Friday, 23 November 2007

Is it commonwealth, common-wether or common-worse?

This November witnessed fanfaronades, pomposity, pomp, pom-pom, extravagance and shoptalk of all kind in Kampala Uganda.

Heads of British former "neo-colonies" and her majesty converged in Kampala to rekindle their vows to the fire of colonialism. Yeah. Commonwealth makes it easier -for colonizer- to tame her former lame colonies. They can not claim the redress for being robbed and tormented by the same colonizer during colonial era! They’re gagged and bribed by promises, lies and cheap aids!

Being a nuptial diamond jubilee of the queen, the organizer had to see to it that she comes back to remember the times when she was a spring chicken. It is in this African country Queen Elizabeth seems to have enjoyed. Why isn't Sagana Lodge-Kenya, mentioned? For she was there when her father died as she was announced heiress of the throne.
She prefers Uganda where she enjoyed her while with her husband to be Prince Philip Mountbatten-as he then was- of Greece.

So among reasons and wonders which enabled a country under the dictator to be awarded the tender and honour, if any, of hosting this occasion can be said to revolve around her majesty.
But why commonwealth after attaining the so-called freedom full of dependence on the former colonial master-cum monster? How do former benefit from commonwealth? Do they still need to be nursed and pampered by their former tormentor?

Are commonwealth members free really? When you muse upon this question, exclude Australia Canada and the US. These are not among the bunch of economically sick countries; they have special relationship with their mother country of Britain for sending them to the veni vidi vici exploration and exploitation.

No wonder, I still wonder though. How could a person like Yoweri Museveni who tampered with the constitution to secure a third time in office fit to be the host of this conference!

I wonder how the man behind the killings in Northern Uganda, looting in DRC and the killer of multiparty democracy in Uganda would be an ideal choice!

So too, one still doubt the relevance of this colonial association. To know what I mean, look at how the Pakistan’s dictator, Parvez Musharraf, refused to bow before commonwealth’s pressure to restore the constitution. With US behind him, he was able to spit on anybody’s face including her majesty.

Apart from degrading themselves and scooping allowances from public coffers, the so called commonwealth lame ducks had nothing important for their people -especially poor countries.

The money that Uganda burnt on this occasion would make sense if it were spent even on a school or hospital. Or it would morally make sense had this money be spent on poor roads and dirty streets of Kampala. But who cares: if the so-called leaders are ruled by their former robber-My enemy the queen-as Victoria Holt would put it?

Is commonwealth common wealth of Britain or common wether-colonies? Is it still relevant at the time economic interests surpass everything? Does Britain still have muscle to help her common wealth flock from whom she milked wealth? Wow! If anything, this is common worse!
Yes it indeed is. Doubtless even, the agenda of the conference are more colonial than real. I tried to make the Queen out to no avail! How could I if her BAE systems stole our money by supplying us a fake and second hand radar?

Guys talk of stamping corruption and poverty out of Africa if you really mean business. Talk of international conspiracy-in business-against the so-called third world. Otherwise it is a common mess!

Just a point of reminder and caution, the coffee market is in London. But there is no even a single coffee tree in there! So too, there are other many more markets almost of everything out there in New York, Paris, Brussels, you name it. But again there is nothing out there when it comes to producing! Ni utumwa na ujinga mtupu so to speak.

If there is anything worse in common the commonwealth former colonies have, is nothing but to remain under the yoke of colonialism. One Swahili philosopher- at our coffee corner-Kijiwe- would paraphrase even translitilate commonwealth and what the guys are doing as; KAMA-NI-WEZI! (They look like thieves)! Or come on wezi even common wezi!

By the way, there will be historic tour to Tanzania by Canadian premier after Barrick -Canadian mining company- struck a deal in mining in there. Teh! teh! teh! Jakaya, are you out there? Mwananchi, "Nhh! With this Buzwagi, we’re in trouble! Twafa!"

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