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Aren’t we guilty of institutionalizing and legalizing this anathema?

Looking at awe-inspiring bigwigs smilingly strutting on podia or daises to dish out big sums of money to contribute to whatever project, one can think: they love the development and well being of receivers (poor wananchi)! Sadly, even wananchi swallow this megalomania hook, line and sinker! How many times have you read, witnessed even heard of so-and-so and who’s who in your area, government, church even mosque coughing a huge sum of money as contribution?

More to the point, you’ll see beaming faces: all 32 out smiling and cheering this one minute- pity piety! There is a couple of question, among many, to be pondered upon.
How many do doubt even question why them and at this time in front of cameras and media? Why today-when they have powers- not before? How did they make such money? Is it clean or dirty money? Do they pay tax and stuffs like that?

Presently however, it is like an in-thing to hear somebody-especially the high and mighty, generously, contributing to some public projects. This is not bad: shall it be done genuinely with legally untainted money and resources.

But sadly again, we need to be a little bit wary even tough. For some of those -so generously donating to our projects- are the same goons implicated in molesting and plundering our country.

By and large surely, we need to put our rulers to task on this. For example, you’ll hear: certain minister and his wife even friends have donated six-figure sums to school or church project. You sometimes wonder! Aren’t these spineless tycoons bribing us institutionally? What pains even more is the fact that even religious leaders-whose houses are supposed to be holy and exemplary-, are good fans of this abominable disgrace and robbery!

There is this tainted money I frankly hate. It is taunted one so-called Kikwete’s millions. Have we ever asked Kikwete how he made this money he is robustious dishing out or why now not then? Is it his as Kikwete a person or president, as an institution? If it is given by president as an institution, then, why should it be called Kikwete’s millions in lieu of Presidential fund? Is this act of ridiculing us a solution of itself a problem? How many will it jump start compared to providing worthy services to the whole populace?

Isn’t this money used to bribe us for future political gains of the donor? If he be it president or person, has stonewalled himself against our noises on corruption: how can he love the same guys he ignores?

Going back to the ministers and who’s who, where do they get this money? We need to know. For, we asked them to declare their wealth. Sadly they have kept on ping pong or -purposely for reasons known to themselves- have opted torpidly to pooh- pooh us!

Isn’t this institutional corruption that we are desperately legalizing whether intentionally or otherwise?

I sometimes wonder. How can a thuggee who surreptitiously does not want to disclose say what is in the contracts he feloniously signed on our behalf to love us so as to generously contribute! They think: bribing us, we will respect them. Financially they are giants alright. But morally they are pygmies. They are shining out like graves whereas they are rotten inside. Isn’t this beast in beauty?

I still wonder: how such a person can have any sense of real love! Go to his or her office asking for certain information vital for the public. He or she will slam the door on your face!
Go again when he or she has a nasty side of hers or his exposed and the media has not yet smelt it. You’ll be given the "envelope" full of dosh conditionally that the news should never see the light.

The same guy blocks or tarry the formation of the independent commission to probe Richmond and other sacrileges!

Like chameleon, this type of spices has the members who are smart at changing colors. The other day he will stammer and vomit something undesirable. Quote and report him rightly and accurately. The following: he jumps even if what he does so is a smoking gun! Your entire meticulous job all of the sudden is turned into twaddle!

Dwelling on the same suspicious love, truly, it is too good to be true.
This reminds me of fund raising jamborees during the ruksa era of Mzee Ali Hassan Mwinyi. Many Indian business persons used to exuberantly buy his everything at super exorbitant prices! They were ready to buy even his leso irrespective of his sweat or mucus! Millions were printed in this gimmick. But later it came to light that many of those buying Mwinyi’s everything did even evade paying tax or sought even favors by the back door!

This reminds me of an episode of a shrewd guy who slaughtered a dog. He fried in perfectly and fed its meat to the dogs! Dogs enjoyed the meal and praised it without knowing: they were eating their colleague! These are beasts.

Some religious authorities have it: when you give even the left hand should not know what the right one has offered.

I don’t think the guy who can rig elections or votes has love for those whose rights he tramps and tramples on. I don’t think: the guy who pumps lies to the public to have any love whatsoever. No this is absurd and smattering!

Neither shall I trust this love of the pluralism nor the aid by the same guy who can go to parliament to set aside big salary for himself whilst giving leap service to workers’ genuine demands.

I don’t think the MP who sleeps amidst crucial parliamentary sessions so as to awake when per diem is paid to have any gist of love to anybody so as to dish out the same money he illegally receives.

Guess what. If you invite these smart chaps and tell them the media will be banned -on the occasion of fund raising- they will never show up. Why they should: if at all the wretch of the world will not see and taste their "generosity and love" for the same people they fail badly?

What makes things even worse is the fact that these same guys are the same, same guys who head and man failed governments, ministries, departments, sectors and what not. Ask why are they a failure? Simple, corruption ate them up!

Hither is where the jigsaw is cracked. "The office you’re abusing and ruining -mind you- belongs to the same people you pretend to love." Even poverty that facilitates the commission of this crime is the results of wrong doings and imposed desperation.

If we do them justice by asking what the recipient would like between our "show-offish" ochlocracy and fulfilling our duties diligently, indeed, they would opt for the latter.

Though we may think they appreciate our bagatelle contributions, the truth is they are accepting them due to necessity. We are buying them and corrupting them altogether which in simple terms is degrading and sabotaging them. That is-once again- the whole episode of the dog and the shrewd killer.

Let’s look at yet another episode of hypocrisy. One guy- a good womanizer of course- used to help another guy disguising as a true friend. This other guy loved and respected him very much. All of the sudden, he dolefully discovered that all goodies were on the expense of his dear wife (doll)! He speared him to death. He discovered he was robbed and degraded. Beware those doing the same. One day all stones will be turned and chances are tables will turn against you. Stop it. Si ujanja. Deliver what we agreed upon. Stop corrupting the nation.

If you care to love us, well and good, stamp out corruption even though it prints money for you.

It takes two to tango. Turning to the recipients who know they are degraded and robbed, you too have the role in this dirty game. Stop having simple dreams. They are the reasons why these big shots and rain makers take you for a ride. They know as you do. You can be bought with just peanuts compared to what they have already robbed from you. Never shall you expect responsible leaders if you are not responsible yourselves. In simple terms; you are condoning institutional corruption. But again you are losers. They are the gainers. Why should you-like fish-being fried with your own fat?

The school, mosque, church or whatever they use to bribe you: is supposed to be obtained from the same channels they illegally use to enrich themselves. Ponder on that. You’ll find that the same money you are given was printed either from your tax or resources. It is like allowing a thief to steal your waif like property from you and gift you the same. This is the venue of a chicken that lays eggs and be fed hard corn. The said chicken witnesses her eggs being eaten on the dinning table without resisting even complaining. You know what? The chicken has small brain that can never even fill a teaspoon.

Let it be heard and understood. If they really love us, let them treat us the same way they treat themselves. If they mean business, let them come clean on how they made the money they dish out to contribute for our projects.

In a nutshell, come on guys, we’re being made conspires in legalizing institutional corruption. We’re giving these spin masters carte Blanche which they fill in as they end up getting a lot, lots of money. Thereafter they feed us with dirty left-over. By and large, this is but an anathema Do we know and accept this? What do I know?
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