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Analysis:Dealing with America is no deal


Without doubt the US is, currently, the only reigning super power on earth although chances are China will soon be in the same position. Being the only super power makes the US feel as if it is the only pillar of almost everything on earth. Some critics refer to it as a police of the world because of its interference almost in every corner to superimpose its vested interests.

This month witnessed two major events in Asia which, in essence, put the US to shame. The first event was the brutal and ruthless thwarting of demonstrations in Burma. The military junta under General Than Shwei had no mercy with anybody trying to snatch its looted morsel.

The world witnessed monks being shot at and beaten to death. A Japanese journalist was shot dead at point blank. As usual, economic interests surpassed human value and life. When these disgrace and insults to democracy occurred, the US paid a blind eye so as to issue some wishy-washy statements holding China responsible simply because it enjoys healthy trade bonds with this blood thirsty regime. It was struggling to try striking a balance between what it preaches ? democracy -- to safeguard its interests.

The second event touched directly the bone of the US. It is when Pakistan dictator, General Parvez Musharraf, manipulatively convened ”elections”. He was voted in swiftly by his cronies. This did not augur well with the opposition and the Judiciary. Before this, there has been for a long time a tug of war between Musharraf and the Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry whom he tried to sack but failed after the mass rallied behind him.

Once again, Musharraf, after licking his wounds, found himself face to face with bitter reality in that his presidency would never be legal without the ruling of the High Court. He knew the verdict would never favour him. Knowing the type of the person who was to preside over his case, Musharraf hurriedly and illegally- once again-sacked the chief justice and other dissenting judges. The flood gates were opened.

To make sure that his bulimia succeeds, he even unconstitutionally and shamelessly declared and imposed emergency rule! All Human Rights activists and opposition leaders were put under house arrest for unknown reasons and time. This by all standards is a colossal violation of the constitution. It’s a danger to the nation when material flapdoodles override human rights. Sane people thought though wrongly, that the self appointed champion and custodian of ’’democracy’’ the US, would intervene to foil Musharraf. But nay! As usual, far fetched pretexts were sought.

To the shock of many, the US-Musharraf’s ally and creator- proved to be a let down as far as democracy is concerned. Sadly, President George Bush and his secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, issued gibberishes as they became giddy so as to take cover in pretexts full of lies. In lieu of coherently ordering Musharraf to return to democratic process by restoring the constitution, they said he should not detain his opponents whereas he’d already done so! When pressed as to why they were taking such soft stand towards Musharraf, Bush came up with shoptalk in that if they do not support Musharraf nukes would land into dirty hands!

Another gimmick is that Musharraf has proved to be tough on terrorism. Musharraf for yet another time got his trump card. To jog your mind, Musharraf came to power after overthrowing Nawaz Sharriff at the time the UN had consented to a declaration banning all regimes that came or would come later by the way of coup.

Knowing the nincompoops he was facing and dealing with, Musharraf invented his cheap lie of ’’zero tolerance’’ on terrorism. In other words a terrorist was vowing to fight his self! What brain games! Bush by then - being under heavy pressure planning to invade Iraq and Taliban Afghanistan not to forget the UN, he desperately teamed up with Musharraf by illegally legalize him knowing that later would be used to do dirty laundry.

Bush, slowly, took a dip into demon-craziness. Under the conspiracy with Musharraf, he (Bush) toppled Taliban regime. Musharraf came into the big picture after another stooge Ahmed Shah Masoud - America was glooming to take over - was assassinated by Al-Qaeda in conjunction with Taliban.

The point to note, Bush violated the UN agreement on non-compliance with military regimes. He invaded Iraq without the consent of the UN which was suspicious of his masquerade of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) which proved later to be America’s Weapons of Mass Distraction (WMD II).

Bush shamelessly and possibly ignorantly admits that given that Musharraf can safe guard the interests of America, Pakistan’s rights are nothing before American interests! So he must be supported despite all crimes and illegality! But, for how long? And this has been America’s hypocrisy and policy towards small and volatile nations. The same America is still condemning China for supporting another archetypal dictator in The Sudan, Omar Bashir. China’s sin is to support the bad guy who orders and executes killings and genocide in Darfur.

Killings, dictatorship or any violations of human rights become legal if there is America behind the commission of these heinous crimes! Shall Bashir open the door and consent to be in bed with America, his sins will be absolved. He will safely go on with the spree of killings and doubling his brutality just like his pals in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Guinea Bissau.

I am addressing this issue to warn some of African rulers who think that associating themselves with the US is a big deal. Just in the recent past when President Kikwete toured America, and people questioned the logic of overspending our taxes global trotting, I read one article by one CCM convert, Zuberi Mtemvu as saying that Kikwete’s profile improves for having a meeting with the President of America! To me this is utter nonsense.

Those attempting to practise this hooliganism should look at Benazir Bhuto. She has been betrayed and lured into the trap. Now she is treated like a caricature by being put under house arrest on and off! All this is the result of Pakistan power hunger and myopia.

Any president, elected by the people, who wants to boost his status quo depending on America or any donor country is useless and unfit to be the leader of people. It is only dictators who are ready to sacrifice their people in order to rule that can make any meaningful thing from associating with America. America always has been a zero-sum game. You lose. I win. Even when one looks at aid and assistance technical, financial or whatever Africa receives from America is less than the same the continent gets from Scandinavian countries and Japan.

If anything, America is renowned for humiliating and sabotaging visionaries. It is the same America under her CIA that killed Patrice Emery Lumumba, the bright son of Africa. The same America created dictators such as Saddam Hussein whom later it killed after he attempted to rebel. Most of blood stained hands you know were or are the creatures of America. There are killers such as Anastazio Somoza (Nicaragua), Augusto Pinochet (Chile), Joseph Desire Mobutu (DRC), Francois Duvallier Papa Doc (Haiti) whose tontouns macoutes? brigands butchered innocent Haitians whilst America watched.

It also created and nourished dogs like Jonas Savimbi (in Angola), Charles Taylor (Liberia), Manuel Antonio Noriega (Panama) and many other criminals who used to enjoy protection of America. These used to enjoy invitations to White House where they used to remit the loots from the poor citizens in their countries.

Going back to hypocrisy of, and no-deal with America, it is an open secret that whenever America needs anything from any country, it will make sure that either the rulers of the said country are complying or overthrown so as to usher in its mafia such as Il Burattinaio or master puppets to drain such country. You know what? Look at countries under dictators such as Uganda, Rwanda and Ethiopia. Some feloniously tampered with and amended their constitutions and secured a third time in office. Rwanda and Uganda have been invading and occupying DRC where they steal minerals, timber and other natural resources. On top of this they have killed, tortured many people without any action taken against them.

All who day dream thinking that siding with America is a big deal are terribly wrong. The late Mashood Abiola and Ken Saro Wiwa in Nigeria lost their lives hoping the big nation would intervene to save them. They were wrong. They were dead, betrayed by the same America when Sani Abacha agreed to become a US puppet.

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