Sunday, 22 May 2011

Tuwalaumu au kuwaamini wakenya? EA si bomu kwa wabongo?

Kenyans capitalise on ‘Babu’ herbal cure

KENYAN authorities have started promoting the herbal 'magic cure' at Samunge Village in Loliondo Division, Arusha Region, urging foreigners to go there through Nairobi.

The Ngorongoro District Commissioner, Mr Elias Wawa-Lali, told the Arusha Region Consultative Committee over the weekend that the neighbouring country was reportedly advertising Samunge Village as if it were in Kenya.

The village is where the retired Lutheran Pastor, Rev Ambilikile Masapila, administers his herbal concoction in a single cup, which is said to cure various conditions including diabetes, cancer, heart ailments and HIV/Aids.

Over 3.5 million people had as of May 10, travelled to the village for the cup, according to Ms Margaret Martin, the Arusha Region Chief Statistician.

''From May 8, Rev Masapila started attending to about 10,000 people on daily basis,'' said Ms Martin.

The Arusha Regional Commissioner, Mr Isidori Shirima, said the Bank of Tanzania intends to conduct a survey on economic impact of the 'Loliondo cure' to Samunge village.

''Loliondo is now very popular after Babu Masapila came up with the cure. Digo-Digo ward as well as the entire remote Sonjo plains is now live on Airtel and Vodacom," the RC said.

The Meru District Commissioner, Ms Mercy Sila, said it was high time for the region to promote the Samunge Village and the herbal clinic.

''Kenya is now benefitting from Samunge village by promoting the 'Loliondo cure' abroad, attracting foreigners to Nairobi from where they begin their journey to Sonjo while here in Arusha we are just sleeping," she said.
Source: Daily News

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hayo si ndo mambo ya majirani zetu.
Mlima wa kilimanjaro si wanasema wao ?