo roars big men look like a church mouse.

I must say it. Currently, Ocampo’s name causes grumblings in some African countries especially those ruled by blood dripping hands like Sudan and partly Kenya .
I thus humbly thank and commend EU for solving the puzzle that failed Commonwealth in Zenj. Because since they stepped in Zanzibar is doing remarkably well.

I must avow. I goofed thinking two protagonists were behind this historic hit! To the contrary though, it turned out, they’re forced. News homing in on the whole thing says that. This means. All chest-beating and pizazz is chimera next to hypocrisy! Karume and Maalim do not deserve any credit. This is why they did not want to disclose what they tallied upon till when this daunting truth came forth.

They told us they recognized their mistakes, a lie. And now they’re putting Zanzibar ’s interest ahead of personal ones! But why late like this they mean serious business? This does not wash with truth. If this holds water, why did they come up with something whose enforceability is by breaking, and tampering with, the constitution?

If the truth is: EU brokered understanding in Zanzibar then what are all those braggadocios and noises for? We’ve been hearing people praising each other where they’re supposed to do so to EU. I still vividly remember words like “this time we zenjs won’t turn back and nobody will stop us” kidudu mtu, wabara, chogo and what not.

Yeah. Zenjs and Tanganyikans need peace. But why should the credit go to Maalim Seif and Daktari Karume whilst the actual mover is EU? And the aura and fame the duo has been enjoying is not theirs. One thing is great. Shall this be exerted to all bloodletting countries, indeed, deaths and destruction will be averted.
Who wants to end up in the can like Charles Taylor and Slobodan Milosevic? This being the case why then should we give kudos to those supposed to be villains? Is it the reason why the motive behind, and what was agreed, in Zenj’s understanding was kept a top secret?

Karume reckoning how gruesome it was for him to ascend to power, he won’t badge even a minute to allow this window to close. Even Maalim knows this fully well. That’s why he wanted to toss him bait.

I was wondering to hear that -those questioning the lightening speed in which the deal was reached-do not wish Zanzibar well! Who really wish Zanzibar well between Thomases and those that, for long, ignored to use their common sense -to do a right thing?

Was the motive of peace and prosperity of Zanzibar conceived by the duo or the fear to be submitted to The Hague ? I now know why President Jakaya Kikwete was left out of the big picture. Though politicians can not be trust, I used to wonder how could erstwhile enemies like the duo would sit and dine together thanks to the verbal understanding where doyens failed!

By the same token, I know why Karume did not to accept the offer by Maalim to prorogue his term. Such proposals were as good as being given a rope to hang himself. Who wants to sit on powder keg after getting a leeway to survive?
But again, this is a challenge to African mumbo jumbos. Even sitting together and talk sense colonial masters should chip in to enhance this! How long are we going to be breastfed this way? What annoys is thankless behaviuor of scoring where you did not labour.

Help me. When will Africa come of age and shun this come-white-saviour malady? I feel small (sic) to find that all fanfares with regards to comedy known as maridhiano have coercion behind it. This reminds me baby’s behaviour. Moreso, a baby wets the bed then starts tantrums blaming everybody as if he or she is the one that messed her bed!

Look at the baby after being cleaned. He is chirping and everything becomes history. Let me make a note on this. Shall Zenj’s peace prevail, our rulers that have been behaving like the baby in point should not make bygone.

The point is. Even our union has a lot of puzzles that, for long, have been ignored by supremos. Is it time for EU to force them to use their brains instead of puerile phillipics? Methinks. It is. To not force them to tackle union enigma, is as good as treating one eye and leave another one with infection that will quickly rejuvenate and attack the other you’ve treated.

At this note, it sounds good to invite EU and other who’s who of this world to force our naive rulers to fight and stop graft. If anything, if there is anything threatening the fabrics of many nations is nothing but graft. This crime against humanity allows a privileged few to bulldoze and rob the majority. It causes milliard miseries to milliards of people in Africa.

Transparency and truth are needed in this matter. But as usual, politicians promise openness and give opaqueness. Without truth coming out from the protagonists themselves all they are pretending to stand for will vanish in thin air soon. And the thawing of their relation won’t live longer.

No story ever really ends. Zanzibar ’s maridhiano begs more questions than answers. The story is still a baby. Tell us the truth before you tell us what to do and achieve.
Source: ThisDAY.

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