Friday, 23 November 2007

Jakaya, magic bullet, monkeys and reality.

I like laughters. Because, recently, scientists discovered it: is a cure. And again I am a mbongo. Sometimes I will write to show that I have never changed into a muzungu albeit living with them.

After rising to the occasion, Jakaya Kikwete was horribly mistaken of a magic bullet! Looking at campaign trail and now his government’s trajectory, one underscores one different thing!

Two years down the line the once too-much expectations are no more. Instead one can see a very heavy burden of complaints, suspicion even angers! Tongues are wagging and accusations of a let down and a sell-out are heard almost every where! Euphoric patience,charade, choir singing have escaped and now reality is weighing in.

The truth is on the agora. Jakaya is president just like any other African president; a big and god-like being of course. He is not that magic bullet or any thing near!

He’s never been. Hasn’t and he will never be. He's a politician. He too does not want to be regarded as that but president; finito. How can he be while he is not the gun? If anything the gun that fired him is none but CCM.

How come the gun made in early 50’s is expected to fire a magic bullet? Though this gun is lethal, it is still a thing of 47’s.

Tanzania is a poor country. As any other African always, the difference has been the same as far as arresting people’s problems is concerned. Some super-rich-ex-colonial blood-suckers are still acting behind the scene. They are pulling their strings as they attach strings to anything they godfather. Hither is where ghost contracts Jakaya is now being blamed on and implicated in, corruption, money printing, wheel deals and all bunkum come in the picture.

Yes Jakaya promised heaven to people. Some are wondering saying why he is giving them hell! Thankless guys sure that you are.

He promised to review the ghost contracts. Review is a very ambiguous term. It can mean messing or clearing the mess or a tex mex and hanky panky. There is the cardinal question here; can he? Time will surely tell.

Like an anchor or hot rod, I can see those contracts torturing and burning you. Realizing the reality is unthinkable. Time again will comfortably teach you what the right thing is.

Time has now lapsed. Two years down the line as I’ve said afore people are no longer waiting to see. They want to see without waiting. They don’t want to see waiting. Theirs is to see not to wait.

Now they are angry and suspicious asking, "Sir where is the review of bogus contracts you told us before?" some go even an extra mile as saying, "Sir we don’t understand what you understand. How come that those ghost signatories are still in you court dancing the same monkey dance?"

As usual calmly and smilingly, Jakaya recently came with another road show famously known as Kamati ya kurekebisha mikataba! What a mega lie!

I heard one as saying "What? It can’t be and this is useless". Others are shocked and angrily asking "Why telling us this unthinkable not then?" didn’t you know what politics and, "politricks" "politicks" entail! Shame on you for doubting the president you vowed to love for ever.

Then I can see Mzee Wisdom chipping in. "Guys calm down. Cool down. Don’t you remember the "truth" you told your wife then fiancée when you’re courting her?" He goes on. "Do you remember the gentleman you pretended to be whilst in actual account you are a quack?" Mr. Hare chips in. "This is life".

There is this big mouthed crook. He asserts. "Hocus-pocus, lies, conman ship and betrayal, that’s".

Mzee Wisdom does not stop tutoring. "Didn’t you know; why didn’t you ask then?" Yes he did not tell because you did not ask. Whose fault is this then? Two smart chimps eenh! Yo-ho, the third monkey sees no evil says no evil. What of the fourth whose rule is monkey see monkey do? You just jump into a bandwagon, kufuata mkumbo then you complain!

How many are there? Many, many and many more, of course.

Remember the tale of a Bedouin and a camel. Then, Go learn now. Understand whoever you’re. Can you teach an old dog new tricks? Too late dear. Cry not for him but for yourself as Jesus would console you.

Going back to ghost contracts, do you think those who tied the knot with the other side and appended their signatures were mad? No dear. There was something that is still thither. The marriage is still with the same couple but in a new cloak. You know what I mean.

Where did you expect Jakaya to import angels from to run the whole business? You run by ruining. This is how this biz is. After all, CCM was used to one party glory. When did it under go transmogrification to let the antelope go? You just sing at the top of you noises; many parties, many parties. But there are a fewer when it comes to firing a magic bullet. What of empty guns!

But again when the magic bullet is ready to go while the gun does not let it go, what do you expect?

More on ghost contracts and the magic bullet, do you remember your grandmother’s bull-and-cock stories about your fiancée who lived on the moon? Tell me your findings. Don’t holler at me. Tell your heart your findings then learn your lesson not to repeat if you remember.

By the way, who financed your elections? Why? Who came as an observer? Why? Have you ever observed his elections? Come on. Wake up guys. What’s wrong with waiting till next elections? If you’re able to do the same under onerous-Mr. C lean’s-ten years, why are you vexing Jack?

Hey Jack, do you remember the tale of wajinga ndio waliwao? Well done if you do; kudos. Keep them abed. Sing a smooth bloody song so that they sleep even more. You know this art I know. Bravo and bravado Jack.

But when you are performing this abracadabra, remember the night is too short and too close to call. Tomorrow is just tomorrow. When will it come and what will you feed them?. Don’t worry sir. Godfathers are always there to oil the cog of the wheel of abracadabra and deals given that Buzwagi are opened for them to scoop.

Turning to monkeys, hey guys you’ve everything except wisdom. You’ve the match, dry grasses, raw banana even hunger and cold. Why don’t you learn how to cook? Where is your memory? Like Jesus I speak in tongues and proverbs.

Jack and godfathers, watch your steps. Sleeping lions will soon wake up. Enough is enough. Perform your abracadabra. But again Sir, at least, fanya kweli. Guess what. You have too many bedbugs, lice, and all creepy insects in your bedroom. You know what? Time time before time times you. Additionally, too late too little sometimes can fun fire even fire other guns.

Wow! Let me ask for the price of that lion in china shop. No that paper Chinese leopard. But where is the magic bullet. Where is the reality? Will Kabwe thing fua dafu? what do I know!

Bye monkeys. Bye Jack.


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