Friday, 10 April 2009

What’s wrong with our police force?

I am very appalled. I wish I’d drink somebody’s blood especially those police officers wearing white rugs known as traffic officers.

My name is July the son of former Big man, Joe Waliboa that served in the former government under the great man a great many people hold high.

The other day I was driving my car along Ali Hassan Mwinyi road. All of a sudden, I saw a female traffic officer bashing on me as if she did not know who I was!She was hollering as if I was a common person! Methinks. This woman is not a Tanzanian even sane. How, if she does not know the son of a big man who used to rule them? Didn’t she know; once a big man always a big man? Doesn't she know this hank belongs to big families and they are there to serve them?

What made me mad and sad is, apart from bashing on me, the lady hollered at me as if I was a common man! I tried to keep my cool to see if the she'd use her common sense to no avail.

Looking at stupid orders she gave that my car be inspected, I knew. The woman was mad per se. How can a junior officer inspect a son of big man? Didn’t they see how mzee wa Vijesenti has to be treated as he's accompanied by senior police officers when he was knocked by a tricycle-bajaj? Didn’t they see they formed a commission to probe the matter instead of preferring charges directly as they do to common beings? This is how a big man must be treated so do his kids.

We need to understand that disturbing big people means disturbing the peace of this hank of land.

Going back to my ordeal, you know what? When I decided to leave as I zipped around, she touched base with another male officer ahead of me. When I arrived thither, this stupid man jumped onto my car saying that if I refused to go to police station, he’d commit suicide! Foolish guy, didn’t he know committing suicide is as an offence just like assaulting the kids of big people?

Now methinks. It’s high time to amend our constitution to see to it that big people and their families are not assaulted by junior police people wherever they go.

After the guy clung unto my car and I being a people-loving kid of a big man, I decided to drive to the police station and see what he’d do.

When we arrived there, I locked my car and took my laptop as I smoked my cigarette. As I was taking my laptop out, I told the fella that I was not ready to speak to any stupid junior officer except the PIG. And I made it crystal clear that if Police Inspector General (PIG or IGP) is not being brought to speak with me, the potpourri they’re inviting would never end till I see them fired. So I ordered PIG be brought to listen to me speaking.

You know what? Our police officers are nowadays over their heads. Who could believe that they'd deflate my tires without fearing that I'm a kid of a big man?

To cut the story short, after finding that those police officers would commit suicide for no reasons, I ordered that their boss at the station come and talk to me. I did not want them to die and leave poor mothers and children behind without anybody to bring them mshiko after doing their mabao thing. Do you know what this mabao thing is? When the traffic officer takes bribes from you, she or he says that he’s scored a goal.

So kickback nowadays has another new name, bao or goal. Don’t take this as a lie. I know all of the evils those guys commit just like that boss of Takokuru or PCB.

As I'm writing, I'm musing about suing the police force to see to it that they redress me for misbehaving before me not to mention wasting my precious time and treating me as common person.

Though they told the media thereafter that I was not bailed out like Citigroup and AIG in the US , don’t subscribe to their lies. I was release just because I'm a big man kid.

Before I left the police station I told them to their faces: shall this happens to any big man kid anywhere anyway and anytime again, I'll order all big men kids to knock down whoever stands in their way. We’re tired of being treated like common people. Everybody, from now on, should comprehend big people and their families should be treated exceptionally kindly and with respect.

To avoid making a missive for no reason, I warn all junior officers in all offices. If you ever mistreat any big man kid, brace yourself for either being fired, jailed or meeting the nose of hangman. And to everybody that knows belongs to big man family, never allow common people to dress you down by treating you as a common person. This is assault in any law. Laws are enacted to protect big people and their families. Period.

By the way, whose country is going to be if all this is met?
Source: Thisday April 8, 2009.

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I am glad I discovered your blog today. I like your style of telling "stories". I look forward to coming back