Thursday, 23 April 2009

Let’s draw the line come next elections

WE are having general elections next year. Have we already prepared our fields? We need to arrest this. For as the days go by, politicians are scheming to, once again, get away with it as we end up becoming losers once more.

Let’s draw the line in the sand. Let’s prepare the agenda among which, I would propose. Fighting graft and how it's already been fought or not; should top the agenda as we seek sensible explanations of what is going on.

Though our nation has proved to have given in to corruption, we still have to draw the line in the sand. Otherwise, as one MP once put it, our next rulers will be decided by fisadis to save their stinking interests.

We hear CCM shouting out there that it will rule Tanzania for ever! What has been done since Nyerere left, to deserve such upbeat and accolades? Does CCM think Tanzanians are yahoos and goons it can take for a ride day in day out?
I can't stomach it. With all openly known proclivities to corruption, does CCM still think it can triumph without rigging?

Will the people allow this once again? Suppose the hoi polloi want to know what CCM has done, what will it show or tell them? Where are we today?

It looks like we’re in fifties in the 21st century. We still go via Kenya and Uganda to visit our relations in Kagera Region. The economy is even outshone by those of small countries evolving from internal wars like Burundi and Rwanda!

The lives of our people are becoming miserably meaningless to the extent that some of them are ready to butcher others in their dire efforts to escape poverty. Refer to indiscreet killings of people with albinism and elderly. What a bad augury!

While a great majority is in stinking poverty, a few select are in opulence! With such a carbuncular society, can one say there has been justice? Our minerals are given away as our people face dirt poverty!

This makes me as mad as a wet hen, so to speak. Where is rectification of bad contracts CCM promised in the past campaigns?

Where is the rooting out of drug trafficking? Where is the war on graft if Kagoda can still laugh at us?
With all these scars, can CCM still have the grit to say it will rule Tanzania for ever? What an insult!

One friend of mine said that those saying CCM will rule for ever, mean it’ll ruin for ever shall we not draw the line in the sand. I like CCM. But it is destroying itself, thanks to ’mitandao’ and failure to read the signs of time. I am wary.

I wish people should boot it out as a lesson.
This time, I suppose, voters will shift gear. They’ll never go for ’takrimas’ and other banana skin. They’ll focus on issues, especially practicable and possible ones. They will need to see not to hear of. They’ll need proof not oaths and ballyhoos.

To loan words from Fred Mpendazoe--the man I admire greatly-- if Kikwete does not kick the asses of fisadis surrounding him, chances are, people will never differentiate when it comes to rot. How can they in such 'bizzaro situation’?

People need reports and evaluation on what has been achieved as promised or otherwise. They’ll need explanations. I, for one, my concern is our houses that former thievish regime stole.When will we get Kiwira coal mine back? When will Kagoda thieves face the music?

Another is the whole journey to a promised land of Canaan. Is it still there When are we taking off;forget about blasting off? Does it mean CCM does not remember all these promises they made? I know. They hear me. They're not as deaf as wise monkeys that see and say nothing.

The other day a little bird told me that barefaced liars and fisadis are collecting money to bribe voters. In doing so, many scams will still crop up almost everywhere. I heard of the ministry of tourism where donors' monies have already been swindled.

Sadly though, apart from political statements, nobody brings these bad guys to book! Under good CCM’s stewardship our country has become a banana republic. Every thief can steal as pleases. Who will touch them if former biggie Fredrick Sumaye told them: If you want to have worthy and successful business, join CCM.

After he said that we saw EPA, Richmond, Kiwira and other vampires. Though bad mouths are mincing words as they stay upbeat, our people aren’t. Let’s face it. If we sift through, who’s clean, able and fit enough to deliver us if at all the already lapsed time proves otherwise?

To me, the actual criminal and his conspirator are equally guilty. Instead of self-cheating hoping for the best whilst truth speaks otherwise, we should think of making changes.
CCM has proved to be a vampire despite having a convincing chair. This is what puts Kikwete between the rock and a hard place. I understand, he wanted to deliver but those surrounding him forced him to sag off.

To cut the story short, we need to draw the line in the sand as far as our future is concerned. And verily, this will be decided by how wise we're to be in the coming elections.

It is time for CCM leadership and members to choose between party and development. If anything, this is the moment of truth. We need to wise up and take bold steps as we sag off from usage.
Source: Thisday April 22, 2009.

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