Tuesday, 20 November 2007

We laughed at them:they're laughing at us!

In 60s, shortly after our indepecence, there was a lampoon between Kenyans and Tanzanians. On the one hand, Six years after independence we determinedly ushered in Arusha Declaration of socialism and self reliance. Equality, national ownership of means of production, self-reliance and total manumission of Africa became our main and noble vector as a nation. And indeed we did a tremendous job to emancipate many African countries especially in South African region thanks to rara avis JK Nyerere.

Kenya on the other hand, embarked on western capitalism- right away from the day go of her independence- under which equality of human beings is utopia even bulimia.
From these two paradigms, Kenyans Rhapsodically picked on us and called us a society of man eating nothing. Tanzanians did not take the punch without firing back at the same tempo: coined their quid pro quo. They called Kenya as the society of man eats man. In Swahili it is: a society of Nyang’au or gibbons!

I still remember one radio presenter, asking his audience: which country where everybody owns a car. They used to reply: Tanzania just because we’re wearing tire-shoes famously as Katambuga. Thence we were a time capsule in the region for every body to laugh at!
As the fate had it, everybody among these two countries, used to look down on the other so as to air his vendetta!

Now 15 years after Zanzibar masquerade (Declaration) silently killed the Arusha one, Tanzanians, against the odds, are a society of man steal and vends everything and everybody including his own mother! It is facing decadency and decaying faster, way faster than one would expect!

Tanzanians used to take capitalism as cruelty and exploitative. Where are they today? They are more political "animalistic" and cannibalistic as far as one person vending another’s soul and body than even the Kenyans they used to call gibbons. If Kenyans were gibbons, Tanzanians are currently devils. Ask me why. Kenyans we used to laugh at, at least have something to show as the product of their paradigm whereas Tanzanians have something to regret for after some few devils-cum buggers miserably vended every mineral, animals, logs, banks, corporate, parastatals and what not for their own selfish interests!

Whereas in Kenya big cheeses or other government officials suspected for wrong doing are shown the door, in Tanzania, the same are, regrettably, heavily protected so as the whole government to illegally and shamelessly move to rural areas to white wash the stinking dirty! Refer to what happened when Dr. Chris Murungaru, David Mwiraria and Kiraitu Murungi the allies and inner sanctum of Kibaki were implicated in Anglo-leasing scam.
They were sacked not sacred or spared as it is-in Tanzania currently- whereby many ministers including their boss the president are implicated in many felonious deals. They are still "tanuaing"! Ask them what we should expect. No one knows. It is like putting the finger in the wind hoping to bet well! Wananchi, Boot all looters out please. Do the right thing.

The Kenyans we used to regard as ones hating each other, to the contrary, for the love of their country, are able to use our tanzanite for the good of their country whilst our Judas are busy plundering in lieu of protecting our resources!

Whilst Kenya is becoming an economic hub and power house in the region, sadly Tanzania is becoming a playing ground and a rosy bed for political and economic predators!

Kenyans we used to hate do not hate us. They allow us- especially those living in/going to/coming from Lake region- to use their roads despite having mad drivers!

Kenyans we used to regard as shrewd especially their leaders do not hide their wealth like ours! Kenyans we took of being hyena like are well organized so as to fire their lion like corrupt rulers. In contrast Tanzanians can not fire theirs!

The Kenyans -we used to regard as egoistic- are able to export their form four failures to teach our so-called international schools and academies!

These -very Kenyans we used to hate- can come to our country and buy our produce whilst when we export them ourselves they don’t buy them!
Kenyans have much more love to their country than Tanzanians. Some thugs are able to come and rob our banks so as to invest at home. Good enough, they are even helped by the Tanzanians who used to call them thieves and selfish!

While Tanzanians are entangled and stranded in skullduggery and turpitude -with no known definition- Kenyans are flying and reaping the rewards of their comprehendible capitalism! Ask Tanzanians to define the type of policy governing them. Phew! Disgusting!

We used to nag Kenyans for choosing old guards as presidents. Ask us with our young Turks. What do we benefit for having young blood which is best at pushing us down to purgatory? What anathema!

Let’s go to the facts. Kenyans we accused of "hyenaism" and egoism know what they’re doing whilst Tanzanian currently suffering from myopia and systemic political cannibalism do not know their fateful future! How can they know with all this nihilism,vacuity, uppity and vacuum?
We used to fear them. But presently we fear ourselves more than we used to do to them!

Good Kenyans we used to hate, smartly used to sell to us their imperial soaps and Rivertex khangas when we had none. Though at inflated and hiked price, they did milk us. Contrary now, we are selling them our farm produce at throw away price! While Kenyans can nicely guard their border posts, we are abusively letting ours being used as conduit for evading tax. Ask the junior minister for East African white elephant Cooperation what befell him at Sirari in September. He was treated like a gawk despite being a mheshimiwa! Did you hear the government file any note of discomfiture? Thubutu!

We’re living in a society of suppressioveri! We pretend to love each other whilst the truth is: we hate each other! The enemy who tells you; I am your sworn enemy" is better than the one who pretend to be your hubris. Ours have sedated us –with sweet words- so as to mistakenly regard them as our saviors while they are our slayers!

Whereas Kenyans were able to pay their retirees -formerly employees of defunct East African Community decades ago- ours are dying without seeing even a dime! Trust me. Many have died without seeing even the office of the pay master. But again many swindlers are still in offices plundering even more!

On top of the pensions of those innocent creatures, they’re expediently selling and squandering our resources so as to make our country poorer and poorer. Albeit having all types of riches, we lagging behind when affluent societies are mentioned! Is it a curse or what?

Tanzanians who were taught equality and humanity, are currently facing insurmountable gulfs and disparities among themselves. To get a dissent person in high places is but a rare commodity. It is a no-brainer sort of squalid situation even animals can sense! It is as difficult as finding a needle in the mountain of hay! What is going on is hypocrisy a la mizengwe. Hither is where cannibalism, ufisi, nihilism, hopelessness, uselessness you name it, come in.

Nonetheless Kenya is not spared of larcenous rulers, the difference it makes, though, is the fact that Kenyan rulers do not act like rat. They openly invest and employ people in their projects. They even pay taxes for their businesses and their properties are known to the general public. They are able to save their Kenya Commerce Bank which has branches in Tanzania. Where is our National Bank of Commerce, that we tomfoolery and madly offered to Boers? Ask Tanzanian ones. Every body will flip flop and come up with bull-and-cock and other wishy-washy tales!
Guys, the guys we used to goofily scorn and holler at are now heartedly laughing at us! What a shame! Shame, shame on you!
What do we do? What do I know? Ni wega muno.
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