Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Richmond, MPs and fix-it-yourselves gesture

WHEN our ‘brave house’ of August turned tables on itself when it put Richmond
scam down, many appallingly wrote to me asking for comments little knowing that I was
chirking this milestone up!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a napkin-like scribe like those who did the dirty laundry
for Richmond. Didn’t you know that by trusting politicians you’re trying to square the
circle and these are the results?

Because the mails were many more than I’d reply, I decided to write this epistle to: Firstly, fault all those condemning honourable MPs and their stance. Cheer them for
showing you who exactly they are and what they do and stand for.

Secondly, thank the parliament for its good soap opera. Indeed, it made our nation
proud and happy. How could MPs put their colleagues in shame in this hank where
nobody is clean? Don’t you remember! Sofia Simba the minister of bad, sorry, good
governance once warned that: he who’s without sin must be the first to throw a
stone? She knew them. They understood her.

Thirdly, thank the government for its resilience to see to it that its big hitters are not crucified. Fourthly, the hoity toity that enabled the top secret (sirikali) to put sense into those that wrongly thought our sacred cows committed any wrongs. Mali ya umma

Fifthly, thank the hoi polloi for letting the government off the hook, especially those
supremos whose ulaji were threatened by this stinking scam. Yes. Those MPs represent
them well and whatever they do good or bad has their blessings. That’s why they’ve
nary acted decisively.

So too, I must bid and reprimand all those blaming our good topdogs. They must understand: the case is closed. So, whoever pokes their noses into it, they’ll be dealt with by PCCB the way it dealt with MPs who wanted to spoil the deals.

I’m still wondering. Who charmed people of this hank of honey and milk? How could
they loathe the blood of those they wrongly thought are big thieves or sharks, even whales, while the rule is open? Didn’t they know that Lord Jesus said it plainly that he who has will steal from he who has not and there won’t be any crime?

Why do they forget the cardinal law that when big freebooters steal big money they are
not supposed to be jailed or be disturbed in anyway? The rules of the jungle are
simple and clear. Petty thieves will be condemned to life imprisonment even being
set on fire alive whilst the big footpads will be spared even by using poor taxpayer’s money.

If any of you reading this epistle thinks I’m sick with regard to spending kapuku’s
money on freeing freebooters, ask yourself: Where did MPs get their sitting,
sleeping, even gossiping allowances if not from your tax?

Let me now delve into Richmond. Honestly, Richmond wasn’t a bogus project-cum-company. How could it be if money was made and now you see nobody is to be crucified? Don’t you know? This is how the power-that-be makes money especially
at this time near elections.

If you can’t comprehend this simple mathematics, let me give you yet another one.
Have you ever asked the rationale for MPs and other politicos receiving huge amounts
of money in emoluments and what not whilst doctors and other professionals are
receiving peanuts? Go and think again.

But one thing is obvious. Richmond has robbed MPs all gains they realized when they
defeated the government by ousting PM Edward Lowassa and company thanks to his role
in the Richmond scam.

And don’t tell me the opposition is the minority and thus had no girth to act. Vacating the house for those that don’t consent to this broad-daylight-light corruption would add up. What will they tell the people that had already cultivated trust in them? Doesn’t this blackmail portray them in bad light just as CCM MPs? If anything, this is the point at which the so-called opposition and ruling kit and caboodle of swindlers meet and become one thing.

Importantly, you need to know that if there had not been such deals nobody would aspire by heavens and skies to become a mheshimiwa.

For us privy to the upper echelons of power knew was déjà faire when the president
briefed the nation during his one-hundred-days-in-office talk. Do you remember what
he said? He averred that thanks to their connectibility, especially with some smart
guys in the land of Obama, power rationing would become a thing of the past. And
indeed it is. So what else did you want him and his friends to do?

The other day I was irked and piqued, so as to start capering like a Masaai warrior, when I heard a certain stupid guy saying that those that stashed money abroad after purchasing fake radar must be trussed! How can you hang such heroes who forced the Britons to give us the radar free? After all, in our palatinate, larceny pays. Importantly, one must loot big dosh not chickens and chains.

Guess what, Richmond and even Dowans made away with billions of shillings of taxpayers’ money. The fault wasn’t of those honourables you call big time cossairs but that of our rotten system.

So to cut the story short, I must say: We don’t need to blame MPs, even honourable
Richmond suspects, players and movers behind the curtain. Who dares cut the hand that
Feeds, him especially at this time party consent is needed to stand again for parliament?

Secondly, in lieu of passing the buck, guys, you need to upbraid yourself. You know
what? Thievish society fashions, thievish captaincy. I don’t mean yours is a thievish society. But if we fully truly hate graft, will you really have any stomach to vote back such people you think and believe are thieves?

What’s more, by 'taking' the bull by the horns, surely, voters will reward the government and the party that capacitated all this for their peril. When your fat cats sup, they do it on your behalf. That’s why voters in Bariadi, Monduli and Rombo threw big parties for their people after being sacked for ‘chopping your dollars.’

Japes aside, this way, we’re killing future generations. Indeed, if anything, what the House did is nothing but a fix-it-yourselves (wananchi) gesture. The big jigsaw’s how are you to fix it? Your vote counts. Or you can take to the streets to send a clear message that you understood their brain games.

By the way, when will hyenas meet to discuss how to save sheep?
Source:ThisDay Feb. 22, 2010.

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