Monday, 12 November 2007

This is but ‘point of no return’ for all of us


THE point of return or PNR for air takers is the one at which a person aboard an aircraft can never return to the base. At this point, though, one needs to soldier on and stay put to see to it that he makes it even if something unpleasant or dangerous adds up.

Now that ‘Kasi Mpya’ has been in power for over two years, this, if anything, is but almost a half way to the destination. Therefore, the traveller evaluates his journey and easily plans for his landing.

As for the ‘Kasi Mpya’, people everywhere out there in the republic are asking: "How far have we flown as far as delivering the promises is concerned?"

Some say: "Guys wait. Don’t prejudge" .Those impatient or nice at seeing things say: "Nay. Something has to be done now, just now."

Others say: "Yo-Ho, we are in trouble. We have been taken for a ride." They obviously all have the right to their take, so to speak.

Much have already been seen and heard regarding ‘Kasi Mpya’ which some have it that is not but a slow one! What is wrong? From whom shall the answer come really? Kikwete, of course, one would comfortably aver.

It must be appreciated that all quizzing ‘Thomases’ do so not just because they hate the regime. May be they have smelt a rat or sort of stuff. Who knows?

Now that we all have already reached at our point of no return on Jack-Eddie airplane, let us kindly and sincerely ask our pilot and may be the co-pilot. What should we expect and when are we to touch down?

We are asking this because, as passengers, we need to know for our security and plans for the next take off. We are legitimate passengers on board. We duly paid our fares (votes) and we’re assured that we will land timely safe and sound in one piece. You can add, in peace and joy not facing impasse and chaos.

Now that we are half done, we don’t see even air charming hostesses coming to knock off our fatigue by supplying us some eateries and delicacies we were promised before boarding!

Despite being half way, still belted, hungry, angry and untold of what is going on, they seem not to care! Oh my Gosh! Why this? We need to know of the weather (plans and policies) on top of needing yum-yum. We will never let those rump-fed morons chew it alone.

We need to know time for arrival (achievement). We need to know of our speed and height (development and betterment of our lives) and so on. For those in the cockpit tell us we are too near just because they are too near but not us in the back cabins. Let the pilot come seriously clean on that. Or is he afraid to tell us because our plane, when faced with fuselage and flaps problems, he called in the Richmond company to repair it and failed and swindled us? Passengers need to know. I emphasize. It is, but their right in that what is in danger is, but their lives. Is it because the chart he was given by the weather department known as World Bank is archaic and wrong? Why then is he relying on it? More so, we as passengers have fulfilled our duty.

Before going on demanding, let us ask: Does the pilot or the co-pilot, know that we have terrorists on board? These guys can blow our aircraft up and doom it. But someone has whispered into my ear that the pilot knows them and they seem to be his friends and relatives! Wow! How can a good professional pilot conspire with the gang of goons to subject us to torments of dubiety and hurly-burly? Does the pilot really misbehave this way? Nay! It can’t be. Does he know that we know? One thing is obvious. Shall anything evil happen to us or the air craft the one to be held account is the pilot not these self serving goons who foster their wicked ends by preying on us. Why don’t we contain them before they contain us?
By the way, are these braggarts and the pilot made of stone and when our craft perishes in fire balls they will thus survive? What buffoonery and suicide! But my good pilot can never attempt this. What a slam dunk!

It is high time the pilot told us that he is either aware or not of this ensnaring calamity in the making.

Does he know the danger these yaggs pose to his life and ours?

Have you ever felt small and empty? Have you ever listened to your heart reminiscent to which you are? How do you feel when you find that people surrounding you are against you but pretend to be with you? I feel like yelping and hollering when I imagine such a scenario!

Have you ever imagined how the rock sinks? What of the meteor cascading down earth from the sky? Though one has never witnessed it being divorced from its mother planet, chances are that it takes a slow process of weathering to reach its demise that can also cause the demise of others. What lesson does one get from this natural phenomenon?

In this silence and yap-yap, we are facing the same scenario.

Unveiling our take of the whole episode, let us openly say that we are discussing our fate as the country under Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete.

Now that, noises are made by the people that no deliverance, let us courageously and trust worthily face him. May be we can jog his mind, if he is willing to act. We need not to fear or cheat him. Out there people are impatient with his government. Like a plane out of control, they feel like perishing just because he intentionally allowed terrorists to board it along side with us.

Ruling the country into such turbulent oceans is like the episode so introduced above. Do we need to blame or take responsibility? Do we need to seek scapegoats or face the challenge head on? Who is to blame? Those whose responsibility is to fail those who trusted them are as guilty as those who made mistakes of trusting them.

Though praise singers and whiz kids and deal makers have been singing glory in order to get their daily bread that is left by the high and mighty, frankly speaking things are not as rosy as the big man is told. They are but thorny. Corruption is still untouched. Promises he made have not been delivered yet. Expectations have not been realized as expected. So what is left of him at this point of no return? Whose fault is this?

People are openly and frankly telling him that they don’t have any hitch with him. Their worries rest on the terrorists on board and partly his co-pilot. Mind you, not the first officer. This guy is with no scar, so to speak.

Though presently the BoT has stopped to tell us how our sick shilling is doing, we know it is in the ICU. How can it not be there if at all wounds which were inflicted on it have never been attended? Refer to twin-minaret towels of shame. Refer to the congregation of the sons and daughters of the top guns in the upper echelons of powers assigned there to protect their parents’ interests. The passengers know what is going on behind the curtain in the behind-the-scene maneuvering.

We even know that even our journey to Canaan (Promised Land) is no longer featuring high on agenda. We know that air hostesses are feasting on all eateries and gourmets we deserve to be served with. We know that even the gas tank is likely to be half tank even empty. We know that the pilot knows everything but because he is at PNR he fears to tell us the truth. Well, is what we know correct or our mere worries and suspicions?

To save our souls and our plane at this save-our-souls moment, let us tell our pilot that we need to confront the terrorists on board and liquidate them so that we arrive and touch down safely. Without becoming kamikaze and courage enough, we will not make it to the destination make a detour to the base. What we ask of our pilot is to zigzag the plane and perform acrobatics so that we attack the terrorists who are intending to harm us. He too should put down in his memos that when we finally land safely, he will adduce evidence enough to convict them.

Anyway, this is a joke. But it has some truth in it.

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