Thursday, 3 January 2008

POINT BLANK: Power hike is a crime no matter what and by whom!

Nkwazi Nkuzi Mhango

LET us face this megalomania point blank. Currently, the ’walalanjaa’ are weeping. They are wailing and noises are heard almost everywhere. Power hike by Tanesco and all other thefts by consent are the things I’m to dwell on.

I understand that the high and mighty have the power to do whatever they like in this country of peace in pieces.

They can rob and loot under whatever pretext be it, Richmond, Buzwagi, IPTL or what not and get away with it. What provokes my blood of the warrior in me so as to wish to clobber and suffocate somebody is the fact that the same bumpkins behind all this mess are cleared by our own institutions as it was in the case of PCCB and Richmond!

Another killer point is the fact that they are not even satisfied with 21-plus per cent of a hike.

I’m told: They soon will inflate the price up to 40-odd per cent! Who bothers if the accept-every-nonsense guys will sheepishly comply? They can commit all sacrileges and swiftly get away with it! Yes, they do! When the Tanzanians are sobbing from the twangs and onslaughts of power hike, the Ugandans are laughing heartedly.

Their good government has set aside good $ 62.6m to subsidize power in order to do away from power hiking. This is less than the money we hear reported to have been stolen at BoT. It is peanuts compared with what we have been losing to corruption in government offices and parastatals.

Let’s face it point blank. Uganda is the country whose resources and other endowments are not worthy even a half of what we, in Tanzania, are blessed with. This is the country that has been at war ever since seventies. The country we liberated in 1978. Can you believe that? Let us ask point blank. Why only Tanzania in this region is where electricity is expensive? We’re beaten at this by even DRC, Burundi, Rwanda and possibly Somalia which have always been at war!

What I can add point blank as per what once was revealed by Tanesco biggie, Dr. Idriss Rashidi, before he resigned and retook the job he did not quit even for a minute, we were told: Government is the chief debtor of Tanesco and it does not pay its bills! The same story of the cockerel and chicks!?Yes.

This is right. I still just can’t remember when the Zanzibar revolution-less government footed its bill, though I am told it did pay! When it comes to the Union Government, ugh, who has the power to force it to pay its own company?

To see how reasoning has become an expensive business, go to government offices. Power and almost all utilities are totally abused. Some punks are using public phones for their private and personal businesses! Even the oil guzzlers we’ve advised against using, I’m told, are being used even to collect hay!

Shall this claim go unabated believe you me, soon water will be up as well. Of the phones-especially mobile ones-since they were brought in, they’ve been yet another hike. Mark you. Time will come when oxygen will also be hiked thanks to environmental degradation.

I know people are blaming the authorities and Tanesco altogether. But why don’t they blame themselves for their sheepishness and being inert? Let me remind them. Maybe I can knock sense into their small heads. Do you remember how IPTL, Richmond, Dowans and other money-printing-and-biggie-owned companies are behind all this purgatory.

Go ask Ben of ANBEN, Jonah of Tanpower even Nicholas of Fosnik how their devious firms make money. They ran the regime. It used power without paying for it. It invited Shell and ghost companies to steal more. Now they’re coming through the back door to hike the price of power they sell to Tanesco! Paul, the prophet of Jesus, would ask baffled: Who bewitched you ’’foolish Galatians’’?!

What makes me tell the citizenry point blank to question the normalcy of their moribund brains is the fact that the same power winos behind all this conspiracy are the same they adore and trust! Get your slant and keel over from this mendacity ’mwafa, ka!’. It takes nothing but courage to bung this blunt taken by the regime.

Guys let’s think twice. Let’s ask the president who once resisted the price hike. What is his position as of now? Was he and is he still serious or it was a sort of art of hoodwinking? What makes things even worse is the fact that when Uganda is chipping in at the tune of $ 60-odd millions, more in size and value, millions of ours are lost to corruption! Refer to Kagoda, Deep Green Finance and other vampires.

By the way, who the hell is behind all this buggery biz? Tell me. How can we get the muscle to stomach such mega theft? Who is to blame guys? Should we blame them or ourselves for ’inssanisma dogmata’? Guys, who is insane between those telling you: Things will soon be spiffy and you who subscribe to such rubbish?

Who is mentally unwell between those turned to sacrificial lambs by the same hyenas that devour them? To face it point blank, me thinks the debtor defaulter-whoever it is must pay.

Another point, all scum behind all scams must be brought to books soon no matter what and who. We’re tired of empty promises. We need actions.

Wananchi should have an upper hand in the running of the affairs of their country. Shall the authority pooh-pooh them; they can take to the streets to fulfill their democratic and civilized ritual. Give it a try guys. But note this. This price hike of power is nothing but a crime no matter who is behind it. Will ’wananchi’’ stomach this once again?

May be, Mzee Mwinyi was very right when he equated the ’Wabongo’ with the head of a mad person on which barber (apprentice) learns the art of hair trimming.

Source: ThisDay, January 3, 2008.

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Nice bomb and nicely put. Keep it up Mhango.