Monday, 7 December 2015

My poem appears in Poetry Nation!

People with albinism

I learned the plight of people with albinism with shock
I didn't know that these people are becoming extinct
I used to hear extinction on animals and assets
For human being such phenomenon is totally a shocker

In the first instance I could not believe
The news truly and badly numbed my nerves
Given that this crime is obvious
It is time the all of us
To stand and say never
Let's say never to this criminality
Everybody say never to this brutality
Let's raise our voices
So that victims can have a voice

When it came to my knowledge that human are felled
I am told wrong beliefs are to blame
It took me a very long time
To believe that human could commit such sacrilege
Where do they get the courage?
To turn their fellows into items
There must be a loophole
The government have to blame
It needs to give the voice

This poem has made it to semi final.

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