Monday, 19 November 2007

Guys, goof not like the government

Everyday almost all media are pregnant with big stories on corruption in our country. This time the formation of the so-called Commettee for reviewing contracts on investments has become an in-thing. This committee may turn out to send Kabwe into committing policical suicide. As the fate would have it, this story is nothing and about nothing except road shows and window dressing.

This government seems to be superficially humble as if it means business! Though I am living far, far away from home, one friend of mine had nothing to tell me except this macabre committee! Among others, this guy was delighted just because the PM, Edward Lowassa assured the general public that his government will comply with the commette! How many time have they promised grandiose things knowingly they have no intention of fulfilling!

This guy, somewhat, is a goon. You may wonder why? Instead of looking at the substance and the truth of the note, he was chest beating, thumbs up, saying at least now the government has succumbed before people’s noises! Has it succumbed or fooled you?

I told him that clarifying or forming this mockery is not a big deal. Instead the big deal is to stop the bad guys who steal our tax money under whatever pretext including the formation of commissions and committees. I insisted that for a common man what matters is to see social services improved and realized.

If anything, this government would not like to see its dirty linens washed on the agora. Given that the current regime was regarded as a quick-fixer of all problems our people were facing, whenever any weakness surfaces, its echo is likely to be huge and widespread.

There is no doubt that there are reports that our government crossed the line regarding how, when and why to spend our money or enter some agreements. Some analysts are blaming this on oil guzzlers whose number and how much they siphon they know. To them oil guzzlers are yet another cementery for a common poor man on the streets.

Others are blaming it on the whole laissez-faire system in which government officials can spend whatever amount of taxpayer’s money or fabricate whatever dubious deals as pleased while the economy of many families is falling into pieces. When all this macabre acts are going on, our sick shilling is cascading down at a rocket speed!

Others are blaming over expenditure on ghost deals cut by corrupt officials whose business in whatever project is ten per cent cut. The famous one being Richmond which also in this may saw a clean bill of health as it was in the hurly-burly byPCCB. Some people are asking as to when PCCB acquired such stature and powers to look into government business as opposed to the norm. We still remember vividly how the Parliament was humiliatingly barred from venturing into this scam.

Now that it is open that our government has spent more than we allowed it to, should we dig deeper in our pockets to pay tax to an irresponsible government without assuring us that this hellish and foolish act will never repeat? Who finances these pseudo-committees? You and I of course.

If indeed one killer point regarding our bad books of finance is huge government is considered, why doesn’t our president do something about it, I mean, trim some of its branches? It is right time that we talk about having a very small but effective and responsible government. For currently the world has changed. Many developed countries consider the government for economic opportunities for the majority instead of political affiliation which award a few people officers opportunities to print and mint money. I don’t mean that this is the only reason of having such huge government in a poor country like ours. But again, may be, it can be one of the reasons probable for our system to change.

The government has nothing to worry about. What it needs to do is to show the people that it too opposes and hates stealing and squandering our hard earned money. How? Simple. You arrest all punks behind this sacrilege and deliver them before the judge and wait to see him doing his part. So simple if the government will understand what I mean here.

Why should a good name of our government be tarnish just because some jackanapes spent our money on their nyumba ndogo and other gadgets which in essence are useless and harmful to them?

If I were President Jakaya Kikwete, I would never budge or wait. Why should I if at all those guys who swindled our money are known as they even know themselves? I would not budge because I would show the people how tired I am as far as allegations about mtandao and technical know-who are concerned.For it is through these creatures some big robberers get away with it.

I would not wait for I promised to give people paradise not hell they think now I am giving them.

I would never care. For I as president I am not that sick to steal petty cashes while even my wife’s NGO has more money than that.

So looking at the above reasons, the government is crucifying itself unnecessarily. They are many Tanzanians on earth. If the villains and culprits are jailed, there is a pool of them where the government can fish others for replacement.

There are those guys blaming the president for his trips abroad. These guys need to be told to their face that without global trotting, dining and winning top shooters and rain makers in European capitals, there will be no msaada.

First of all, people who think the government has miss-used their resources are wrong. In actual fact the money the authorities mess-use belongs to the donors who do not care whether the money is well used of mess-used.

So the government should get out of it cocoon and tell those guys daring it to stop miss-use what they call people’s money to stop their nonsense. It is not foolish to spend madafu money whilst it has all channels to make hard currencies under its disposal.

The accusers do not know that essentially what the government needs from them so as to make money is only votes. There are the local papers which translate into big deals in which huge amount of money is printed. So people should not accuse their good government of misappropriating any money. Their tax money is safer. How can the government spend such money while the money itself is not accepted abroad? Doing this is but goofing like the government has done by forming a goofy committee for "reviewing" contracts whilst the loss has already been made. Fire those punks behind those stinky things then think what to do in lieu of braggadacios and bugaboos.

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