Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Born With Voice

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Born with voice
Of course yes we’re born with voice
Remember the time you’re born
Never stop looking back now and then

We all were born with voices
Indeed, this is our reality
Truly, our voice is our reality
However sometimes our voices can be stolen

Voice your voices my friends
Or reclaim it when it is stolen
It is your own voice
Combine your voice with others’
Eliminate all injustices

I am neither a snob
Nor am I a dodo
My voice is my source of power
Yes, with it I was born to win

The voice that all know
It has never had an alibi
It is with me day and night
My voice the weapon I came with

I don’t like to sound like a spiv
Don’t mistake this with braggadocio
Yet I am surely one of the literati
My voice makes me feel heroic
My voice is indeed my existence 

This book is for victims
Yes, it is for victims
It is about the victims
It is about their fates and plights
It is for rape victims
It is theirs
Wherever they are
In whatever conditions they are in
In whatever countries they are found in
This book is theirs

This book is dedicated to the victims
Yes, victims of various vices
The victims of sexual discrimination
The victims of gender exploiting
The victims of cultural deterioration
Yes, this book is theirs
It is theirs wherever they are
In whatever conditions they are in
In whatever corners they are in
This book is theirs
It seeks to give them voices

This is the book of voice
Yes, the book seeks to create voices
Voices for the voiceless
Voice for all those whose voices
Were stolen
Those in silence
This book is unconditionally theirs

This book is my contribution
Yes, it is my contribution
Yes, the contribution to the plights of victims
Of whatever experiences and crimes
This book is a victim’s book
Yes it a victim’s nook

This book is but a prayer
It prays for cessation of causes of wars
It prays for the revolution in archaic cultures
Yes, the book is an eye-opener

The book is an ultimatum
Yes, an ultimatum to the world
It is but a world forum
It seeks to build the bond
It seeks to create a rostrum
The is rostrum is the whole world
On which to address the conundrum
The victims have always faced

This book is a vexation
For others to come forth
Yes, it is an admonition
For others henceforth
To come and add on
Yes, we can’t maintain silence
We can’t keep in on with ignorance
While the victims are suffering

This book is about the voice
Yes, it is about everybody’s voice
It seeks to rise up the voices
By making logical noises
It calls upon voices
Yes, voices of voices
To come and make the case
For various victims
The book raises the voices
It wants victims to be given voices
For they were born with their voices
So they need their voices back
Adapted from my book Born With Voice

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