Sunday, 25 October 2015

Oct., 25th is the moment of truth


October 25th marks the end of celebrations and temporal generosity that boozers used to enjoy. It officially marks the end of  politicking and entering fake and shotgun marriage. The time for relaxed and lax law enforcement that allowed boozers to swallow kanywaji and smoke marijuana is sadly over now.  Those who used to depend on campaign economy must go back to their troubles of chasing a Schilling without catching it. So, too, the language of pleading and courting is officially over today. However, boozers will miss this season of eating, drinking and enjoying performance for free. For, they dined and wined and rubbed shoulders with, and hugged the unhugable. They touched untouchable high and mighty that’ll soon become an expensive items soon after getting what they wanted.
            Those who used to get closer to the high and the mighty should prepare themselves to be pushed back by the bodyguards soon reminding them that the convenience marriage is now over. Boozers heard and saw the movers and shakers of whom; some will soon be shaken after losing it big. We evidenced all sorts of things from nice and long speeches to short ones by those who seemed either to be afraid of talking much or having nothing substantial to say or sick. I remember one boozer complaining that one of the presidential contenders became a dumb for fear of touching on his denting past history that's always haunted him up till this day.  Others speculate that the guy is dead in the water and sick. Boozers, too, were dumb to some extents. They failed to question contenders who were offering mshiko how they got it and who was sponsoring them and how he or she'd get the money back without compromising their rights and lives. Sometimes, you can argue that boozers are the victims of their own sheepishness and silence if not compliance in eating up dirty dosh that ends up buying, and torturing them for five years. I wonder sometimes. Somebody is bribed with offal and cheap things and offer her or his  precious vote to end up complaining for five years. Don’t they know that the law gives eaters power to do as pleased for five years? Had the new constitution been rewritten, such eaters would have been shivering? For, it strictly provided that those eaters who are letdowns should be recalled.
            Boozers wish campaigns should take forever so that they can enjoy the beauties and goodies that come therefrom especially sideshows and entertainments they used to enjoy for free however there are hidden costs in the just near future.
            We enjoyed their offers of offal compared to what they targeted. For, this fete won’t avail itself up till after five years. Instead what will surely happen is hardship and desperation after boozers misused their votes after being induced with offers and artificial generosity.
            Boozers are now pregnant with nice promises waiting for those promising them to deliver still babies in the name of politics. Again, it is ironic that boozers seem to be so forgetful that they don’t look at the outgoing kit and caboodle that promised the same and never lived up to its promises. To win boozers, you keep on feeding them with the same meme coupled with the mantra of development and change. Unfortunately for boozers, they don’t question the “change” you promise. Change is neuter. It can be positive as well as negative however –in politics –the later is the norm.  This is what booze scientists call politricks whereby smart chaps take boozers for a ride by pretending to stand for their interests.  If there is anything out of such milieu of promises is nothing but the memories of kanywaji and some cheap T-shirts, khangas, banquets and whatnot we were offered to soften us and give our votes for the coming eaters.
The hunk was awash with cash clean and dirty dosh. However, now you can see that the ball is in politicians’court up till results come out. Some will carry the day going home smiling while others will claim foul play simply because they didn’t make it. We’ve already heard some complaining even where they were not supposed to.Let's say it loudly and boldly. The ending campaigns brought some outright winners such as those who coaxed their nemeses to cleanse them as they committed suttee due to their myopia and greed. My friend Eddy even if he loses will go home smiling after punishing his foes from both sides of the divide. Bad new is that –shall UKAUA be knocked out, four dependable political outfits will, so, too, go under with him just like NssR Ma-change did with Gus Lyato in 1995. More bad news, the campaigning era evidenced the loss of ace politicos like Chris Mtikisa, Mood Mtoy, Deo Phil-ku-Njombe and many more. What a grueling battle that it was!
Source: Guardian Oct., 25, 2015.

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