Thursday, 3 December 2015

Hello John Pombe Magufuli

I call upon you John Pombe Magufuli
I know you’ve always been humble
Pomp has never been you symbol
You’ve always kept a low profile
Simplicity has always been your style
I am talking to you Doctor Magufuli

You’re now an anointed one
 Pleased don’t be an annoying one
Stand firm and bring expected changes
Deliver the country from the cascades

I know you have a lot on the table
Yes, you have a struggle
Elections are now over
Stay put as you explore

John I know you
Everybody knows you
What a humble servant!
Yes, a hard worker no doubt
Your legacy is sparkly

John you are a hard worker
So too you are a thinker
Your PhD has no doubt
You worked hard for it

You’re baptized a hoe
All meant you’re a hard worker
So too, your party’s symbol is a hoe
Another one is a hammer
Now you have been given tools
Get down to the work

I could sense the euphoria
Yes I remember the whole aura
When your name was pronounced
The meeting venue vivaciously hailed

Party process was so competitive
Many came with their beliefs
That they’d carry the day
Again they ended up being carried away
Away to the horizon

Some spend a lot of money
Yes, they squandered the money
Even if their policies were phony
They banked on money
You banked on humility
Here you are above all
Keep your humility

As a teacher you’re an educator
Please never abandon this factor
You’ll need to lead and teach
Yes, a leader is always a teacher

You have what it takes 

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